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"Naruto? My- my b- baby boy?" he quickly nodded and this time was hugged, instead of strangled. As she hugged him she mumbled continuously while crying "Thank you. Thank you." Again and again. Finally she calmed down and was helped onto the bed by her son.

He pulled an adjacent chair next to the bed and said in a somber tone "I'm sorry Kushina-san. For forcing you to remember all the torture and pain you've endured."

She hung her head as she replied "When I first came to, I hated you so much. I hated what you did to me, forcing me to go through all of… that a second time in less than second. But Rin-san told me why you did it and- and I understood. I forgive you, especially since you killed that bastard Minato."

He nodded fully expecting such a response, then spoke "I hated you too." This caused her to flinch as her eyes widened, threatening to pop out, but then he continued "When I first learned about you and… that guy; I had no idea why you left me alone, and I hated you for it. So I decided to find out where you were so I could confront the two of you. Instead, I found something more. Piece by piece, little by little, I traveled all across the Elemental Nations seeking the truth about you and Minato. But it was in the last place I thought to look, the Hokage archives that I found the answers I really sought.

That is how I learned that you were taken from your village and forced to become a slave. When I learned that, I immediately forgave, because it wasn't your fault. None of it was. It was all the fault of those claiming to represent their goddamned 'Will of Fire' IE Minato, Hiruzen, Jiraiya and several others. From there I concocted a plan to seek revenge on Konoha for all the wrongs they did to our clan, including ourselves, Kushina-san."

She nodded in understanding and was wondering why he hasn't been calling her 'Kaa-san' she must admit though he was quite hands… where did that come from? Suddenly he placed his hand on top of hers making her blush furiously at the touch of his surprisingly soft hand. "Allow me to start from the beginning. It all began something like this…

Chapter seven: the beginning, part one.

On a warm summer evening, one Kurenai Yuuhi was walking home holding a bag of groceries, as she walked down the street she thought 'Good grief, Anko's been eating a lot lately; I could almost swear she has developed an eating disorder. I'll have to talk to her later.'

"Help meeeeeee." The red-eyed woman nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard the small weak voice. She took a deep breath while whispering to herself "You're just hearing things, the stress from that B-rank mission is getting to you; there's nothing to worry about." She was about to leave when she heard it again.

"That sounds like a child's voice!" speaking her deduction out loud. She looked around trying to find the source; she heard the voice a third time, and headed towards the general direction of it. What she saw shocked her, it was the hand of a child reaching out of a sewer grate, without thinking she dropped the bag she was carrying and ran to the grate. She dropped to her knees and came to a skidding halt, scrapping her kneecaps slightly.

She looked down into the grate and was horrified by what she saw. A nine year old Naruto Uzumaki was covered in filth, dried blood, and fresh bruises. His hand was poking through a hole in the grate, reaching out for her. Protective maternal instincts kicking in, Kurenai took it while making her chakra rise and fall in a specific pattern to summon an Anbu for help.

The smell coming from down below was enough to make the black-haired woman vomit, but she held it in and spoke as gently as she could "My name is Kurenai Yuuhi, I just signaled for help. Please, tell me what happened to you."

For some reason the boy knew he could trust this woman, mainly because she stopped to help him when she, like most, could've just walked away. "I, I just wanted to make some friends. I wanted to go to the park and find someone who would want to be my friend. Then this blonde lady said that her daughter wanted to meet me, but was too shy next thing I knew, I was beaten up and tossed in a sewer. I tried finding a way out but I got lost and ended up here." He explained as tears fell from his eyes.

The Jonin Kunoichi's heart clenched at the sight of this poor boy; whoever did this won't get away with it! "Who did this? Can you describe this woman? How about a name?"

The boy tried to think but his eyes steadily closed as he spoke tiredly "So tired… I feeeeeel, so…" his hand was shaken by the red-eyed woman as she nearly yelled at him "Stay awake! You mustn't fall asleep now! Tell me your name, birthday, likes, dislikes, anything!" she already knew who he was but was trying to keep him talking so he would stay awake, but it was useless, he was fading fast and she knew it.

So she used her free hand to try and rip the grate off the ground, as she pulled she thought angrily 'Damn it! I should've listened to my sensei's warning about overspecializing in a certain area of Shinobi arts.'

She heard a small thump behind her, it was a female Anbu wearing a snake mask; the Anbu approached and spoke "Nai-chan? What're you doing here?" the Genjutsu mistress raised an eyebrow, because there was only one person in Konoha she allowed the use of that nickname "Anko-chan? Is that you?" asked the red-eyed woman.

