(Sam's Place)

"Did she give you a name," Sam questioned. Rolling my eyes I shook my head. After picking out a tree stone ring I sped all the way to Sam's place to inform him of what happened. "But she brought up the Cullens?"

"That's what I told you," I grumbled.

"I'll call Carlisle and see if he knows the vamp. If he does we'll keep a watchful eye on them just to make sure there's no slip-ups. If they don't know her we'll hunt her down, question her, and then kill her. Just don't bring this up around the boys; you know how Paul gets."

"Speaking of the boys; where are they," I asked.

"Keeping an eye on Jared and Quil. I saw Jared get close to shifting the other day and Quil has been getting a bit moody lately."

"Right...I think if Jared almost shifted wouldn't it have been smart if you guys would have taken him to the woods and help him shift? Now he could shift at his job, one of his classes, or in front of his mother."

"It'll be fine. Why push him to sh-" A pained filled howl cut him off. "Shit! I'm going to shift and figure out the situation." Taking off his shirt he hurried to Emily and gave her a quick kiss. "Leah, stay here and wait. I'll send Embry this way after I calm everyone down. Do Not Leave until I get back! Understood?!"

Sighing as the the order filled me I took a seat. "Couldn't leave even if I wanted to," I replied sarcastically. Instead of commenting on my sarcasm Sam ran out the house. "Stupid Alpha."

Emily sat down next to me and patted my leg. "I know you hate the fact that Sam tries to keep you out of the action but he means well."

"I don't really care about the fact that he does that. I hate that he makes the a pretty bad Alpha. But that's not important let's talk about something else."

Removing her hand from my lap. "Well I want to see the ring," she squealed.

Chuckling I pulled out the small black box that held the ring. "Just remember you can't tell Bella anything." Nodding her head she ushered me to hurry up. I opened the box to reveal the simple three stone ring.

"Are those blue diamonds? Oh my gosh she is going to love this."

Closing the box I grinned at her. "I really hope so," I chuckled. "I can't take it back."

"She will. Well I guess I should start making dinner," Emily stated standing up. "Why don't you invite Bella over? I'm sure she would be more then happy to help me cook."

"Good idea Em. She should be done with work be now," I replied happliy." I loved any excuse that let me spend more time with my lovely girlfriend. Pulling my cell phone out I sent her a text.

Hey Babe, Do you want to come by Sam & Emily's place? Emily thought you would like to help her cook dinner. -LeeLee

I'm on my way over now. -Bells

"She's on her way," I shouted to Emily. Sweet you'll get to meet the new pack member. -LeeLee

Who's the new member?-Bells

I think it's Jared.-LeeLee

"Alright. I'll start prepping the food now," Emily shouted back.

(30 mins Later)

As soon as I heard the familiar rumbling of Bella's truck I could her Embry walking through the bushes. Not too much longer the door opened and in comes Bella with Embry right behind her. She makes a quick kiss before making a beeline to the kitchen.

Embry slouched down into the couch. "It's Jared," he sighed tiredly. "Kim and him were fighting and the next thing they knew he was standing in front of her all wolfed out." Rolling my eyes as I scratched the back of my head.

"Well if Sam would have tipped him over sooner then this wouldn't have happened in front of her. Is Kim okay?"

"Um...she's a bit shaken up but she will be fine. Paul is looking over her. Sam is trying to calm Jared down in the-"

"Wait Sam left Kim to Paul and not you," I asked cutting him off with a frown plastered onto my face. Paul was a decent guy overall but he liked sticking his dick in things too much to be trusted with a girl by himself.

"Yeah, Paul volunteered to do it."



Paul doesn't volunteer to do anything unless it involved a chance to kill a vampire. "Did Paul imprint on her?"


Well that explains a lot. "You fucking idiot," I growled tossing a near by pillow at him. "Your supposed to tell me the important things and that includes imprinting. Now tell me when did Paul imprint on Kim."

"Once we got there. We saw Jared pretty much in his wolf form freaking out and Kim was on the ground trying to back away from him. I guess see heard a twig break or something because she looked in our direction almost immediately. But you would like her eyes would have landed on me first because I was a couple of feet ahead of Paul." Embry paused and rubbing his chin stumble as he thought something over quickly. "It was like she somehow knew she was supposed to look at Paul. Almost as if it was destine for them to imprint right then...Anyway after that happened Jared looked at Paul and got super pissed."

"Well I don't blame the guy. If Paul imprinted on his girlfriend he'll feel their connection being made and his with her being changed at the same time. For a new wolf that doesn't know a damn thing about imprinting I would say being pissed is a normal reaction. So what happened next?" Knowing Paul, he didn't help the situation one bit.

