Title: Phantom

By: Metamorcy

Summary: The uninhibited house was settled in a nice neighborhood, untouched for years, no one ever living inside. But one day, a sold sign was listed in front and a group of eight walked in to live at their new home. The problem is that the so-called abandoned house wasn't so abandoned and never was.

Pairing: None

Characters: Tsuna and all the Arcobaleno

A/N: Please note that this isn't a horror nor is it supposed to be scary. It may start out like that but its a fluff series.

Beta'ed by WhiteAngel128

"When I first saw that house, I thought it was perfect. It was a house that I could live with everyone else happily, a house that I would be living in forever, and perhaps even raise my children later on in life. It just gave me this warm feeling that I was going to be happy here. But I didn't think about what could already be there…"

A deep sigh slipped through Luce's lips, her dark eyes looking over the various listings of houses within Venice, Italy. There were so many, but most were apartment complexes that wouldn't be able to fit the amount of people she had planned on staying with her. It needed to be bigger, a mansion hopefully, or at least a place that had a large amount of land to do renovations. Money didn't matter at all that much to her or her little family, they just wanted a good home that they could escape to, someplace away from their dark lifestyle. A hitman, a scientist, even a mafia boss, and many more would be dwelling in that home and they couldn't be near anyone or any innocent family either. Their little group of eight were known as the Arcobaleno, a group of people connected to the underworld, and were known as the strongest within it.

For Luce, she was a retired mafia boss from the Giglio Nero famiglia, well semi-retired, since she still kept in touch with her own mother who had taken over for her. Apparently, the current boss wanted her to take some time off in order to…explore. In basic terms, her mother wanted her to find a man and produce an heir for the famiglia. But well, she got some time off from the paperwork she had to deal with, it was like a vacation in a way. And it wasn't that bad, she still had that childish dream of getting married and having a family, though that family was now extended with the other members of the Arcobaleno.

'Such a hard decision. There doesn't seem to be anything yet.' Silently grumbling under her breath, she pushed all of the papers to the side and dumped them immediately into the trashcan beside her desk. She called up some people, asking for help in finding a place, yet nothing came up. Even her connections couldn't help her. There was nothing on the market that would fit their needs in any way. But she was persistent. She wasn't one to give up from just a little setback. It was only on her last realtor call that something finally happened.

"Actually, I think we might have a place available. The family that used to live there hadn't been using it for almost ten years. They've finally placed it for sale so, if you like, you can check it out. You can come by the office tomorrow to grab the keys to check it out. It's quite big, able to fit about six people, or a large family, and it's in a large, wonderful neighborhood that's really nice. The reviews on the area are really positive. The land space is quite big so if you need to add in some rooms or expand some, it's definitely possible. I believe it's going to be fully furnished since the old family doesn't want it anymore. But I must warn you, the place isn't cheap."

Luce felt like grinning at the happiness that flooded her. Finally, she had been able to find something that sounded wonderful and fit her criteria. She immediately jumped up from her seat, clutching the device against her ear. "Yes! I'll come by tomorrow in the morning to get the keys!" She hummed to herself as she continued to listen to the realtor on the other end of the phone. She had a strong feeling that this place would be perfect. She knew it. It had to be for the sake of everyone.

All it took was one look, just one measly look. It was all she needed to do before her gut feeling resonated within her to tell her that she was absolutely correct. The house was wonderfully decorated and up-kept - despite being abandoned for the past ten years - with a delightful porch in front that had a swing set on the side. The swing looked out into the street and garden in front, locked in place to prevent it from being moved. The garden had plenty of large trees that grew white and pink leaves and flowerbeds with all sorts of species. It was clear that someone had been hired to keep the place tidy and beautiful at all times. The street was situated before the house, but she hadn't heard or seen any cars coming by for minutes and there was no other house close by within sight. The closest one was to the right and that was about a fourth of a mile away, far enough so that they couldn't see each other. It was a little disappointing that she wouldn't be able to interact with anyone, but with the type of people she was living with, it was for the best. From there, another mile or two was a highway with plenty of stores and restaurants she could visit and dine at.

Back to the house, the entire place was surrounded by trees and if not, open land. Luce smiled to herself and stepped closer to the large house, still examining over each and every little thing. There was no fence, not that it was needed, and a large garage that could probably hold four cars inside with many more on the pathway. Any extra could go to the street. Stepping up the front stairs, she went straight to the door, looked over the wonderful brown color, and unlocked it. As she pushed it open, the door creaked slightly from disuse, and she stepped right in with a light skip. There was a thick scent of dust coming from its abandonment, but a little bit of cleaning and opening of the windows would fix that right up.

