A/N: Some Tish Happens

He was always the bad ass, always the killer. He was the one to always get the job done. Never felt any regret, never cared who it was. He just loved the kill, loved the look in the eyes of a dying person. He wasn't human, all that was human of him was gone. He didn't feel what humans felt. He smiled at the flames of a burning building. He smiled at the sight of cash after doing a job well done. He was consumed by greed.

And then he met the kid. That stupid kid, with his expressions and his stories. The kid with the well toned body, the one with the ever innocent face. The kind of face that usually made Nick gag. A face that brought up too many memories of his past. He hated that face, but at the same time, he could never look away from it.

Ellis blasted through, the sound of his shotgun echoing through his ears. Blood splattered across his face, touching his lips. He gagged a little, but continued to shoot. He needed to get somewhere safe, and soon. His stomach burned with pain as he thought of the witch tearing him open. He closed his eyes as hard as he could, trying not to think of the pain.

"Behind you!" Ellis heard the conman yell. He quickly turned as fast as he could, pulling out his guitar while he did so. He smashed the infected's head, the guitar strings finally breaking off. Ellis let out a breath, trying not to think of the pain. His eyesight was getting bleary. He rubbed them and went back to work on then zombies.

"Hey everybody, safe house!" He heard Coach yell from a little farther down the road. The words helped Ellis try even harder to make it out of the horde of zombies that were surrounding him. He crashed and shot though as much as he could. He trudged through. thinking to himself that it was about the end of him until he met the door, he ran in quickly, stumbling to the ground as Rochelle closed the door behind them.

"I got you honey," she spoke, pulling him up to his feet. "Nick, use your health kit on him."

"Why should I, he's the reason we took so long to get here." Nick snarled, looking straight into his deep blue eyes. He looked away quickly as he watched Ellis wince.

"Now, Nick, Ellis has helped you out on so many occasions. Give. Him. Your. Health. Kit." Rochelle murmured to him, causing him to roll his eyes. He walked over to Ellis pulling out his health pack. Ellis grimaced and Rochelle and Coach walked out of the room to explore the safe house some more.

Nick worked slowly, lifting up Ellis' shirt, looking at the damage the witch had dealt him. Ellis exhaled and slopped over onto Nick. Nick's heart slightly raced.

"You're gonna need to lay down, if I'm gonna fix you up." He let Ellis lay down on one of the tables, lifting up his shirt to reveal the gash across his stomach. They sat there in total silence as Nick slowly fixed Ellis up.

"Eh, Nick," Ellis spoke softly, wincing as Nick tugged the bandage across his chest. "Why do yew hate me?" He whispered, trying to star at Nick but failing horribly.

"I don't," Nick spoke quickly, tying up the bandage and looking at Ellis. "I hate how you're reckless." He looked back down, examining the damage one more time before deciding that it was all he could do. "I'm done." He pulled back down Ellis' shirt and turned to walk away.

"Nick," Ellis spoke from behind Nick. He turned slowly to see the hick slowly walking towards him with all that he could. "Thank you." He stared up into the conman's eyes, making him think more things he probably shouldn't. The hick smiled weakly and stood up in front of him, standing strong even though his body was so sore.

It happened quickly and Nick almost thought it didn't happen but the warm presence on his lips told him it did. Quickly Ellis pressed his lips against Nick's standing on his tip toes, wrapping his arms around Nick's neck. The kiss was short and sort of like a peck but Nick defiantly wanted more. But just as the moment happened it was gone. Nick opened his eyes to see that Ellis had turned to start walking towards were Coach and Rochelle wondered too. Nick caught up to him with no trouble considering Ellis' injuries. He grabbed Ellis' wrist and spun him around.

"Did I say Dr. Nick was done?" He whispered, pulling Ellis closer to him, wrapping his arms's around Ellis' waist. He kissed the hick's lips roughly, his chapped lips slammed up against them. He loved how soft they were, almost like a woman's Nick could have sworn to anyone before he met Ellis that he was straight, but since he saw those beautiful blue eyes he wasn't so sure anymore. He kissed harder as Ellis wrapped his arms around the conman's neck. He smiled into the kiss. They slammed their bodies harder against each other. Nick licked Ellis' mouth, signaling the hick to open his mouth. He did so and their tongues interacted and pursued each other causing Nick to become even more hot. Are you sure you should be doing this? After all, you are a terrible man and he is so innocent. Nick tried his best to shut out the thoughts, to shut out that terrible voice, the one that made him crack.

Ellis pulled away from him, his eyes glazed over. "Well then Doctor,' he whispered, kissing the conman's lips again. He grabbed tuffs of Nick's hair, pulling them slightly. Nick let out a moan, filling Ellis' body with electricity. He broke the kiss looking into Nick's eyes. "It's a shame this is a dream," he whispered into Nick's ear. Nick opened his eyes and Ellis was gone, what filled his place was cold sweat and a dark room. He looked around, realizing he had actually fallen asleep in this shit hole. Right next to him laid the Hick, snoring away, slightly shivering.