"Jared started to move closer to Kim and well...Paul didn't like that. He saw Jared as a threat to Kim." He sat forward and shook his head. "I tried to stop Paul before he made a move but there was no stopping him when Kim screamed. The fight only lasted about two minutes because Sam came and broke it up."

"Is Kim okay?"

"Yeah. She's just shaken up."

Nodding my head I stood up and rubbed the back of my neck. "Well I guess we'll be having a pack meeting once Jared is a little more controlled...and it'll most likely be in the woods," I sighed tiredly.

"Why wouldn't we have it here like normal?"

Rolling my eyes I bit back the rude comment that was on the tip of my tongue. "Because right now Jared is going to be pretty pissed off once he finds out what happened with Paul and Kim. Which means there is most likely going to be another fight."


"Yeah we would like to keep the ladies safe and not wreck Emily's furniture."


"Speaking of ladies I'm going to go check on them." I walked out the living room not giving him a chance to say anything. Walking into the kitchen my nose was hit with Bella's intoxicating scent. Emily looked over her shoulder with a smirk plastered on her lips. Winking at her I slowly made my way towards Bella, who was in the middle of pounding chicken breast with a small mallet. Once I was behind her I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist causing her to jump. "Calm down Thor its only me," I chuckled as I watched her grip on the mallet tighten.

"Dammit LeeLee," Bella said trying to hide a chuckle. "I could have hit you with my hammer."

Pulling her closer to me I chuckled lightly. "The only place your hammer could hurt me is if you aimed it at my heart."

"Well then you have nothing to worry about. I already stole it and I'm not giving it back."

"Do you guys get tired of your overly corniness," Emily chuckled lightly. "Spirits I swear if you guys got anymore corny I might have to take myself out to get away from ya'll."

Chuckling I leaned forward and kissed her neck. "But I came in here to tell you guys that Jared isn't the only new pack member we have."

"Quil shifted too?"

"No...Paul imprinted on Kim."

"Paul...imprinted? I thought this dick wouldn't let him imprint," Emily chuckled.

"Wow such language. What happened to the Emily that would blush every time she heard a cuss word," I questioned lightly.

"After having Paul and you around that was quickly swept away. I swear you guys cuss more then any sailor I know."

"Better out then in," I chuckled lightly.

"Hows Kim," Bella asked as she went back to hammering her chicken.

"Most likely just shaken up a bit. She did just see two people turn into huge wolves after all."

"Jared didn't shift too close to her?"

"Not that I know of. If she was hurt Embry would have said something and Paul would be back with her already. All I know is that she is most likely freaking the fuck out wherever Paul has her at." The backdoor opened to reveal a nervous Kim. "Um...hi."

She looked between the three of us before whispering, "Hi."

"I trust Paul told you everything?" She nods her head as she stared at me. "Well if you have anymore questions feel free to ask any of us. We are more then happy to answer any questions that u may have."

"Are you guys wolves too," she asked barely allowing me to finish my sentence.

"I'm a wolf and so is Embry. He's sitting in the living room right now. Do you want to meet him?"

"Not right now...It's just a lot to take in. I'm still trying to...grasp everything, you know?"

I nodded my head and gave Bella a quick kiss on the cheek. The girl had just been thrown in to a whole new world without warning. I felt kind of bad for her because not everyone is ready for something like this to be thrown at them. Giving her a small smile I backed away from Bella and towards the near by the kitchen door way.

"Well why don't I leave you ladies alone so you guys can talk about all of this stuff," I said still moving back. Before I could fully leave the kitchen Paul walked in with a tired smile on his face. "I was wondering where you were."

"Just did a quick patrol," he replied nonchalantly. "Sam told me to tell you and baby wolf to come to the clearing."

"I can't leave the house same 'ordered' me to stay."

Paul chuckled lightly. "It's not like you haven't disobeyed his orders before dork."

Shrugging my shoulders I sighed lightly. "It was worth a try. You hear that Embry? We got a meeting to attend."

"So I heard," he sighed as he marched passed me and out the back door.

Paul looked at Kim nervously before stuffing his hands into his pockets. "Um...you'll be safe here. If you have any questions about anything just ask Emily or Bella. They'll watch out for you while we're gone."

"Thank you," she replied.

Paul smile widen before he turned and exited the door. Chuckling I walked back over to Bella and gave her a small hug. "Well duty calls sweetheart."

"Be care."


Giving her one last kiss I jogged out the door and began to strip down as I ran towards the forest line. Once I was naked I burst into my wolf form and sped to our meeting spot.

"What am I going to do," Paul sighed heavily once I caught up to them. "This is just...I don't fucking know...weird? Yeah weird. Since I locked eyes with Kim my mind has been filled with her . From her eyes to her scent I have memorized already. And on top of that my wolf is being becoming such a pussy when she is around. What the fuck am I going to do?"

"Take it one day at a time," I suggested. "Right now it's new so you have to take some and get to know her. Let the man fall for her."

