Macavity entered his Warehouse. He walked down the corridor leading to his bedroom, the walls painted a pleasant shade of cerulean blue. Though the shade was pleasant, the color itself was blue and sad. He mused how ironic it was, to have the walls match exactly how he felt on the inside. If only there were splatters of paint spreading across the wall, all kinds of colors swirling and jutting out in all different directions, mixing with other colors and creating one giant mess, then perhaps his feelings could be depicted even more accurately than by the simple cerulean blue.

Demeter was grooming herself by the window, the sunlight shining in through the glass panes illuminating her fur in a glorious bath of golden warmth. He closed the door behind him and it was then that she noticed his presence.

"Oh honey, I didn't think you'd be home so soon." She immediately left her seat by the window and walked up to Macavity, putting her paws on his chest and looking up into his downcast face. His expression made her worry, it was lost and dejected.

"It didn't go well, did it? How many more shipments of fish carcasses does he want? He's not still asking for dead mice, is he?" Macavity ran a company that served both Pollicles and felines. His employees sought deceased rodents, fish carcasses and chicken bones from garbage scraps and would sell their findings. His hired seekers were exceptional at finding the highest quality leftovers and his business was doing very well until Rufus became interested. He would constantly demand more than what his seekers could supply. There are only so many fish carcasses and mice in one place at one time. But this isn't what troubled Macavity today…

"No, Demi. It's not that."

"Then… what is it?"

He just nodded his head, signaling he didn't want to speak about it. He gathered Demeter's paws from his chest and held them to his mouth to kiss them. He squeezed them reassuringly and offered a small grin before retiring to the bed they typically shared.

The bed was enormous and round, but he sat only on the edge of it, resting his elbows on his knees and holing his head in his paws.

Demeter frowned at seeing Macavity so troubled. She sat next to him, folding her legs so they were crisscrossed, and petted the fur by his ear in a soothing manner. She kissed his arm and laid her head against his shoulder. She wanted him to know that she would be there for him. They'd been through so much already, it was impossible for Demeter to wrap her mind around the idea that there was something out there that could break them apart or bring them misery. They were fighters and would get back up from whatever in life knocked them down.

Even when all the Junkyard had been against them, they stood by each other. Demeter thought about it, still keeping her head against Macavity's arm. She closed her eyes and allowed her memory to take a journey.

"Demeter come on! Macavity is not the kind of tom you want to be fooling around with!" Munkustrap followed after her.

"Munkustrap you don't understand! Everyone in this tribe has some twisted view of how it's supposed to be. So Macavity doesn't want to be a leader. Big deal! He has other dreams he wants to live."

"It's his responsibility, Demeter." He grabbed her softly by the arm so they were now facing each other. "He was born to be the next protector."

"He doesn't want to be a protector, Munkustrap. He has a feeling deep inside that success is in the future, but that future does not include leading a tribe of Jellicles. I don't know why everyone has to hate him for being different."

"Nobody hates him-"

"No, everyone is just disappointed in him and would rather shun him than try and get past his decision. You know how hurtful it is to have everyone you've loved and grown up with through-out your entire life suddenly not support you anymore? It's devastating. I think it's awful how everyone is treating him, and just because he wants to follow his dreams!"

"And what are his dreams, Demeter? Does he even have any?"

She repressed a hiss in the center of her throat at Munkustrap's rude question. Of course Macavity has dreams! "He wants to be a successful business cat."

Munkustrap scoffed, earning him an icy glare from Demeter. "You know what Munkustrap, one day he's going to leave here to pursue his passion and you know who's going to stand behind him? Me. I'll be the one who supports him, since the rest of his family won't." she stormed off towards Macavity's den defiantly.

Demeter would remember that conversation forever. It was a conversation where she realized her true feelings for Macavity. Sure, she was his best friend, but at that moment she realized that her feelings went a lot deeper than mere friendship.

"I'll always be here for you, Macavity. I love you more than anything else in this world."

She kissed him on the lips, but they were interrupted by a bundle of fur bouncing into the room.

The adorable kitten pranced straight towards her parents. "Hi mommy, hi daddy!" she greeted, her green eyes glistening with innocence and youth. Her fur was like that of her mother's, with a bit of her father's red coloring showing here and there.

"Hello, Jemima." Macavity slid down from his sitting position on the bed to kneel before his daughter. At the site of her, Demeter noticed that Macavity's troubles seemed to melt right off his fur, as if he was never troubled to begin with. He tapped her on the nose playfully and she giggled in delight. She returned the gesture and Macavity pretended to have been zapped. Jemima laughed merrily and the play continued for a few minutes until both Macavity and Jemima ended up in a gasping heap on the floor, their sides aching from all the laughter.

Demeter stood and walked over to the two biggest joys of her life. "Now just look at this. You've laughed yourselves silly!" Demeter spoke childishly to evoke more giggles from the tiny kitten.

"You know Jemmy, mom's right, we have laughed ourselves silly, but something's wrong here." Macavity feigned severity.

Jemima's eyes widened. "What?"

"You and I have laughed ourselves silly, right?" Jemima nodded, eyes still wide in wonder. "Well what about mommy? She didn't laugh as much as we did, do you think we should help her out and let loose those giggles inside her?"

"Yes!" Jemima leapt off her father and jumped up and down with newfound energy.

Demeter couldn't tell what they were about to do, but as soon as Macavity shouted, "Get her!", she took off running for the door, but it was a futile attempt at escape. Macavity tackled her with little effort and soon both he and Jemima were tickling her relentlessly.

"Stop… Everlasting Cat… I'll get the both of you… just… you… wait!" Demeter vowed through her bursting laughter. She squirmed to get free of their fiendish hands but the two of them made an impeccable team.

Macavity looked over to Jemima and winked, a clever scheme set in his mind. "Dem darling, would you like us to stop?"

"Please, I can't take… this… dear me!"

"All you have to do is say that I'm the best, most handsome tom you've ever seen in all your lives and we'll let you go free."

"And that I'm a princess!" Jemima added.

"Deal!" Demeter agreed, sitting up from the floor. She tried to catch her breath as the tickling ceased long enough for her to recite her conditions.

She looked to Jemima and scratched behind both her ears affectionately. "You, my wonderful daughter, are a princess. You are the most beautiful princess I've ever seen." Jemima smiled gleefully.

She turned to Macavity. "And you…", she crept up close to his lips, almost speaking directly into his mouth as if it were a microphone, "are the biggest,", she kissed him chastely, "most gifted,", and another chaste kiss, "understanding,", and yet another, "and handsomest" one last kiss and a sly smile, "smelly old bum I've ever seen!" Demeter took Jemima by the hand as the two of them ran for shelter. She knocked Macavity on his rear, cackling joyously as she made her way down the corridor and single flight of stairs.

"Why you! I'll give you 'smelly old bum'!" Macavity propelled himself off the floor and took off running after the two precious gems in his life.

They played like this for hours. It was some of the happiest times they would ever know.