"Katherine let's go! You'll be late!" Mom yelled up the stairs.

"Is Dad home yet? He said he'd be here for tonight's game."

"I haven't heard from him. He'll probably meet us there. Now let's go."

We walked out the door and headed to my basketball game that will decide who goes to the championship game. When we got there I headed to the locker room to get ready. Long story short, we didn't win the game, and my dad didn't show until the last quarter of the game. So, I went back to the locker, took a quick shower, said good bye to everyone and met my parents at the car. Then I heard my dad talking on the phone. It was something about a Drug Lord they're after but they don't have the right person to go and act as a buyer. This is the 3rd call he's gotten from the office, and I know exactly what they want. Me. They want me to be the buyer and get close to him but Dad wouldn't go for it. As much as I try and pursue my dream, Dad keeps getting in the way. And he wonders why I hang out with Neal so much, I can get some action from him. When he hung up the phone, he turned around to see me standing in the entrance of the school doorway.

"Hey, um… Good job. It was a close game." He said.

"Yeah, 42-15. Very close Dad." I said continuing to the car.

"I'm sorry, that I didn't get see the entire game. I got caught up with-"

"Work? Nothing new Dad." I said heading to the car.

"Kat, I'm sorry I am. I was kept longer than I thought I would be."

"When the season starts back up, you don't have to come. It'll just be a disappointment." I said before entering the car.

I didn't say anything the entire car ride home. When we got home I just went to my room and went to bed so I could get ready for my party on Saturday. It's going to be a long weekend.

"Did something happen at school today?" Peter asked.

"No, just a normal day. Why?" El asked.

"Kat seemed off today. Must just be me, I haven't been home long enough to see her."

"Well, maybe it's time for a father-daughter game date. It has been a while."

"Yeah, I'll ask her."

I know, prologue sucks but hopefully chapter 1 will hook you. ;)