Haruhi and I had left the front door wide open while were gone. At some point a family of raccoons had decided to take up residence. They made a mess of the whole place, finishing off the dry BBQ that I had so painstaking prepared. Pretty much everything in the kitchen was wrecked. I was relieved that my computer downstairs was okay.

A few days later I was playing Othello with Yuki.

Putting down my teacup I said, "Well, we won't be going there again anytime soon. Blowing up whole solar systems just to drop by to say 'hi' seems a bit extreme."

Yuki then made her move. She usually let me win about half the games unless I made a blunder, then she's merciless.

"The Data Integration Thought Entity agrees. That is why it is setting up a permanent mass-transfer hyperspace conduit using the supermassive black hole at the center of galaxy M31."

"Really? Hey, that's nice. Give the Entity my thanks."

I thought about it. That meant that we could go back and visit whenever we wanted. Hmm, we could work around the memory-wipe problem by using my younger brother as an intermediary. Not being from that universe meant he was immune.

"The Andromeda black hole is quite suitable as it is much larger than Sgr*A in our own galaxy. It consumes approximately two stellar masses per day."

Those solar systems were already circling the drain, so it was not like we were destroying anything that wasn't already toast anyway. And setting up the energy source in another galaxy seemed prudent. If that hyperspace conduit thing ever went ka-boom I'd be much happier knowing the resulting carnage would be happening in a galaxy far, far away.

That meant we could visit. I would be able to see my sister again.

I looked forward to our next meeting.


I wrote this story with the hope that it would eventually become canon for Kyonko and her world. An alternate title for this story could be Kyonko Begins. My hope is that this story will set up a foundation for other fan authors to write stories about this delightful fan-created character.

A key notion is that the wild stallion that is Haruki must first be 'broken-in' before any positive or fun stories could take place. Otherwise such a powerful man left unchecked would make all such stories unremittingly dark.

The memory-wipe concept was intended to allow you to have Kyonko meet her counterparts for the first time in your own stories.

One such sequel is The Final Act of Haruki Suzumiya. For the link please click on my handle at the top (HuuskerDu).

Have fun.