The Anbu removed her mask revealing it to be Anko Mitarashi, former apprentice of Orochimaru. The Snake Mistress' face turned deadly serious as her eyes narrowed and as a dark aura appeared. Kurenai was oblivious to this as she asked momentarily forgetting what she was doing due to her surprise "Anko-chan, what's with that face? And more importantly, why are you in Anbu attire? You could be arrested for that, you know and what's more…"

"Kurenai, shut the fuck up." Said Anko dangerously causing the black haired Jonin to flinch as she thought 'What's with Anko? I've never seen her, this serious before.'

"Answer me right now, what is Naruto-san's condition?" asked the purple-haired Kunoichi. Kurenai snapped to attention remembering what she was doing "OHMIGOSH! NARUTO!" she turned her head noticing that he had passed out.

The Snake Mistress approached and ripped the grate from the ground, thanks to being adept at Taijutsu therefore having greater strength than the Genjutsu user, then helped her friend haul the boy out. "Thanks for finding him, I was looking for him everywhere." Spoke the T&I expert in a more calm tone as she walked off.

Kurenai noticed the direction she was going then stated "Anko, where're you going? The hospital is the other way!" the purple-haired Jonin replied as she continued walking away then began a sprint "It's too dangerous, there's only one person I trust enough to give him medical attention."

"Wait! Who? What's going on? Wait for me!" shouted as the Genjutsu specialist chased after her roommate. A few seconds later an Anbu with silver hair wearing a dog mask appeared asking himself as he noted the ripped open grate and fallen bag of groceries "What happened here?" he envisioned one of two things happening, (A: Tora changed into it's true demonic form, kidnapped a random Civilian and dragged him/her into the sewers. Or (B: The demon brat received help from a damned 'Good Samaritan' and was on his way to a hospital.

Flashback break.

"Wait, so someone threw you in a sewer? Who?" asked Kushina in anger at this information. The blonde replied "Don't worry 'bout it; the whore's already been taken care of by Kira-chan." This confused the redhead as she asked in an attempt to clear it "Who's Kira?"

The whiskered man answered "My pet, don't worry I'll fill you in later in my story. Say you hungry? Rin-chan can cook damn near anything." The read-haired woman shook her head but her stomach growled in response making her blush in embarrassment.

He chuckled and pushed the 'call nurse' button on the bed and spoke "Rin-chan, two bowls of ramen. One salt and one BBQ pork, and tea with lemon to drink; oh, and bring some good Sake too while you're at it." When he released the button Rin's voice replied back "Right away Naruto-sama!"

After that the red-haired woman asked "How is Rin-chan alive and kicking anyway?" once again Naruto chuckled and replied "I'll tell you later on in my story. Now then I…" he was interrupted by a door opening revealing Rin with a cart of food and Ryuzetsu holding a mini TV set. The former spoke "Lunch is now served, and for you Naruto-sama we thought you could do with some entertainment while you eat."

The silver-haired woman finished hooking up the TV and gave a thumbs-up saying "You're good to go." And with that they left. "Wow, that was quick." Spoke Kushina in amazement at how quickly the meal was brought.

"Yeah, Rin-chan can cook the most delicious food on the fly with ease. Ya place your order and she brings it in five minutes or less. It's pretty unusual, I spent a few days trying to figure out how she does it, eventually I gave up and just went with it."

This only puzzled Kushina further, but decided not to comment on it as she took her first bite "WOW! DELICIOUS!" she shouted out which didn't surprise the Demon King one bit. She was about to take a sip of tea and asked out of seemingly nowhere "What did Rin-chan mean by 'entertainment' exactly?"

The blonde shrugged his shoulders and replied "Not sure, let's turn it on and find out." He said as he got up and turned the TV on showing one Sasuke Uchiha fighting off a group of bounty hunters. "Ah, it's Sasuke looks like he's fighting off some random bounty hunters, I was hoping for something better. Oh, well I'm sure it'll get good soon."

At the name Kushina asked "Sasuke? Isn't that the name of Mikoto-chan's boy?" the Demon King nodded and answered "The same; I put a ten billion ryo bounty on him." The redhead spit out a torrent of tea before shouting "TEN BILLION? What for?" he sighed and explained the exchange he and Sasuke had before his coming to visit which left her speechless.

"That really happened? How did he well, become like this?" she asked as she took another sip of tea, the blonde man answered "I'll tell you as the story goes along, now then allow me to continue…

Flashback resumes.

Anko stopped roof-hopping as she landed in front of her destination, Kurenai close behind her. The latter took notice of the building they were in front of and spoke "Anko, this is a veterinary clinic." The purple haired woman replied with a straight face "I know that; this is the clinic run by Hana-chan."

