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The blonde knew that she shouldn't have gone to Pinkberry without letting someone know, but damn it, she was craving some frozen yogurt. The moment she left the dorm and got to the bus stop she felt like an idiot for leaving her phone on the tiny nightstand but the thought of walking back to the building made her ankles yell out in protest. She was a girl on a mission and that mission was to get a cold treat. However, that mission seemed really stupid as she sat on the bench, with a cup of frozen yogurt in one hand and the other on top of her swollen belly as she breathed in and out during the passing contraction.

If someone told her thirty-seven weeks ago that she would be sitting at a bus stop having contractions instead of getting ready for winter break she would have thought they were high as a kite. This wasn't what she had in mind when she left Mystic Falls for college. She wanted to be someone new, someone better. But about to be someone's mother wasn't what she had in mind.

Her fingers dug a bit harder into her belly as more pain washed over her. What did that hippie Lamaze teacher tell her?

Think of someplace that I feel safe and calm? I'd feel safe and calm if I didn't have something the size of a watermelon trying to make its way through my body and down my birthing canal.

She shut her eyes tight and tried to think back to before all of this happened; before she found out that her one weekend of freedom would end up in a lifelong commitment to motherhood.

She wanted him here with her. He wanted to be, but she pushed him away, and that scared her. What if she pushed too hard and he decided that this wasn't what he wanted? Hell, she wasn't even sure this is what she wanted until it was too late.

Suddenly there was a pop, like someone cracking a knuckle. She shifted on the bench and it was as if a water balloon had erupted between her legs and was now dripping on her shoes. "Shit!"

Now she should worry.

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