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We stayed in Forks for three more days but Emmett and Edward needed to go back to New York after two days. Tanya took a flight with them so that she can go to her interview the next day. We had a feeling that Edward will keep her busy.

Now we're off to our next journey. Jasper and I decided to drive back to New York on his truck. It's like honeymoon all over the country. My jeep will be shipped together with some of my things. Little did I know my husband have a hidden agenda for this long drive. Jasper is bringing me to Texas to meet his grandparents. To say that I was nervous is an understatement! I mean, come on! I heard all the stories and I know that Jasper's grandma is very protective of him. She will not like me at all! She will think that I am a low life girl who marries someone she just met! She will think that I seduced Jasper! She will think that I am not good enough for her precious grandson! She will think –

"Stop fidgeting. They will love you, I'm sure of it!"

"Easy for you to say. You're not the one facing the General and the… the Major!" I snapped.

He laughed, "Major? Really? My Mah's gonna love that one."

"Don't laugh at me!" I pouted.

"Oh come on, Darlin', you know I love you, right?" I nodded.

"Therefore they will love you, too."

"You loved Alice – "

"You are nothing like Alice, Isabella. Don't you ever compare yourself to her." Isabella? Oh my! He's really serious. And so hot!

"I'm sorry – "

"No, Baby, I'm sorry. I just don't want you to compare yourself to her or to any other woman for that matter. You are you… and only you are you, Bella. You understand? I love you… just you, the way you are you."

I think I'm going to cry, "Oh, Jasper." I gave him a chaste kiss and settled my head on his shoulders. We stayed in comfortable silent for awhile until we reached our next rest stop.

The nearer we got to the General's ranch the more nervous I become. Jasper's grandparents know that he will be visiting but they didn't know that he will bring a wife with him. He wanted to tell them the news in person. They were away on a trip when Jasper and I decided to get married so we never invited them. And that's the part that will kill me! Not inviting the General and the Major on their only grandson's wedding is like a crime, right? How will he explain it without them turning their backs on Jasper, too?

"We're here."

If I was nervous a minute ago what I'm feeling now is beyond nervous! What is beyond nervous? Anxious?

"Baby, relax, please… Look at me… I love you. You are my life now, Bella, so whatever happens here, I will be leaving with you, got that?"

I nodded but I don't want to cause any more dent with his relationship with his family. I intend to make sure of that.

He kissed me. For assurance I think.

"Jasper, son, is that you?" I froze. Shoot! The General.

"Let's go."

Jasper got out of the truck and went to open my door. He took my hand and led us to the porch where the General is waiting with a confused look on his face. Oh, Pops, brace yourself!

"Hey, Pops!" Jasper hugged his gramps. "Where's Mah?"

"Right, here, Sweetheart! Oh, Jasper I missed you! How are you? I really hate what Al –" she stopped when she saw me over Jasper's shoulder.

"Oh…" she said confused.

Jasper pulled me to him. "Mah, Pops, this is Isabella, my wife."

Wide eyes.

Open mouth.




Yup. How do you react to that, right? So I smiled and when there's still nothing I just looked at my feet.

They hate me. I knew it! I mean, how can they not, right? Look at me. I bet they think I'm just a stupid girl who gets risky and takes what she wants. But I'm not! I've never taken a risk before. Except when I went cliff diving with my friends, or when I tried pot, or when I – fine! So I did take some risks but those are stupid risks; fun but stupid. But I take extra precaution with the important things in my life and this… what I have with Jasper may be sudden but I am sure about this. Jasper is it for me. I can't picture myself with anyone else anymore. He's my life. I LOVE JASPER!

"I love you, too, Darlin'," Oh crap! I said that out loud.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that, Isabella." I looked at Pops and there's a smile on his face. I smiled back but when I looked at Mrs. Whitlock's face I had to look at my feet again.

"Let's all get inside and talk about this."

Once inside, we sat on the living room and the talk began.

"Jasper, Isabella, you know that this is a shock for your grandmother and I. Can you tell us how this all started?"

Jasper told them the whole story. I was amazed at how much he remembers from the day we met to the day he met my parents and other friends at the Rez. I am sucked into listening to him give them every detail. He even described the dresses I wore on the night we met, on his proposal, and on our wedding. I bet he remembers even the jeans and shirts I wore on other days, too. Because I remember every detail about him as well. I was staring at him with a smile on my face. When he was done he looked at me and gave me chaste kiss. If it wasn't for the fact that his grandparents are there, I would've pulled him to me and kiss him deeply. Make him feel how much I love him more; if that was even possible.

"That was an interesting story, son. Isabella, I'm sorry to hear about what happened with you regarding your fiancé –"

"Ex-fiancé, Pops," Jasper interjected. He doesn't sound so happy.

"Of course. I apologize. As I was saying, I'm sorry to hear about what happened with you regarding your ex-fiancé. He is not a man and I am glad that you were able to discover that before it's too late."