The Genjutsu mistress blanched not realizing this was the one her friend worked at, but got over her surprise and said "But Anko, she's a veterinarian not a surgeon." Once again the Snake mistress answered "She specializes in veterinary care, but she's also adept at healing humans as well while on a mission. Now hurry up."

Anko knocked on the door a few times then waited as she checked Naruto's pulse; she sighed in relief that it was still there then the door opened revealing Hana Inuzuka wearing a lab coat, she noticed her best friends were at her door, though Anko's presence meant only one thing "My god, when does it end? He was attacked again right? Bring him inside." She said ushering her friends in.

The two entered with the Snake mistress laying the unconscious boy on an operating table. Hana brought out her tools as she begun working on the injured blonde. Kurenai lost her patience and asked "Okay, what the hell is going on? Tell me right now or I'll report this to Hokag…" she was interrupted by Anko gripping her throat and holding a Kunai only a few inches from her face.

"Say a word to the Hokage and I'll kill you right here!" the Snake Mistress nearly shouted. As she worked Hana spoke without looking at the two of them "Anko-chan, perhaps if you explain everything then killing Nai-chan won't be an issue, she is our friend after all."

The T&I expert's grip loosened as she released her friend. She gave Kurenai a few moments to recover as she explained "All righty then. How do I begin? Ah, what the heck? I'll just tell you straight up; years ago when the Sandaime announced that Naruto was a Jinchuuriki to the older generation we immediately knew that the poor boy would be attacked.

So me, Yugao, and Hana swore on Kushina-sensei's grave that we would watch over her child; I've been posing as an Anbu to better protect him in the even Yugao is not available. While Hana set up this veterinary clinic as both a front and a safe-house to treat Naruto's wounds. We thought about asking you to join, but you're loyalty is more focused on the village as a whole and not based by your own moral compass."

The Genjutsu mistress felt hurt that her friends didn't trust but understood that it was because if she had to choose between protecting the village and one child, she would choose the village. This however caused her to ask "Wait, why are you protecting him to begin with? I mean sure he's the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki and he doesn't deserve this, but why not petition Hokage-sama to officially assign you as his guards or something?"

This time Hana answered as she finished cleaning the wounds and body then proceeded to bandage him "We tried that already. The Hokage refused our request stating that Naruto didn't need any protection. But that obviously proved false if how Naruto-kun is treated is any evidence."

Anko nodded in agreement then continued "Yeah, so we decided if the Hokage wouldn't protect him; we'd do it ourselves with or without his permission. So me and Yugao took turns watching out for him, with me moonlighting as an Anbu, and Hana heals his injuries. Those are our roles in the 'Dynamic Naruto-kun Protection Trio'!" a fanfare sounded in the background causing both Kurenai and Hana to sweat-drop at the name.

"Uh, Anko-chan? I thought the three of us agreed that if our group was to have a name it wouldn't have words like 'Sexy' or 'Dynamic' or 'Super Mega Awesome' in it. By the way, your names for our group suck." Spoke the Inuzuka heiress in a deadpan tone.

The T&I expert blushed in embarrassment while rubbing the back of her head sheepishly. The Genjutsu expert sighed at her friend's antics then stated "Okay you answered my second question, but what about the first."

The Taijustu expert spoke as she washed her hands having finished her treatment of the unconscious "Did you ever find it odd? That Yondaime-sama and Kushina-sama's bodies were never found? Add to the fact Oct. 10 was Kushina-sama's due date, which she told you, me Anko, and Yugao when she learned she was pregnant; and Naruto-kun's birthday is the same date, plus he has an uncanny likeness to Yondaime-sama. All of that is WAY beyond coincidence."

The black-haired woman paused as her mouth hanged open before she could protest. She thought for a moment and noticed that Hana was correct, she sighed and said while piecing together everything "So, you three are guarding Yondaime-sama's and Kushina-sama's child?" they nodded.

"Even though he is their child, the Sandaime refuses to help him?" another pair of nods.

"And you didn't even bother to ask me to guard Kushina-sama's child?" she asked with a bit of a smirk, receiving another pair of nods… "Wait what?" asked Anko.

The black-haired woman spoke calmly "If you had told me the situation and your reasoning, then I would've gladly helped. Even if I'm loyal to Konoha that doesn't mean I am not loyal to Kushina-sensei and her legacy! I swear on my honor as a proud student of Kushina Uzumaki that I shall protect her child with my life!" she clenched her fist in determination as a flag bearing the Uzumaki clan symbol appeared behind her, earning applause from her two friends.

