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No don't go…

I pulled her back to my chest. I am not in the mood to wake up yet. In fact, I don't want to get off this bed ever. This feels good. I feel good. It's been a while since I've slept with her… been a while since we had time for each other. This is the best sleep I've had in a long time and I'm not ready to give it up yet. I know, I know… I'm awake but still. I'd rather stay here.

I sighed and inhaled my girl's scent. Hmmm… her scent has changed. But it doesn't matter; she smells perfect.

"Jasper," she whispered. "Are you awake?" I smiled to myself. I know she can't see me so I think I'll pretend to be sleeping. I buried my face further to her nape and held on tight.

"Jas… ummm…" she hesitated and tried to remove my arm from her torso which made me tighten my hold on her. "Jasper… I really need… I… Shit! This is embarrassing but I really need to pee," she whisper-shouted.

I can't help the laughter that escaped me but the moment it happened, I felt it.


Too much pain. On my side. Fuck! It was not a dream! The accident did happen! I can't help it I moaned in pain.

"Jasper! Are you alright? Did I hurt you? I swear, I didn't move…"

Shit! If the accident happened it means that…

Shit! Shit! Shit! I slept with Bella!


"Oh, Jasper! What's wrong? Please tell me – "

"My… my si... this side."

"Okay. Can you try and sit up? It will make it easier for you to breathe."

Bella helped me sit up while I'm clutching my side. This shit is painful!

"Okay. I'm going to get you a glass of milk so that you can take your medicine then have breakfast when most of the pain subsides," she said while lightly scratching my head. Damn! That feels good. But she left just when her touch was starting to relax me.

Touch. Fuck! Did I touch Bella last night? Inappropriately?

Yes. She's my wife. Well… according to them she is. But… I don't know. It feels like I took advantage of her somehow. I don't even know her in the first place. It also felt like… it felt like… I betrayed Alice…

Get it together, Whitlock-Cullen! You did not betray Alice! You're no longer together! Right. I'm not happy about that. And Bella is your wife! Right.

"Here you go. I warmed it up just the way you like and… I squeezed a few drops of chocolate syrup so shhh…" she placed her pointer finger on her lips then continued, "… don't tell the doctor."

She's amazing. I smiled at her and took the cup. I took a sip and it feels like heaven. I haven't had sweets for awhile. It tastes so amazing that I finished it in one go.

"That was divine. Thank you."

She smiled shyly and took the cup from me only to replace it with water and meds. I took my meds and leaned back on the headboard. I closed my eyes and I felt Bella scratching my head again.

"That feels good."

"I know. You love it when I do this to you. It always relaxes you."

She continued what she was doing until I drifted back to sleep.




"Jas… time to wake up." The soft voice said. Sleeping feels good. Sleeping feels really good so I think I'll sleep some more.

"Come on, Sleepy Head… it's almost lunch time. You have to take your meds in a few hours and you have to flex your muscles."

I didn't budge. I don't plan to. But then I felt someone lean towards me and I felt a warm breath near my neck then a whisper, "I made cheesecake just for you."

That had me. What can I say? Every man has his own weaknesses, right? Mine is cheesecake.

I opened my eyes and saw her beautiful face. Bella. Bella is so beautiful and so kind and patient with me that it bothers me… pains me even, that I'm hurting such a lovely creature. Why can't I remember her? Why can't I remember loving her? Knowing her for a few days, I can see that it's not hard to fall for a girl like her but in my mind and in my heart I know I love Alice. Alice is still my girl and thinking about loving Bella is like betraying Alice. I can't do that. I don't do that. I know I am married to this beautiful woman but –

"Jasper, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. Ummm… did you say something about cheesecake?"

She smiled and nodded. She has a very beautiful and genuine smile that I can't help but grin at her. She helped me up and to my wheelchair. I noticed that she placed the wheelchair a little bit farther than usual but I didn't question it. I know she wants me to take a few steps and I do, too. The sooner I get to walk properly the better.

Bella wheeled me to the dining table then she went to the kitchen. The table is set for two and there's a plate of sliced fruits.

"Go start eating, Jas. I'm almost done," Bella called out from the kitchen. I helped myself with some fruit slices while waiting for Bella.

A few minutes later, Bella emerged from the kitchen carrying two plates with her. I wanted to stand up so badly and help her but –

I'm starting to hate my situation more. I feel like a real invalid.

"What's with the deep sigh, Jas? Are you hurting?"

"No. Well, not physically at the moment. The only thing hurting right now is my ego," I answered her frustratingly. I can't help it. I feel like a weakling. I looked at her and she cocked her head to the side with a confused look on her face. "I can't even stand and offer help to you," I explained.

