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Chapter one: Who are the New Dawn?

Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage, sat in her office with the three elders, Koharu, Homura, and Danzo standing next to her desk, on the other side of her desk stood her assistant Shizune Kato, and her teammate Jiraiya the Toad Sannin. They were looking at a man named Akahoshi, the Yondaime Hoshikage, the man was ghostly white, his hands shook as he tried to sip some tea.

In his impatience, Danzo asked "Hoshikage-san, what happened to you and your village?" the Hoshi nin answered "It was destroyed. Destroyed by a god." Everyone in the room raised their eyebrows at his statement, with Tsunade asking "Could you elaborate?" the nervous man nodded and began telling about Hoshi's downfall


Akahoshi stood in his office while thinking to himself 'When I retrieve the star from that bitch Natsuhi, I'll lead my village against Taki, take their Jinchuuriki and establish Hoshi as a major village.' He grinned evilly and chuckled a little. He was interrupted by his one of his guards, the Shinobi bowed and said "Hoshikage-sama, an envoy of the New Dawn has arrived." The self-proclaimed Kage sweated at the name and nodded.

He exited his tower and was greeted by a woman that was hooded and cloaked, he couldn't see her face, the only distinguishing feature about her was that she carried three katanas at her hip. She bowed slightly and said in cold voice "Greetings, Akahoshi-san. My lord Mao-sama (Demon King) has heard that you are planning to attack Taki. He requests that you don't, if you are wise you will submit to him."

The Hoshikage grit his teeth and said "Tell Mao; that I refuse." The woman sighed and said "Very well, you have one day to evacuate the civilians." She turned and left as quickly as she appeared.

The next morning, the self-proclaimed Kage and his army of Shinobi and Kunoichi were waiting for whatever the infamous Mao would throw at them, as the sun crept over the mountainside, they heard the trees cracking and moaning as a powerful blast of wind came out of nowhere; suddenly the trees burst into flames, the sun became black as the sky itself darkened. The buildings and homes of Hoshi broke apart as an earthquake shook the ground, the terrified ninja's looked up and in the black abyss that was the sky, they saw a man riding on the back of a bird, its bright orange feathers shined like gemstones, and flames came from its wings when they flapped.

The figure on top of the great bird, from what they could tell he was going through various hand-signs. The sun shined again, but then it became blood red, the sky itself became a mixture of blue and orange making it appear that it was on fire. They felt the air grow hot and then beams of light shined on them, turning everything the light touched into ashes, it was then they realized that the figure had used a jutsu that turned the sun into a weapon.

In fear they attempted to flee but they were either buried alive by the crumbling buildings or were disintegrated by the sun's light. After what seemed like eternity the sky turned black again, and the figure said "I have spared you so that you may tell everyone what happens when you cross me." With that the flaming bird turned and flew away with its master, and the sky turned blue.

End flashback.

Everyone in the room was shocked at the man's story, and Jiraiya said "I call bullshit, there's no way someone could have that kind of power, unless he was the Rikkoudo Sannin." The Hoshi nin jumped from his seat and screamed "IT'S TRUE! MAO LIVES! MAO LIVES!" Tsunade snapped her finger's causing her Anbu guard to appear, she told them to take the man away, they nodded and did so.

Tsunade rubbed her temples in exhaustion and was very much tempted to go to the nearest bar and drink herself into a coma. She fingered her grandfather's necklace around her neck as she remembered the blonde boy that brought much joy to her heart despite him calling her 'Baa-chan', she sighed as she remembered his banishment.


Naruto Uzumaki stood in front of the gates of Konoha in chains; many civilians and several Shinobi shouted obscenities at him. In front of him stood Tsunade, who was wishing to be as far away from this as possible, but since she was the Hokage she had no choice. She stepped forward and said solemnly "Naruto Uzumaki, you are hereby banished from Konoha for harming your 'teammate' Sasuke Uchiha; do you have anything to say before you leave?"

The fifteen year-old blonde grinned and replied "Yes, this village is a shadow of its former self. Teeming with corruption, greed, and filth. I swear, one day I shall have my revenge on the Elders, the Civilian council, and on those claiming to be my 'friends'. Before I go, does anyone want to join me?" several people in the crowd lit up, but Naruto gave them a look that said 'No' three people appeared from the crowd.

