Last of the Lions

Chapter 2

Walking out of the floo in the Leaky Cauldron he stretched, ignoring the mixture of awe filled stares from his usual hero worshipers and the glares from the family of the students at Hogwarts who had written home about the Champion's Selection.

Stepping out into the alley he pulled out his list for things he needed to get, both for the tournament and the rest of his fellow Gryffindor's plans to mess with the rest of the school. "First stop," he muttered to himself "tournament.".

Another benefit they had found of having the Sorting hat on their side was that any and all decisions made in Dumbledore's office, or even just things Dumbledore discussed in his office, were known to the hat who was more than happy to tell him what the three tasks were. They already had an idea for the dragon challenge, having spent a bit of time flipping through the Founder's Spellbooks but he had items to get for the remaining two tasks. For the second task he was visiting the apothecary to buy as much gillyweed as he could under preservation charms. With the maze for the third task he was planning on visiting his family vault, something he learned about from Neville, to try and find a good blade for slicing if he needed it.

Walking up the marble steps of Gringotts he noticed a familiar teller and walked over to that line, "Greetings Griphook," he said, nodding politely at the first goblin he had met "I would like to visit my family vault.".

Blinking at surprise Griphook quickly answered "I'm sorry Mr. Potter but you will not be allowed to visit your family vault until you come of age or been emancipated.".

"I was entered against my will into the Tri-Wizard tournament," he explained "and since Dumbledore agreed with me being forced in a tournament he states that only adults are allowed to enter he is, by definition, declaring me an adult, thus emancipating me.".

"That is very goblin like thinking Mr. Potter…" Griphook said, looking him dead in the eye before showing a fanged smile "we respect that.".

Grinning he followed the little goblin as they climbed into one of the carts and shot off towards the deeper levels of the bank before the pulled to a stop and Griphook pointed to a vault door that looked almost identical to his old vault….placed right next to a sickeningly lavish vault door encrusted with emeralds and silver inlay and flanked by two snake statues. "The Malfoys," Griphook said with an amused sneer "we charged extra for them having a 'custom' vault and charged even more for the process of making it.".

Snorting he asked "It looks like they're compensating for something…wait I've met something so they are compensating. For intelligence and power. Seriously, Draco Malfoy's idea of a 'clever plot' to get me expelled once was to challenge me to midnight duel and then send a teacher to punish me instead of actually showing.".

"He what?!" Griphook demanded sharply, "When was this?!".

"About three years ago," he said startled "It was in September of my first year. Why?".

"And the Malfoy family never made reparations towards you?" Griphook pressed on, "Never even approached you to try?".

"No!" he exclaimed, somewhat disturbed by the Goblin's behavior.

At that answer Griphook gave a savage grin "That means the Malfoy family owes you a great debt due to their honor being…lost.".

"Kind of hard to lose what you never had," he said snorting in derision "but what exactly does this debt entail?".

"Well for starters the Malfoy family's 'lordship' which they only got by tweaking laws to take your family's' when your parents died, is to be transferred to you although you can appoint a proxy until you can attend the Wizenagamot meetings." Griphook said savagely making him grin with the intensity of a goblin "The Malfoy family also has to pay a large sum of money to you which has only grown since it has been three years. And the final part of the debt is that the soon to be 'ex' Lord Malfoy will have to give you one of his family members as a slave or servant.".

"Who is he likely to 'give' me?" he asked warily, trying to find any way to avoid having to possess Draco.

"His wife is the best bet," Griphook said shrugging "as the only family members he has left are his wife and son and he would rather keep his heir than his contracted wife when he can get remarried.".

"This year just got a lot more complicated," he said sighing as Griphook chuckled at him "but anyway. Let's get into the vault. I need gold and a good blade.".

"Are you sure you aren't part goblin?" Griphook asked with a smirk at his statement.

"I would already have the deed to Hogwarts in my pocket if I was." he said with a shrug as the goblin opened the vault and revealed stacks of gold, racks of weapons, and shelves and shelves of books. Grinning he filled his money pouch up to the brim with galleons before looking around at the rows of weapons, eventually selecting a machete that, according to the plaque underneath, a Potter had commissioned for an Amazon safari but had never gotten to go. "What are these books Griphook?" he asked, searching through the tomes "Do you know?".

"Well the one on the pedestal on the back would be your family Grimoire of spells," Griphook said pointing to the thick leather book "it has different spells that have been developed by Potter's throughout history. The shelf next to it holds the personal journals of past Potter's, I believe that your parent's journals are laying on top of the shelf there. The rest of these are likely research notes or rare tomes that have belonged to the family.".

Looking around at all the books he sighed, "I'm going to need a bigger trunk.".

"The bank could sell you a portable library trunk," Griphook offered with a smirk "for a price of course. It will be enlarged on the inside so you can enter and read the tomes inside.".

"What would that price be?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Two hundred galleons." Griphook said smirking.

"Fifty." He countered, getting a pleased grin from the goblin.

"One seventy five."

"Seventy five."

"One hundred fifty."

"One hundred."

"One hundred twenty five." Griphook said before he grinning and stuck out his hand, shaking the clawed fingers of the teller. "It's about time that a wizard learns some business sense," Griphook said, shaking his head in disgust "most of the wizards who come here just pay the higher prices and never ask any questions.".

"Well most wizards are idiots." he said rolling his eyes as Griphook led them out of the vault, having assured him that another goblin would load all the books up into a new trunk by the time he got back to the lobby. "Hey Griphook," he said as they loaded back into the cart "what sort of stocks does my family have?".

"Stocks?" Griphook asked confused causing him to grin.

"It's a muggle thing," he said with a goblin like grin "and if someone is skilled at the stock trade they can double or even triple their money extremely quickly. You might want to look into it.".

The goblin just nodded, seemingly dazed at the thought of doubling one's money, occasionally letting out a somewhat disturbing giggle. Sure enough though by the time he got back to the lobby his trunk was waiting for him and was quickly shrunk and had a feather weight charm applied. "Good luck with the tournament Lord Potter," Griphook said with a nod at him causing him to smirk back "and do try to win…I am placing a bet on you after all.".

Nodding he quickly exited the store and got to the apothecary, buying the preserved gillyweed before getting the rest of the items on his list. A massive amount of prank supplies for the twins and Lee, some rare plants for Neville, a pair of high-end cameras for the Creevy Brothers, Dean got some magical paints to make a talking portrait, Seamus got a brewing kit that could fit in their dorm, for Lavender and Parvarti he got them high quality crystal balls, and for the chaser trio he got them quality rune carving tools as they were all passionate about that class. The final thing he did was pay for Madame Malkin, who made all kinds of clothes, to come to the dorms and design some high-end clothes for his few remaining housemates as well as a jeweler who could make jewelry for the girls and watches for him and the rest of the guys…the house of Nobility had to look the part after all.

Flooing back to Hogwarts, his purchases shrunk in feather-weight packages, he made his way back to the new Gryffindor Common Room and called his friends down, passing out their gifts. When he passed them all out and Hermione looked at him, hurt that he hadn't gotten one for her he grinned and whispered in her ear about the trunk full of books he had gotten from Gringotts and that she was allowed full access causing her to squeal and start kissing him all over his face.

"I also have Madame Malkin and a Jeweler coming by in a couple of days to outfit us all in high end clothes…we're the house of nobility after all, we have to look the part." He informed the group once he got a chance to breathe. That however just caused the other five girls to squeal and join Hermione in thanking him.