"Thank you, General Whitlock. It was a painful experience but I will go through that again," I looked at Jasper, "if it means that I'd get to meet Jasper again." Jasper cupped my cheeks and kissed me. Not chaste this time but I can feel that he's holding back. But a sweet kiss nonetheless. Every kisses are sweet as long as they were with my husband.

Throats clearing.

"Excuse me but I need to check on our lunch," said Mrs. Whitlock standing from her seat.

"May I help?" I asked nervously.

She looked at me for what seems like hours but I know it was only a few seconds before she nodded and walked to the kitchen.

What am I doing here? Why did I leave Jasper's side and went with the Major? I don't have a death wish. I'm too young to die!

"You can cut the fruits and put them on one of the trays over there."

I was surprised when the Major spoke but when I was shook off my mental struggle I was able to take a good look of the kitchen. WOW is not enough to describe it! I mean, every possible equipment that one would need is in this kitchen. All the appliances are updated and there are several plants that provide fresh herbs surrounding the kitchen. They also give the kitchen an amazing, natural aroma. Oh my! Am I in heaven?

"I'm sorry?" the Major asked. Was she talking to me?

She must've seen the confuse look on my face and spoke again. "You were asking if you were in heaven. Were you asking me?" she raised an eyebrow.

Let me die now! Why do I always do that?

"I'm sorry. I didn't know I said that out loud."

She huffed, "You tend to do that a lot?"

"Yes. I was just amazed by how lovely your kitchen is. It's like a dream kitchen."

"Oh… Thank you."

I nodded and proceeded to where the fruits are. I started to cut the cantaloupe. I can feel Mrs. Whitlock's eyes on me. Damn! I might cut myself if she continues to do that.

"So, you know your way in the kitchen?"

"Yes, ma'am. My mom said I was already a cook before I can even write my name. I love watching my mother prepare meals for us. Every time that I hear her move around the kitchen, I drop everything and ran to the kitchen. I cooked my first omelet and French toast when I was six as a breakfast surprise for my parents for their anniversary."

"Must be a good memory. You're smiling."

I didn't notice that I was. I glanced at her and her face seems to soften somehow. "Yes it was. My brother cut all the ingredients that I gave him and I did all the mixing. He fried the omelet while I mix the ingredients for the French toasts. When our parents woke up, they ran downstairs when they smelled all the cooking. When they reached the kitchen we shouted 'Happy Anniversary' with huge grins on our faces. When we didn't get any response from them aside from their huge eyes and open mouth, I looked around the kitchen and started to worry. I mean, the kitchen was a disaster. There were egg shells and spilt milk on the floor. The food are overflowing on their plates. When my mom sniffed my brother and I looked at each other and thought that we were in trouble. When I was about to cry my parents crushed us with a huge family hug. They keep on saying thank you and kissing our cheeks." I giggled at the memory and when I realized that I've said too much, I looked at Mrs. Whitlock and she was looking at me with a slight smile on her face.

"I'm sorry. I talk too much –"

"Don't worry about it, Dear."

She called me DEAR!

"I can see that you love talking about your family."

"I love them. They mean the world to me."

"And Jasper?"

"Jasper's my world," I blurted out. It's the truth so I didn't need a second to think about it.

She nodded and continued on plating the steak and mashed potatoes.

"I really love Jasper, Mrs. Whitlock." I don't know why but I feel like I really need to say it. I feel like I have to defend Jasper and I's relationship. I feel like I need for them to approve of me… approve of our marriage because I can't let them get mad at Jasper as well. They are important to him and he is important to me. I can't let him lose them.

"I know you just met me and don't know me at all but I can guarantee you that I love your grandson. I am with him for the long run… for the rest of our lives. I can never imagine my life without him anymore, ma'am."





I cleared my throat and carried the tray of fruits into the dining room. I went back to the kitchen and carry the other dish out. When there were no more dish to carry, I walked out of the kitchen to head back to where Jasper and the General are but I was stopped by the Major.

"Isabella, do you have grandparents?"

I shook my head, "Both my grandparents are already dead. I never met them. I wish I have, though. My parents said great things about them. They showed us family pictures and I saw that they love having fun. My mom said that they would've spoiled my brother and I and I don't doubt that one bit."

She nodded. "Some say that grandparents' love is stronger than a parents'. I love Jasper very much, Isabella. With everything that he's been through, he deserves the best in life. He deserves to be loved. He deserves to be happy."

I wanted to tell her that I can give those to him but I don't want to be defensive so I just nodded. I will not tell her but I will show her. I will show them. I will continue to love Jasper and make him happier every day.

"Let's go get the boys and have lunch."

I followed Mrs. Whitlock to the dining room and she called the men. Lunch was uneventful. The conversation flowed freely on the table. Jasper put food on my plate and I noticed that the General does the same for the Mrs. Whitlock. The General asked me questions about my family and my friends. He looks smug every time I call him General. He also asked me about my grandparents and I told him what I told Mrs. Whitlock. He asked me random questions about Jasper, from his favorite food to his favorite tie and so much more.

"What is Jasper's full name?" he asked.

"Jasper Arthur Whitlock-Cullen," I answered confidently. The General looks very happy with my answer even the Major is smiling.