One was Anko Mitarashi, who was carrying a red-haired girl named Tayuya on her back, the other was former Oto nin Kin Tsuchi. Naruto asked "Pray tell, why do you want to join me?" Anko went first as she said "Naruto-kun, you are one of the few people that acknowledged me as a person, and I still remember what you said to me before you went inside the forest of death. 'Anko-chan, you are my friend, but someday in the future I hope we can be more'. I'm begging you, please take me with you." She kissed him on the lips and slipped her tongue inside, the two battled for dominance but the blonde won, they only separated due to a need for air.

Naruto said "Of course you can come, Anko-chan. What about the rest of you?" The redhead spoke up from behind the snake mistress "Well, you dug me out from those trees, and you convinced the old lady to fix my legs. So, I owe you, besides I'd rather be stuck with you than this dump." The blonde chuckled a little and then turned to the black-haired girl who said "You rescued me from being raped by my teammates, and in doing so saved my life. Wherever you go I shall follow you." He nodded and said while walking out the gates "Tsunade-chan, your necklace is in my apartment. Keep it safe for me until my return." She nodded and then the gates shut behind the group.

End flashback.

"Tsunade-hime were you listening?" the blonde woman's only response was 'Huh?', the white-haired man said in a frustrated voice "I said, as you know the New Dawn has been on the rise for some time, it seems that they are targeting villages that are ruled by corrupt officials or large gangs, but this is the first time that their leader, Mao, has destroyed an entire village. I say we find them and stop this senseless violence."

The Hokage scoffed and said "I hardly call destroying a village that was planning an unprovoked attack as 'senseless'." Jiraiya said "But Tsu-hime, they didn't even attempt diplomacy." She spit back "They gave Hoshi a chance to surrender and they wasted it. Admit it, you've been upset about the organization when you heard they're running a village named Uzu."

The Toad Sannin sighed and said "I just consider it disrespectful they used the name of a village that stood for peace, like Uzu, which was a very well respected village." The blonde woman sighed and said wearily "Fine, what have you dug up on them?" he scratched his chin and said "Some, but not much. The New Dawn is an organization that focuses on killing any and all criminals, overthrowing corrupt governments, and stopping wars before they even start. They operate from the village named Uzu, however I looked everywhere, even the original location for it. Uzu's and New Dawn's leader is a man known only as Mao (Demon King), no one knows who he is or where's he's from."

He took a breath and continued "The organization is split into several pieces. First there's 'The Throne' which is obviously Mao himself. Next is 'The Ten Shogun's (Generals)' a group of ten individuals that are Mao's elite soldiers, the number represents their rank, with #1 being the strongest. They are only known by their aliases: #1 The Demon Mistress, who is rumored to be Mao's most loyal and powerful follower. #2 The Riptide, a woman who is said to cause tidal waves with her jutsu. #3 The Abomination, who leaves entire rivers of blood flowing out of the villages he/she leaves. #4 The Eruption, who leaves behind a very large trail of destruction wherever he/she goes. #5 The Queen of Hearts, it is said she delivered one thousand hearts to Mao to prove her loyalty. #6 The Smiling Monster, a person who has godlike control over fire jutsu. #7 The Iron Fist, who is said to have a body like steel and raw physical strength that matches your own, Tsu-hime. #8 The Tyrant, who flattened an entire army of Jonin and Chunin from Iwa. #9 The Black Queen, it is said that she has the power to 'curse' people so that they may never walk in sunlight again, at least she 'curses' the few that manage to survive an encounter with her. Finally #10, the Espada (sword) he/she is a master sword user."

He took another breath and continued "The next branch is called 'The Head' which is like a think-tank; 'The Head' is the R&D and strategists. The next branch is called 'The Broker' which is a group or individual that buys sells and trades information, weapons, and many other things. 'The Broker' is also the spy network and has people virtually everywhere, the leader of 'The Broker' is known as 'The Illusive Man'. Next is 'The Black Hand' which is a group that specializes in assassination, sabotage, mass killing, and other acts. Their leader is #3 The Abomination. Finally there's the Peacekeepers, a group of people that, as the name suggests keep the peace all around the Elemntal Nations. Every last person in the New Dawn ultimately answers to Mao."

