"Mi-sa-ki..." Saru breathed into his ear. Their limbs were tangled together,Misaki couldn't push him off.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME YOU DIRTY BASTARD" he was breathing hard.

He felt a cold hand snake under his shirt, but he was completely entwined in that shitty monkey's arms.

There was no escape.

He opened his mouth to shout again but suddenly they were being sealed by Saru's lips.

That was new.

The screams were being sucked out of him, though his mouth was locked tightly together with Saru's, that guys lips were still so soft.

What was he doing? Was this a new kind of torture? Damn it! whatever it was it was working. It shouldn't feel this good, this was Saru damn it, his ex best friend, his betrayer, his enemy. And he was a guy.

The kiss got more brutal, Saru nipped at his lower lip, his tongue invading the rest of his mouth. That drove them both further back against the alley wall. Misaki could feel the imprint of the bricks pressing into the small of his back.

It was a possessive kiss, and it was destroying Saru from the inside. Misaki... Misaki... Misaki... chanted in a loop in his mind. He hadn't meant to take it this far but he knew there was no going back from this. Misaki would hate him even more now, he'd probably never see him again. But that was better than being ignored for that dick of a red king.

He broke the kiss, both panting heavily still close enough to feel each other's hot breath on their faces. "ha...ha... what was that.." Misaki was too weak from the kiss to fight from Saru's grip, he'd forgotten to in the heated confusion.

Misaki watched breathless as Saru slowly broke into a manic grin. "Well looks like you enjoyed that Mi-sa-ki-.." Saru palmed Misaki's swollen bulge, gently cradling the pulsing package.

Before Misaki could protest Saru plunged into his pants. Misaki gasped as a sudden jolt of pleasure surged at that first touch on his sensitive, exposed skin.

"Oh God..." as that first stroke drew a lengthy moan from his lips. He could feel Saru smile against his skin as he pressed his lips almost reverently along his shaft.

"Aaahhnn.. Sa..ru.." Misaki's fingers unconsciously grasped at Saru's hair as Saru took him in deeper. Saru swirled his tongue on the head and proceeded to lick and suck the length of it with great enjoyment at how responsive his Misaki was.

Misaki was losing his sense of reason, focusing on the intense concentration Saru gave to him. It wasn't rough at all, it was as if he was being worshipped. God the feeling of being in Saru's mouth, the warmth and wetness as he felt Saru's throat muscles contracting against him, his moist lips and tongue working at a constant rhythm while the use of that tongue kept him on the edge of his nerves.

"Ah Saru...p..please...I..AH" He was getting too close now, he couldn't control his sporadic movements, he bucked his hips as Saru's other hand began to stroke his balls in time with each stroke of his pulsating dick, pushing himself deeper into Saru's throat.

Saru lifted his eyes from his work, there was nothing better than that look of utter pleasure on Misaki's face, that face he'd tried to see in all his daydreams through middle school. It was so much better than he'd ever imagined. Misaki looked so vulnerable, his eyelashes fluttering over his glazed eyes, dilated pupils and flushed face, the incredibly dirty sounds echoing from his soft lips. And he had been the one to cause it.

Misaki's mind went blank like a burst of bright light swept over him. He came shaking violently crying out Saru's name. Saru took much of the creamy load down his throat but milked the last of it into his hand.

He wasn't done just yet.

Misaki fell, boneless into Saru's waiting embrace, his sensible mind had melted into slush after all that.

At this chance Saru quickly shucked off the rest of Misaki's soiled pants, sweeping them to the side of the silent alley, his heart hammering in his chest. Misaki was so pliable in this form. Saru flipped him on his front and began to prepare Misaki for the rest of his plans.

Using Misaki's own cum to ease the passage of the first finger, getting knuckle deep. As expected of that virgin, he was so tight he needed more of Misaki's lube to open the way for the next. He could feel the internal muscles throbbing against his fingers.

Misaki was shocked out of his post coital haze at the intrusion

He was hard again almost immediately after the fourth finger entered his depths.