A large staircase was to the side, leading to the second floor, and the room next to it was a large living room. From there, the kitchen was right behind with a dining room attached as well. A hallway was between the stairs and the other rooms, connecting to each and every place. Luce continued to look around at each and every place carefully. The furniture that was within complimented the room perfectly, the colors matching just right, and the kitchen had all of the utensils she needed that could be added to her own items. There would be no need to change much. Behind the stairs was another large room that looked almost like a study room and then two bedrooms in the very back. Each bedroom had its own bathroom that was fancy in appearance and another bathroom out in the hallway for shared use. Along the way, she stopped at a single door that had yet to be opened. Curious, she jiggled the doorknob gently and pushed it open, revealing the stairs to the basement. But it was dark with no lights and she patted the side to find the light switch. Flicking it on, she was disappointed that nothing happened.

"Ah, that's right. There's no electricity. Oh well," Luce pouted, but continued on, moving to the kitchen where a backdoor was located to the outside. She could see the backyard or what consisted of one. It was just more open land with those pretty-colored trees and a pathway that went around in a circle with a small fountain in the center. Opening the door, she took a quick peek to the side and saw another porch with plenty of chairs on top where people could sit in the shade. "This place looks so good and if we make the study room into a bedroom, we'll have seven bedrooms. Just one more…And that basement could be used for Verde's experiments."

This time, she went upstairs to the second floor to investigate the rest of the place. There, at the top, she found a large open space that had two split hallways on the side. A couch and desk with a television were at the center and more various items were around either on the side or by the walls. She first went to the left to investigate, finding two bedrooms with conjoined bathrooms. On the right or north, it was the same, but it had an extra room that looked like a playroom. Luce grinned. 'Jackpot!' It was exactly what she had hoped. There were eight rooms in total she could use.

'Well, I'll still need to make some changes for more bathrooms for those other rooms, but that shouldn't be too hard. And maybe expand the place a little more. Oh, I can't wait! Ah, I better call the realtor and everything!' As she messed with her cellphone, she didn't notice a small shadow peeking its way through a door nor as it followed her around in uttermost silence.

It had taken almost two months to get everything settled and a little bit longer to get it fixed up. However, despite everything, Luce was smiling to herself proudly in content, looking over her newly furnished place that would now be considered her home. Her stuff had already been moved in along with the other Arcobaleno's items as well, everything placed as it was in their previous homes. Luce frowned slightly at the thought of her fellow Arcobaleno members, knowing that they wouldn't be able to visit anytime soon, but that didn't bother her all that much, it gave her enough time to get everything established. Nothing had really changed much except for the added bathrooms and some expansion on either certain bedrooms or sitting areas to accommodate eight people. Everything was looking just as she had envisioned it. Money, of course, hadn't been an issue since everyone in the group had pitched in, making a few requests here and there to be added or fixed. It wasn't a problem at all and everything had gone well.

When it had finally finished, the first time she stepped into the place, deserted of the bustling workers, she smiled. To her, this was a place that she could finally call home after all. Immediately, she went around the building, looking over everything as if it was the first time before settling into her own room. Everything looked perfect, just the way she'd wanted it. It had the right colors, the right amount of lighting both from the sun and fixtures, and even the right amount of couches that would fit everyone if they all decided to head into one place.

'I really can't wait for everyone to come see this place.' She squealed happily within her mind and eventually sat down into the living room to relax. Her fingers searched for the TV remote and switched on the device, looking up for some channels to watch. For the rest of the day, she just wanted to lean back and relax. As she flipped through the various programs, searching for the right channel to watch, she didn't notice a wisp of darkness slowly creeping up behind her. Within that abyss, a hand materialized from it and reached out, grasping the back of the couch. Then a face shifted through. The darkness dissipated slowly like mist and a figure formed instead, standing behind the woman quietly. Gradually another hand crept out from the blackness and went for Luce's shoulder, grasping it lightly.

Immediately, the woman gasped, snapping her head around to peer back. Nothing. There was nothing there. Suppressing a shiver that went down her spine, she turned back to her show and pushed the incident away. 'It must have been the air conditioner. Probably should turn it down later.'

The shadow, however, remained in the same place, never having moved from its spot, before finally vanishing into thin air.

This is just a tester chapter. If people like it, I might continue it.