Then out of nowhere Kurenai kicked her dango-loving friend in the face, causing her to go flying in the wall. The Dango enthusiast got up and asked in an angered tone "What was that for?" the red-eyed woman smiled and answered "For threatening to kill me." The two paused and shrugged accepting that answer.

Out of nowhere Anko shouted out "All right! Now we're the 'Four Ice Queens of Konoha'!" a fanfare played in the background as both of her friends were adopting thinking poses. The Snake Mistress spoke in a slightly depressed tone "I know; I suck at giving good team names."

"Actually… I like it." Spoke Hana followed by Kurenai "I agree, it's kinda catchy." At this the Dango lover perked up in happiness at finally finding an appropriate nickname for their group. The three stood together and shouted in unison "We are now the Four Ice Queens of Konoha!" a much smaller fanfare than the previous two rang out. The three paused in silence, then Anko spoke "You know, this doesn't really work unless there's four of us." Making her other two friends nod in agreement.

They sighed at their failed attempt to look cool, and sat down as the Inuzuka heiress put the blonde on a bed to rest until he woke up. "Hey girls; I have one last question: Why did you call him 'kun' a few moments ago?"

The two blushed with the T&I expert answering "Because we like him?" to Kurenai it sounded like her friend was holding a little something back. "Like him in what way?" the two blushed further as they were trying to come up with a way to answer without making them sound like… "PEDOS! YOU'VE BECOME PEDOPHILES!" Kurenai screamed at the top of her lungs.

Anko quickly voiced their denial and reasoning "No! Nai-chan it's not like that! Think about it; Yondaime-sama was very handsome so imagine what Naruto-kun will be like in the future!" this fell on deaf ears making the red-eyed woman madder.

"Anko-chan I think we'd better run. I'll leave the Haimaru bros. to protect Naruto-kun." Spoke the veterinarian making the Snake mistress shout "GOOD IDEA! RUN AWAY!" as they ran out the door with a raging
Genjutsu expert after them. After they ran away, a masked woman with purple hair came crashing through a window with her sword drawn speaking to empty space in her state of confusion "Where's the pedos? If they lay one hand on… on…" she trailed off realizing that no one was there making her sweat-drop and think 'Strange… I could've sworn I heard something about pedophiles' she turned her head and noted the unconscious blonde.

She smiled under her mask while thinking 'innocently' 'He looks cold, I think I'll just cuddle with him.' She took off her mask as she decided to proceed with her idea.

Flashback break.

"All of that really happened?" asked Kushina as she took a sip of Sake, the reply she received was a curt nod making her ask "Wow, how'd Anko-chan and Hana-chan calm little Nai-chan down?" the blonde took a sip of Sake while pouring more into the redheads cup before answering "They ran like hell till she was worn out then was restrained by snakes and was explained why they liked me, though I don't remember the specific reasons anymore… I think it had something to do with some small stuff I did for them as a kid that I don't remember."

At this Kushina smirked and said in a teasing tone "Only nine and you were already attracting older Kunoichi? You must've been a hit later on." He chuckled as he replied "Ah, I was… when I woke up to reality."

She gave him a puzzled look, he noticed her confused face as he spoke "I'll tell you about that as I go along… hm?" his gaze settled on the TV with the redhead following suit.

On the TV; with Sasuke.

"Do you see what I see Juugo?" asked one Sasuke Uchiha with a power-hungry glint in his eye, with his orange-haired companion stating "It seems like a scroll." The avenger nodded and spoke "Not just any; from the mark on it, I'd say it is a scroll that contains an S-rank jutsu! It could prove useful in killing Itachi!"

Juugo sweat-dropped and asked "Don't you find it, the least bit suspicious that an S-rank jutsu scroll is lying around in the middle of nowhere?" the Uchiha merely dismissed the question without so much as an answer as he reached for the scroll he was caught in a net.

"What the heck is this?" Juugo's sweat-drop grew larger as he asked "Can't you use a jutsu to burn through it?" Sasuke paused as he grunted in response and went through hand-signs, he tried unleashing a fire jutsu to burn through but it didn't happen.

"Damn it, this must be one of those new Chakra restraining nets! Juugo, cut it open!" spoke the avenger causing the orange-haired man to sweat-drop even further when he asked "Don't you still have your sword?" Sasuke paused and growled in annoyance as he reached for his blade, meanwhile in the bushes an auburn red-haired woman thought 'Too easy. WAY too easy. Can it be this easy? It's not supposed to be, yet it is. Definitely too easy.'

A man with an eye-patch thought 'Mao-sama wasn't kidding about this Uchiha's arrogance and stupidity. Back in my day no one would've fallen for such a trap.' While a young man with a sword on his back thought 'Amazing, Mei-sama's plan worked.'

