This story was a prize to LIGHTWOODLADY25! She created the prompt and I wrote it, I must say though it was a good idea and I enjoyed writing it.

One last congrats to LIGHTWOODLADY25! I hope you enjoy it!



It was a peaceful, warm night when Gideon's bedroom door received a tapping. Gideon was busy reading over the wedding invitation idea's for Sophie and himself. It was gold and silver lettering scrawled over fine paper. His sea green eyes zipped to the door as he quickly hid the idea's.

"Come in." Gideon called out.
The door swung open, exposing his younger brother. Green clashed with green. Gabriel had a crooked smile on his features, and said nothing as he shut the door behind him, and sat down on the seat beside Gideon's bed.

"You okay?" Gideon asked.
"Yeah," Gabriel leaned his chin on his palm, and sighed, "No."
"...Whats wrong?" Gideon tucked his legs under him; he couldn't understand why he did that, the only male he knew who did that was James Carstairs, when he sat down on pillows on the floor. And Gideon was convinced it was to keep in touch with his Chinese heritage.

"I'm nervous." Gabriel sighed.
"Nervous?" Gideon questioned.
"Yes. About my upcoming..." He coughed, "Wedding."
"Oh... Oh!" A grin swept over Gideon's features, "Are you having second thoughts, little brother?"
"No, of course not." Gabriel muttered, swiping his brothers shoulder, "I'm nervous though. You can't say you're not nervous about marrying Sifie."
"Sophie." Gideon immedietly corrected, "'Sifie' is not a name."
"It could be, you just don't have enough faith." Gabriel replied sarcastically. "Anyway, I'm nervous."

Gideon sighed, "Well, this is easy. Do you love her?"
"Pardon?" Gabriel's eyes widened.
"Do you love her?"

A moment of silence, "Of course I do. I love her with all my being."
Gideon tilted his head, "Then why are you nervous?"
"I just... I don't know. I'm worried we're going to get to fifty, we're going to drift apart, and we die still feeling sadly alone. Or what if she dies before me?" Gabriel's luminous eyes were darkening with what Gideon could tell was fear. And he knew exactly why.

"...This isn't about Cecily is it?" Gideon placed an affectionate hand on Gabriel's shoulder, "This is about mother and father."
Gabriel lowered his eyes, "... I'm scared it will end up like them."
Gideon sighed, and cleared his voice, "Gabriel."
Gabriel looked at him.

"You know, sometimes I worry about Sophie and I become like mother and father. But I know in my heart of hearts I am not my father. Sophie... is it. That's all. She's it. I am hers, and I pray, that for the rest of eternity, she is mine. Because without her, I feel as though I would not be able to breath or think. I know how Will Herondale feels around Tessa Grey, or how Henry Branwell feels around Charlotte Branwell. It's love..." Gabriel took both his shoulders, "If you feel like this towards Cecily - Cecily, the one you claim to need - then you will live a long and happy life, clasping hands the whole way."

Gabriel, looking almost stunned, moved his lips to speak, "...Wow... Gideon that's very wise..."
Gideon chuckled, dropping his hands, "Yes, well... I have my moments."
"Not very often." Gabriel grinned, rising from his chair.
"Quiet you." Gideon laughed, whacking his brother in the hip.

Gabriel turned to leave, making it to the door, and twisting it open, before turning it around, "Oh, and brother?"
Gideon glanced up, "Hm?"

"... Thanks," Gabriel smiled.

He shut the door, leaving Gideon in a proud silence.