Nick let out a small smile and took off his jacket, laying it over the boy. "Good night kid." He looked at the wall and laid back down.

"Nick," He heard Ellis moan. Ellis arched his back, gasping in pleasure. A smile formed across the conman's face. He kissed the hick's neck, knawing on the flesh, causing the hick to let out another moan. Ellis gripped his back tighter, tearing into his skin. He whispered into Nick's ear. "Now this is a good dream." Nick pulled away and Ellis weakly smiled at him, his face soaked with sweat.

"What?" Nick spoke kissing Ellis again. 'So this is another dream?' Ellis pulled away from him.

"But I could be dreaming this too." Ellis leaned his face to touch Nick's lips, licking them, edging the conman to continue. He did, thrusting deep into Ellis' bum. Ellis moaned again not caring if Coach and Rochelle heard him. Ellis clawed down the conman's back, rolling his hips. Nick kissed his lips, gently flicking his tongue onto the hick's mouth. He moved Ellis' legs so that they were on top of his shoulders. Ellis bit the bottom of Nick's lips, causing him to go over the edge. He thrusted again, biting Ellis' neck. He pulled out of Ellis and the hick looked at him pleadingly. The conman trailed down the hick stomach, kissing and sucking until he came across Ellis' member. He licked it slightly and Ellis moaned as loud as he possibly could, sweat streaming down his face.

"Ah, Neek," he murmured. "Don-," he never finished his statement as Nick put the hick's member in his mouth. The hick moaned in pleasure, bucking his member further into Nick's mouth. The boy grabbed tuffs of the conman's hair and pulled at it, practically ripping the man's hair out. He squirmed and gasped, trying not to be loud, even though he knew he already was. Nick continued his job, taking Ellis' member in full, relishing at the saltiness of it. A smile etched on his face as he worked Ellis to the edge. Nick had never done this before, but he could tell that Ellis was enjoying it very much. He released Ellis and looked at him, his eyes completely glazed over. "Why, why did yuu stop," he murmured out, looking Nick in the eyes. Nick thrusted back in, getting closer to Ellis' face.

"I wanna see your expression," Nick spoke, sucking on Ellis' neck. The hick gasped, trying not to over exaggerate the fact that he couldn't take much more of this amazingness. He never saw himself as a gay man, well, unless Keith was around. but Kieth was gone. Ellis moaned again as he released, and Nick was staring at him watching his expression. He kissed the hick's lips, playing joyfully with his tongue. He was thrusting quicker and quicker inside of Ellis, trying his hardest to near his end, but for some reason it just wasn't happening. He grunted and lifted Ellis so that he was on his lap. Ellis wrapped his arms around Nick's neck, gasping harder, biting Nick's neck. "I'm sorry Ell," He choked out, trying to concentrate. He kissed the Hick's jawline, his neck, his chest. He stopped to look at his eyes and Ellis looked back.

"What are you doing?" He looked at Nick with big eyes, Nick was utterly confused. He closed his eyes, trying to think of what Ellis wanted to hear.

"I'm," he opened his eyes to see and even more, full clothed Ellis laying under him, his face flushed and looking innocent. Nick was hovering over top of him, his face inches from Ellis'.

"Nick, what are you doing?" Ellis murmured looking away, his blush spreading across his face and down his neck.

"I, uh, I don't really know," He choked out, looking at the hick. "Uh, sorry kid." He turned over and laid on his back, trying to figure out why he just had a dream of him and Ellis, uh, doing stuff.

"Nick," he heard Ellis murmur again.

"What kid," he whispered, utterly embarrassed of himself.

"I," He stuttered, trying to think of the right words. "I woun't of minded if yuu, uh." Nick turned around to face Ellis. Ellis looked away again, at the ceiling. "Yuu could've, uh, continued, if yuu, uh wanted to." He stared at Nick, slowly moving his hand to touch Nick's chest. "I woun't mind a' all." He smiled weakly and scooted closer to Nick. Nick couldn't believe what he was hearing, a grown man being absolutely flustered about being with another man. You remember when I used to be flustered. Nick tried to not answer the voice in his head. "I-," Nick smacked his lips up against the hick's, his real lips so much better than the ones in his dreams. He gripped the hick's cheeks, pulling him against his body. You won't forget about me just by kissing that boy.

A knock on the door interrupted their moment.

"Ellis and Nick, we gotta get going if we wanna be at the mall by evening," Rochelle whispered slightly cracking the door open. Ellis pushed Nick, sending him off the bed.

"Ow, you stupid hick," he yelled, rubbing his now aching head. "What the hell was that for?"

"Rochelle scared me," Ellis spoke, his voice strong and not at all like it was before.

"Yeah, well don't do it again you idiot," Nick hissed back as Rochelle left the room.

"What the hell Nick?" Ellis choked, hurt that Nick called him an idiot. Did Nick just want him for the satisfaction of being intimate with someone, is that all Ellis was? His thoughts were interrupted by Nick's lips slapping against his. The boys eyes closed and he wrapped his arms around the conman. Nick broke the kiss.

"Gotta keep up appearances kid," He whispered before leaving Ellis by himself.

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