"Ask what her full name, Pops," Jasper said smiling at me.

"What is it, Isabella?"

I got nervous because they might not like the answer. "Isabella Marie Whitlock-Cullen," I answered lowering my head.

Mrs. Whitlock gasped.

"You took the Whitlock name as well?" The General asked. Oh no! They don't want it.

"Yeah but I can still take it off if you don't –"

"I love it, Isabella! Don't dare take that off your name and make sure to use that on my future grandkids as well."

"That's the plan, General," Jasper replied proudly.

That's when I realized how important the Whitlock name is for all of them really is.

"Are you, guys, ready for dessert?" The men nodded so I stood and went to the kitchen to help Mrs. Whitlock.

Jasper and I decided to stay for four days in the ranch. The General gave him a "paid vacation" but they sneak into the General's personal office in the house once a day to check on the Emmett and Edward at GWGS.

I am surprised that I felt at home in the ranch after the first night. Mrs. Whitlock let me help her prepare the food in the kitchen. She even made me cook omelet and French toasts for breakfast. Jasper showed me around the ranch and taught me how to ride a horse. Mrs. Whitlock asked for my help in preparing desserts for the charity auction that she and the General are hosting on Saturday. Jasper and I were invited to attend the said event. I asked her if it was alright if I bake some of my recipes to add to the auction and she agreed. Later that day, we prepared a large meal for the soup kitchen to be served at dinner. I asked if I could come with her. I think she was surprised that I volunteered but she said yes. She asked me if I know what goes on in a soup kitchen and I told her of some of my volunteer works in Washington. She looks very pleased.

When we got to the soup kitchen that night, I was so proud of how people seem to love Mrs. Whitlock. They all greeted her and helped us with our stuff. The people we were feeding seem to be taken to her as well. At her age, she still get a few wedding proposals from them.

"They are the reason why I don't require John to come with me. I don't want to break their hearts," she whispered to me and I giggled. Yes, giggled. We're in that level in our relationship already.

Mrs. Whitlock and I really bonded in the kitchen. She told me stories about Jasper's and Rose's younger days. She even showed me naked pictures of Jasper to which my husband was not very happy about. But when I told him he got a cut ass all was forgiven. Every night, the four of us would gather at the porch or at the gazebo at the back eating dessert and drinking coffee talking about anything under the sun… or moon. It was during one of those nights when the General asked us how Jasper's parents took our marriage. I knew it was coming but it was still nerve wracking. Jasper explained to them what happened. They were quiet for a while then the General spoke, "I can't believe Esme will react like that."

"I know, John, it's not like her. And Carlisle… was he really mad?"

"Disappointed. And Rose was livid, Mah. She was her best friend." I knew Jasper was talking about Alice.

"After she did to you she's still her best friend?"

We don't have an answer to that so we didn't say anything.

"I'll call them and give them a piece of my mind!"

"Margaret, let's think about this for a minute."

Wow! Is Mrs. Whitlock going to defend us? I know we seem to get along lately but I still though I was stepping on eggshells when it comes to her.

"Mah, let Bella and I handle them. We don't want to drag you into this. I promise we will speak with them when we get to New York."

Mrs. Whitlock acquiesced.

The next day we all prepared for the charity auction. I checked on all the desserts that we made and I caught my husband eating one of my Espresso Cheesecakes. I swat his behind and gave him a pointed look. He hugged me and gave me his panty dropping smile. Damn him! I huffed and took the fork from him. I took some of the cake and fed him. How can I ever resist this man?

"What are you doing?"


"Mah, it's my fault. You know I can't resist desserts especially my wife's cheesecake."

"Oh I know it's your fault, Jasper Arthur! Look at your face, it's full of cream!" Mrs. Whitlock laughed at him.

"Ooppps… I need to clean up. Come on, Baby."

"Okay. Let me just put this in the fridge."

Jasper left and I covered the cake and place it in the fridge. I smiled as I walk pass by Mrs. Whitlock but stopped when I saw the pendant on her necklace.

"Is that a ring, Mrs. Whitlock?"

She fingered the pendant on her neck and hold it out to me. It was a small, princess cut diamond ring on a white gold band. I know it sounds very plain but it has an aura in it that shows it's given out of pure love and admiration. It's one of those things that talks to you. Its elegance shines out of its simplicity. "It is the engagement ring that John gave me. It may not seem much to you but – "

"It's very beautiful," I said mesmerized with the ring. "It's pure love and admiration."

"He bought it with his savings. Since he was ten, John has been doing every job that he can get from neighbors and family. Little did I know that he already vowed to marry me someday. We were childhood sweethearts. He was twenty and I just turned eighteen when he proposed."

I felt a sting in my eye. I didn't know how long I have been admiring the ring but when she cleared her throat I knew it was longer than normal. I think I blushed.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to – I'm sorry. I'll go look for Jasper."


"Yes, Mrs. Whitlock?"

"Call me Mah."

I don't understand how I feel about that, all I know that is was an amazing feeling, but it was nothing compared to what I felt when she introduced me as her granddaughter at the auction.

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