"Gah... Sa..ru...you-"

It felt so strange, the feel of Saru inside him, the initial pain plateaued into the need for more of Saru.

Saru straightened up, kissing his way up the ridges of Misaki's spine as he began to unzip himself. God he was so hard he thought it would turn blue. He began to press himself against Misaki's entrance, already wet with pre cum leaking from the tip. "Ah- Saru... need more..." Misaki tried to wriggle in his grip. He couldn't rush this, he didn't want to break him. This would be the final time, he wanted it to last.

He guided Misaki onto him. He could feel all that was Misaki wrapping him into it all, the tight muscles squeezing him, hot and wet, indescribable. He could feel Misaki adjusting to the new intrusion as he slowly moved deeper. He began thrusting, slowly at first but gradually picking up speed as Misaki began to moan loudly at each thrust.

And in this moment Misaki was his, and only his, just the two of them again like it used to be. He was being enveloped by all that was Misaki, and that was all he wanted right now.

He angled himself to hit the prostate, sending ripples of pleasure through Misaki like an electric shock.

Misaki's mind was so disoriented he wasn't sure how he'd ended up like this, or why Saru was doing this. Only that he didn't want this to end, he'd probably cum just from the feeling of Saru inside him alone.

And in that moment they were one, and Saru came inside him panting out Misaki's name over and over like a prayer.

The sensation of Saru's hot cum shooting inside him sent him over the edge, and he came in a gush once again.

They both collapsed against the wall of the deserted alley thouroughly spent. They lay there for a few minutes in each others arms, there was no hate, no anger just pure bliss.

Saru came out of the haze first.

The first thing he saw, Misaki lying against the wall of a dirty alley, clothes ripped and soiled in dried sticky cum, completely wrecked.

His eyes were still glazed over. He had blacked out.

The realization of what he had down crashed over in a wave on Saruhiko. He had made him his and only his...

But at what cost?

Misaki woke up in his bed sore all over but with a feeling of release in his heart.

What the hell had happened?

He had blacked out for some reason, and Saru had been there and...

Oh shit...

What the fuck...

A movement in the corner shocked him out of his thoughts.

Saru was standing in the shadows.

How did he get in? Well never mind he needed answers now!


In one motion Saru's lips were on his.

It was different from the first kiss.

In this one Saru poured all that he was into it

In it he put all those things he wanted to say but could never do.

It spoke of love, betrayal, jealousy,guilt, all the unspoken words between them, all that had passed; and all that might have been.

All purged into that kiss.

Misaki leant into it, the overwhelming meaning of it all.

But Saru pushed him away. Misaki looked into those deep blue eyes, and for once in a long, long time he saw his Saru again, drowned in the depths.

All that longing he felt from that kiss choked him up, after all this time he just wanted Saru back, like old times, together.

Saru moved away, Misaki tried to grab at him, but he yanked his arm away.

"Saru... you.. OI WAIT!.."

Saru paused and pulled him back in for a lingering kiss, it was so soft it felt too much like a goodbye.

"I'm sorry" he whispered against his lips.

"Saru you-"

"I'm sorry" Misaki could feel Saru shaking a little as he said that.

Saru stood up as quietly as he could and walked towards the door. Misaki needed more explanations but he was too sore to even move.

"Misaki.." Saru said softly, his hand gripping the side of the door.

"What... you better tell me what just happened!"

"Goodbye" was all he said.

It was odd...but that goodbye had a sound of finality to it

"Wait you... what do you mean goodbye?!"

But it was too late he was gone.

Author notes: ok this was a quick smutty fic I wrote in a facebook chat for my friend icecreambender (who is a MASSIVE Sarumi fan) to distract her from her very boring lecture. This is the first nsfw fic I've ever written and the first fic I've ever uploaded, she made me do it.

Sorry if the characterisation is a bit off, she only recently got me to watch K-Project. Also let me know if I should continue, I'm tempted to leave it as it is but my friend said she'd come after me if there was no happy ending.

Thanks for reading =) feel free to review if you want to, I have soo much to improve on.