Tsunade tapped on her desk a few times and said "I'll think about it, now leave." The perverted man scowled but nodded once he left, the blonde woman set up a privacy seal and said to her assistant "Get me the Illusive Man." Shizune nodded and pulled out a device hidden underneath the floor in front of the desk.

Once the device was set up a distorted picture appeared and a masculine voice said "Yes, what is it?" the Hokage replied "Jiraiya is getting antsy along with the Elders, they're pushing me to find and attack Uzu or more directly the New Dawn. Especially since no one knows who you are or what your motives are." The voice chuckled and said "True, keep them placated. While we could kill them, Mao-sama wants to wait. One more thing, Minato Namikaze and his wife Kushina have been confirmed to be alive and heading towards Konoha."

The blonde woman asked "What does Mao-sama want me to do with them?" TIM (The Illusive Man) answered "For now nothing, just welcome them back. Be friends, but DON'T for any reason give Minato-teme the Hokage Mantle. Mao-sama has something special planned for those two." The blonde woman nodded and the image disappeared.


A blonde man sat on a throne-like chair staring at some fish that swam by when he heard the door open behind him. He motioned for the people that entered to take their seats, once they did he asked while stroking the head of a woman sitting next to him "Reports?" a red-haired girl wearing glasses answered "Tsunade has just informed me that Jiraiya and the Elders want her to devote more resources into finding us."

The blonde man said "Thank you Karin, doesn't really matter though, given those four are from an age long past, their methods are outdated and practically worthless, but keep an eye on them. Don't want to get to complacent, do we? Anything else?" the spectacled girl nodded and said "Agents Icepick, Trickster, Wolf, Moon, and Flower want to know when they can join Uzu." The blonde man answered "Tell them to wait a bit longer, their patience has been appreciated but they must stay hidden a little longer." She nodded again while the blonde man turned to the girl sitting next to him and asked "Anything of interest happen, my pet?"

The girl nodded slightly and said "Yes master. I killed a man named Sasori, an agent of the Akatsuki. I also absorbed his poison into my blood, will prove very useful." He then turned to a hologram of a woman with a flower in her hair and asked "What of the Akatsuki, Konan-chan?" the woman bowed and said "Tobi aka Obito has arrived and taken Sasori's place as Deidara's partner. Currently Zetsu is quite confused on why he can't find any of the Jinchuuriki. Currently, Pain is contemplating on recruiting Orochimaru back into our ranks. Should I try to convince him, that Orochimaru is a flight risk?" the man replied "Sure, Orochimaru and Akatsuki will be harder to take down once they join forces, but either way it doesn't matter. Anyone else?" they remained silent which made the blonde man say "Very well, meeting adjourned." They nodded and left the room one by one, leaving the blonde man and the pale girl sitting next to him on the floor.

After a few minutes of silence he motioned for her to come closer, she got on her knees and said "Yes, what is it master?" the blonde man replied "I want you to sneak into Konoha and kidnap Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. We're going to use them for bait, so I can get some revenge. Understand Kira-chan?" the black haired girl nodded and said "Of course, Naruto-sama, or should I say Mao-sama?" he chuckled and said "Doesn't matter either way." The girl nodded and asked "Naruto-sama, when will you mate with us? We're getting tired of it."

He rubbed her head and replied "When all our enemies are dead and we can rest easy, I'll marry you girls and then we'll have kids together." The black-haired girl nodded, bowed, and left to fulfill her mission. He looked outside and said to himself "So Jiraiya wants to find us. Too bad for him that he won't find Uzu. 'Village hidden in the whirling tides' hmph. I decided to take that name quite seriously and build it at the bottom of the ocean." From outside various kinds of fish swam by, and farther off he spotted a humpback whale. He chuckled and said to himself "If people think that Jiraiya's and 'Dad's' method for peace will work then they better think again. My way's not the 'right way' but I've done more in three years than those two did throughout their lifetimes."

He got up from his throne and left the chamber thinking 'Wait till they get a load of me.'

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