The three leapt from the bushes with Mei declaring "Surrender stranger-san! Give us Sasuke Uchiha and we'll let you go." her two bodyguards shivered at that, with Ao asking "Mei-sama, instead of just wasting our time with this orange-haired man, let's focus on Sasuke." The Mizukage didn't quite hear him, she only heard "Mei-sama… just… focus… on Sasuke."

A dark aura enveloped her as she thought 'Adultery?' then spoke in a sickeningly sweet voice "Ao-san, shut up or I'll kill you." The man shivered in horror as he screamed in his mind 'What did I say?' in the background Juugo was unsure what to make of their antics as he thought 'A lot of weird things have happened today.'

The orange-haired man was about to attack the three when all of a sudden he was kicked in the back of the head by a dark skinned man with a white scarf shouting "WHEEEEE! I AM THE MIGHT KILLER BEE! YOU BEST FEAR ME, YA FOOLS, YA FOOLS!"

Then a large muscle-bound man appeared which was the Yondaime Raikage A, and one of his most trusted Jonin a man named Darui. "What'd I tell ya bro? Ah told ya I'd find our foe! What say we put'em to sleep and bring'em to my bosses keep?" rapped the Hachibi Jinchuuriki rather badly.

A was in a good mood since he just found his quarry so he decided to let the rapping slide and spoke "Agreed Bee. The brat's got a handsome bounty on his head, besides I love putting arrogant snots in their places." Mei puffed her cheeks in a pout as she spoke "Hey now, that isn't fair! We caught him first in my trap!"

The Raikage took notice of the trap the Uchiha was struggling around in asking out loud "He fell into a simple net trap? What'd you use for bait?" she replied "A blank scroll meant to look like it contains an S-rank Jutsu."

This made the two Kumo nin jaw-drop as they asked in unison "He fell for such an obvious trap?" at this point Bee began rapping "Yeah, ye-yeah, yeah. My boss told me Uchiha's too bold and his sense of danger is stone cold. Can't see without his Sharingan eyes; without'em he be dead, right guys?" at this Darui and A remembered Mao saying something about that when he visited Kumo though it wasn't in rap.

The Kiri and Kumo nin were about to fight as Sasuke was still trying to get his sword free since it was tangled in the netting, but a voice spoke out "Well, I thought it was strange when my granddaughter pointed out two Kage-level signatures that were in the same place." They looked up and spotted one Onoki, a young woman named Kurosutchi and her father Kitsuchi.

"Tch, you don't have any business here old fart, now back off. I'm claiming Sasuke Uchiha's bounty." Spoke A who was now prepped and ready for a fight. Mei angrily spoke as her eyes narrowed dangerously "We found him first and Kiri desperately needs that bounty to help with damages from the Civil war we just had."

Onoki then said "It's not just about the money, we've been looking for ways to get in Mao-sama's good graces, just like you A-dono." The Raikage only nodded since he wasn't just in it for the money, to be honest both he and Onoki knew that their respective villages were having an economic boom thanks to new trade with the reestablished Uzu, but being on even better terms with the big man himself Mao or now known as Naruto would mean no one would mess with them, since the Demon King was (in)famous for hunting down anyone who dared harm his friends.

Then another voice joined in "Seems we're at an impasse." This voice belonged to Gaara, accompanied by his siblings Temari and Kankuro. The former Ichibi Jinchuuriki spoke "We all want the bounty for different reasons and we all want to gain favor with Mao-sama."

The Mizukage chose this moment to speak to the Kazekage "I'm already in Mao-sama's good graces, I just want the bounty to repair my village." To this Gaara replied "I see, it seems we're in the same boat then. My village is recovering from economic issues we still haven't fully fixed yet, so I'm hoping the funds I earn from the bounty will fix that. As for my relationship with Mao-sama, we're brothers since we're both Jinchuuriki, or at least I was until the Akatsuki ripped the Ichibi out of my body."

Everyone that heard except for his siblings wondered how the Kazekage was still alive, the Tsuchikage was about to ask when they heard a thumping sound, they turned and noticed that one Sasuke Uchiha was finally free from the net trap.

Gaara let out a small smile as he spoke "Let's at least agree that no matter who acquires their target first; our villages won't go to war. If they do, Mao-sama wouldn't be happy 'bout it and you all know how he is."

They all nodded in agreement, with A speaking with a smirk "No matter who wins…"

Mei continued "The biggest loser…"

Then Onoki "Will be…"

"SASUKE UCHIHA!" they all shouted in unison, which for once caused Sasuke to have, despite his rant of greatness earlier to have a 'I am fucked' look.

End Chapter seven.

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