A/N: This takes place around season 9, assuming that the JSA has already joined the JLA and they're a pretty tight-knit group, and that Dinah and Lois never really met other than when Dinah was Black Canary.

Disclaimer: I wouldn't bet my life that I own anything but the plot and neither should you.

The Daily Planet was buzzing and Lois Lane had not had her second cup of coffee yet. Where is Smallville when you need him? He left to get me coffee forever ago. If he doesn't show up soon I'm going to have to swallow the pitiful excuse for coffee they have here.

"Hey Lo, what's up?" The overly cheery voice of Oliver Queen broke through Lois's staring contest with her computer screen and she looked up in surprise. Her gaze was met by the handsome billionaire and the pretty brunette he had his arm around. Something about the woman was familiar but Lois couldn't quite put her finger on it yet.

"Hello, Oliver and company. Who's the new woman? Please tell me you didn't just meet her on the way in," she ribbed good-naturedly.

"No, I can assure you that we have met before," Oliver smiled. "We had an appointment with Tess and since she got called to the Planet, we figured we'd just meet her here after her meeting. But it ran long so we have some time to kill."

"And you thought of me. You sure know how to make a girl feel special."

"I'll leave that to someone whose name starts with C and ends with-"

"Oliver Queen if you value your life you won't even think about the end of that sentence. Nothing is going on between the two of us," Lois spat, cutting him off with a quick look around the office to make sure no one was paying attention.

"Anyway," he said, laughing off her threat, "I came here to introduce you to my special someone. Dinah, this is Lois, Lois this is Dinah Lance, my girlfriend."

"It's nice to be formally introduced to you," Dinah smiled.

"Yeah, you too, but I can't say I've heard anything about you before. Wait a minute!" Lois lowered her voice and glanced around the room again, but still no one heeded them. "I read that Green Arrow was dating Black Canary, so does that mean you are . . .?" Lois's sentence trailed off questioningly.

Dinah raised her eyebrows at Oliver who just smiled. Turning back to Lois she nodded.

"Yes, I'm the same person who attacked you, and can I just say I'm truly sorry about that misunderstanding? I was under the extremely misguided impression that Ollie here was the bad guy and Luther was trying to get justice. Thankfully they helped me to see who the heroes really were before I caused too much damage."

"You came around in the end so that's what really matters and, hey, we can just let bygones be bygones. Hold on, they? What do you mean by they? Who other than Oliver was there?" Lois questioned.

"Your part- oof, I mean, uh, your, um, particularly favorite hero the Blur." Dinah struggled to cover up the fact that she would have accidently outed Clark's secret had Oliver not discreetly elbowed her in the ribcage.

Lois turned on Oliver.

"You worked with the Blur and you never once thought to mention that little fact to me?!" She whisper-yelled at him.

"I didn't think he'd like if I just went around talking about him to reporters. And I guess that is our cue to leave. Nice talking to you as always, Lois." And with that he dragged his girlfriend out of the room by the waist.

Dinah called back, "It was nice officially meeting you," and then they were gone.

Lois replayed the conversation she just had in her mind. She was certain that they both knew who the Blur was and that the Blur was more involved in happenings in Metropolis than she thought. While she understood the fact that the Blur never told her who he was for her own safety, she yearned to look him in the eye just once and thank him. She would never be truly satisfied with him until she knew all of him. Ugh, but before I work on how to find out more, I need some coffee, she thought.

As she poured out her coffee, Lois heard Dinah say, "But she figured out who I was in less than five minutes in. Are you really trying to tell me she doesn't even have a clue as to who the Blur is?"

Lois almost gave herself whiplash trying to look around for the body that went with the voice. After standing on tiptoes and craning her neck around, she realized that Dinah's and now Oliver's voice had come through a vent in the wall that separated the coffee area from the stairwell.

"Look, she doesn't know and you don't want to be the one to tell her. He won't be happy if someone else tells her and trust me, if he's upset, we'll all suffer, even if it's just having to put up with him all mopey."

"It can't be all that bad."

"Trust me, he doesn't exactly think straight when Lois is concerned. Blames himself anytime she gets herself into trouble, and beats himself up every time she gets hurt."

"Aw, that's so sweet of you, you really care about him, don't you? You want to protect him," Lois could practically hear Dinah's grin.

"What? No! It's just, well, I respect him, you know? Now, what do you think about the party tonight? Did I order enough food?"

At this point, Lois, having made her coffee already and not wishing to hear the sappy couple play house, even if they were her friends, headed back to her desk. She knew why they had chosen to speak in that stairwell, it was less frequented than the main stairs and you could see or hear anyone coming easily. A perfect little niche for a private conversation. Except for the vent, she thought deviously. I can definitely use this.

She also knew why not many people could have known about the vent and its perfect acoustics. The majority of the employees in the basement preferred to get their coffee from the station one floor up, as it tasted many times better, and it gave them a chance to hear gossip from the floors above. The main reason Lois was one of the few that suffered through the basement coffee was that Clark usually went out and got coffee for her and the times that he didn't, she generally didn't want to wait for everyone in front of her to make their coffee. To her, caffeine was caffeine, no matter the taste.

Speaking of Clark, where was he with her coffee? He had to have been gone at least twenty minutes. He always picked the most random times to go get her coffee but Lois chalked it up to the fact that you never knew when you needed a break from an article. And besides, he always brought her the best coffee, so she couldn't really complain. He always missed the reports coming in of the Blur saving people though. He really should be more supportive of her favorite hero.