"Oh Spirits my parents are going to laugh their asses off once they hear what happened," Paul groaned. Images of his parts cracking jokes about him settling down appeared. Chuckling I pushed them to the back of my mind. "And I still have to deal with the fact that everyone is going to see me around the tribe is going to see me as a woman stealer."

"There goes your shiny repitation," I laughed. "Spirits Paul, you make it seem like it's the end of the world. So what if your parent s are going to tease you? So what the tribe thinks less of you, the already do. And Kim? You got lucky to imprint on such a girl like her." I showed him memories I had when Bella and Kim had came over to get help with their homework. And then just of them hanging out. "Kim is a sweet girl. You'll do fine as long as you don't dump too many things at her at the same time. Just focus on getting to know her and then the rest will work it's self out."

"Besides," Embry chuckled. "It'll be nice not to have to see Paul's top ten moments of last night."

We all chuckled as we entered the clearing where a fuming Jared was pacing back and forth. His eyes landed on all of us until they settled on Paul. Paul had a smug look on his face as he stared back at Jared. Whatever that was going to happen was most likely going to end up in a fight.

"And you expect me to hand my girlfriend over to him because he imprinted on her," Jared growled as he dug his paws into the ground. "I was going to ask her to marry me!"

Paul growled lowly. "Paul stop growling," Sam ordered as he stood in front of Jared. Jared's brown fur seemed to stand up as he crouched down. "Don't even think about it! I know it's a lot to wrap around but there is no point in fighting it. Eventually you would see Kim as Paul's just like your wolf already does, as part of the pack that should be protected. You won't see her as your girlfriend hell I already seen in your head all the doubts about the relationship. Don't fight for something that can't be changed."

"So I'm just supposed to close my mouth and deal with the fact that the only women I love since 6th grade isn't supposed to be with me," Jared questioned angrily. "I'm supposed to watch him, the man who has fucked just about half of the Res girls, have a relationship with my heart and soul? Watch them have kids and grow old together just like I promised her we would do because of some wolf spirit bullshit!? That's just great. Just sssssssooooooo great Sam. What's next your going to make me give him the ring I bought her?!"

A long silence fell the pack after Jared's rant. Maybe it was the fact that some of us saw where he was coming while the rest of us were trying to think of something to say that would help him calm down and think. I was on the side that knew what he was saying was true. How could anyone ask him to pretend that Kim and him had nothing? How could we ask him to bury his feeling for her? His wolf may understand the Kim is Paul's mate but how will the human part of him deal with his? He was hurting and rightly so.

A weak whimper escaped Jared's mouth as my thoughts became present in his head. And right then I knew that I hit the nail on the head. He was hurting about everything and he couldn't even get a chance to grieve at the lost of love he had to deal with now.

"Sam how am I supposed to be okay with not being good enough," Jared finally asked. "You've been with Emily for spirits knows how long and you'll be with her until the day you die because of whatever spirit told you that you were good enough for her."

Before Sam could say anything I took my chance to speak. "It's not about being good enough," I said softly. "Fate works in weird ways." Cringing as I said the words my father has said to me many times over I sighed heavily. "One day it will come clear why this happened the way it happened." He didn't say anything just gave me a small nod. "Can we start the meeting now that we all are calmed."

"Yes," Sam replied. Walking onto a fallen tree he looked over us all. "Now that Jared has join the pack we will be able to spread out the patrol hour a bit more. I'm not setting any patrol times down in stone because within a couple of weeks Quil will be joining our ranks. Once he shift I'll set up a better schedule that can work with all of our lives. Now with that being said Leah and Paul you will take the early morning shifts. I will take the afternoon shift. Jared and Embry you will take the night shift. Tomorrow I will call an elder meeting to see who else is on the brink of shifting so we can plan a babysitting watch. Right now Quil is the only one we need to watch. Everyone will watch him for at least two hours a day. Is that clear?"

"Yes," we all said together.

"Alright go get cleaned up and meet back at my house in an hour. The girls are making a big dinner." Turning his gaze to Jared he sighed lightly. "Jared I'll help you shift back to human form so you can get like a human. You just have to promise me that you will stay calm not matter what."

"I'll do my best."

"I guess that is all I can ask for right now."

Walking towards my home I couldn't help but feel bad for Jared. What if that had happened to me? What if one of the wolves imprinted on my sweet Bella and took her away from me? What if it happened before I shifted? How could I be okay with that? How would I be able to go on?

"Bella is ours,"my wolf growled lowly. "I knew it when you shifted for the first time that she was ours."

"then why didn't you imprint to ensure she would always be ours," I shot my question angrily at her.

"I don't know why I didn't. I should have...something isn't right somewhere..."

"Enough! I just want to be left alone right now."

"If that's what you want."

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