Bella smiled at me sweetly, "Oh, Jas, I know you're so used to being my macho man but I didn't need any help with the plates. They practically weigh nothing to me. I'm your muscle girl, remember?"

Unfortunately, I don't so I didn't respond to that and returned her smile instead. But she caught on and her smile faltered.

"This looks good," I said to change the topic. She smiled at me and busied herself back on her own plate. She cooked us my favorite pasta dish with homemade garlic bread. I took my first bite and I think I just died and gone to heaven. This is the best Penne Shrimp Fra Diavolo I ever tasted. I can't help but close my eyes and savor the flavor.

"Damn! This is amazing," I said after a loud moan. Yes. I moaned. "Best. Pasta. Ever."

The giggle I heard beside me made me open my eyes. Bella was staring at me and she looks happy.

"You're an amazing cook, Bella! Is that one of the reasons why I married you?"

She chuckled, "Well, I haven't really cooked something special for you before we got married so I don't think so."

"But did I tell you that I love this pasta dish?"

"Yes and it happens to be one of Paul's favorite, too, so mom has had that recipe for years and she taught me."

"Paul. He's your brother, right?" She grinned at me and nodded. I can't help but grin back. It's great to know that my brain is working well, since I remembered who Paul was based on the stories they told me at the hospital.

We went back to eating our food in comfortable silence. This is really good that I think I can eat it every day. And the bread… wow… just, wow. Damn! Bella could really cook. She should do this professionally. I cleared my plate, as in totally cleared it; only a few smear of red sauce can be seen on it and if I can I would've licked it. Yeah, okay, I guess that's too much. My mother wouldn't be happy when she finds out.


I perked up at the sound of that. I don't know what she saw on my face but she laughed at me and muttered something but the only word I understood is cheesecake, then carried our empty plates back to the kitchen. Again… I love cheesecake and the only way to make it perfect is to combine it with chocolate. However, I haven't had a chocolate cheesecake that I can call perfect before.

Just like magic, a rich chocolate cheesecake appeared in front of me. Wow! I swear I'm starting to think that Bella is either a genie or a fairy godmother. She's giving me my taste's desires!

"With the look on your face I take it that this is a good surprise?"

"You have no idea. You combined my favorite desserts and it looks divine."

She chuckled, "It's my favorite dessert, too, you know."

I took my first bite and I was brought back to heaven. I swear I would've married this woman if she isn't my wife already.

"Bella, this is amazing. You're amazing!"

She blushed and looked at me shyly. "Thanks, Jas."

I smiled at her and looked at her face. Oh, beautiful girl, I wish I can remember you. I shook my head and went back to my cake. As much as I love eating the cake, guilt is starting to creep in. Though I don't know her well I can see that Bella is an amazing woman and very beautiful, too, but I can't seem to make myself see her as someone that I truly love. My heart is yearning for someone else. I am yearning for someone else. I know they said that she hurt me but I don't recall the pain she caused like I can't recall the love I should have for Bella. I love Alice. She's my girl and whatever it is that they said that she did to hurt me, I still love her. She seems apologetic when she visited me at the hospital. Speaking of her visit to the hospital, I wasn't happy with what they did to her there. I did not react then because I was still in shock and very confused but looking back, they disrespected my girl.



What have I done?

What I did to Bella this morning is a total disrespect to Alice and I's love for each other. I betrayed her. Yes. Bella is my wife but why does it feel like I am being unfaithful to Alice?

"Jasper, what's wrong? You don't seem to be enjoying your food anymore. Was it bad? If you want I can – "

"No, Bella, it's not even close to bad. It's perfect. It's just that…"

"What is it, Jas? Are you hurting? You can take your painkiller now."

"I'm sorry…" I blurted out.

"Sorry? For what, Jas?"

"I'm sorry about this morning, Bella."

She gave me a confused look so I elaborated. "You know… when I tried to harass you on the bed. I'm really sorry. I just thought you wer – " I stopped myself before I said Alice's name but with the look on her face I know that she knew.

She looked down to her lap and I saw her swallowed. "I'm not…" she said. I wasn't sure what she was talking about but I did not ask. After a while she spoke again.

"I'm not sorry with what happened this morning. How can I? This morning made me feel normal again… we were back to normal again. It made me feel… like… like you know me again." She choked out her last words and a tear escaped her eye. I don't know what to say so I remained silent.

"And I'm not…" she started. "…I'm not Alice, Jasper." She got off the chair with our dishes on her hands and stormed off the kitchen. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

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