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Soubi got the job he had applied for and on his first day was happy to find that he could see in through the windows of Ritsuka's classroom. On his breaks the blond man would sit and watch Ritsuka. He would be rewarded by a cute little ear flick or a sexy, cat-like stretch.

The two males were putting their life together piece by piece from the ruins it had fallen to. Ritsuka came to Soubi's house after school almost everyday now. They would talk about trivial things as they sat side by side on the sofa.

One night Soubi had insisted that Ritsuka shouldn't go home alone and had walked with him to the quiet house. Ritsuka had invited him in.
Soubi stepped through the balcony door and stopped in shock. His heart started to beat a little faster. Ritsuka's bulletin board was covered with pictures of the two of them. It seemed that Ritsuka hadn't thrown away a single memory they had made since they day they met. Soubi look around the room and noticed other signs of affection: the cell phone Soubi had given Ritsuka; one of the blond man's shirts (he must have left it here years ago) mixed in with blankets on his bed, Ritsuka must've cuddled up to it at night; and a wall hanging with bright blue butterflies fluttering across it.
"Ritsuka..." Soubi breathed, the word barely audible in the silent room.
"What is it?" Ritsuka said as he looked up from re-stacking some paper he had knocked over.
"Ritsuka." Soubi said as he quickly strode over to the neko and embraced him from behind. He buried his face in the crook of Ritsuka's neck as a lone tear ran down his cheek.
"Soubi, what's wrong?" Ritsuka asked, but all Soubi would say was 'Ritsuka'. He repeated it over and over as he set about kissing every exposed inch of the boy's skin.

"I'm sorry"

"I forgave you long before you apologized" Ritsuka said before guiding Soubi's lips on his own. There was a chaste kiss then they broke away, but they were pulled back together like gravity was forcing them to. Ritsuka moaned inaudibly as he allowed Soubi entrance to his mouth. Soon he found himself fall backwards on a bed with Soubi on top of him.

One day Soubi found Kio packing things into boxes. "Kio, what are you doing?" he asked calmly, casually leaning against the door frame.
"I'm moving out." Kio said just as casually.
"Why?" Soubi had sounded a little more surprised than he had expected to. Kio took a deep breath and didn't answer for a few seconds.
"Well" he started, "I'm twenty-three, I thought it was about time I got a place of my own." Seeing the disbelieving look on Soubi's face, forced Kio to continue.
"I think you can manage without me that you have... Ritsuka." The name caught in Kio's throat slightly. "And... Since you two are... Together... I thought that maybe you would want somewhere where you wouldn't want to be disturbed..." Kio was getting more choked up with every word that came out if his mouth, but he couldn't stop now. If he couldn't get everything out now then he would never be happy with himself.
"I feel safe with leaving you with... Him. He's good to you and doesn't seem like the kind of person who would want to make you unhappy. You've been smiling for the first time in two years..." There was a part of him that was shy and didn't want to keep going, but Kio willed himself on a his eyes began to fill with water. "You're so happy now. I couldn't bring myself to do anything to change that, but it's hard. Loving someone but nit being loved back for nearly six years is hard." Kio's eyes spilled over and he tried to blink back some of the tears.
"I can't keep chasing after you, Sou-chan. I need to find someone else who I can be happy with. I suppose we were never meant to be in the first place." Kio was sobbing softly now, his face turned away from Soubi in trying to hide the tears.

The green haired man jumped when Soubi hugged him, not expecting that kind of reaction from the blond man. "Shhh... Kio please don't cry..." he said soothingly, patting Kio's back gently.
"I'm sorry that I never took into account how you felt... Even though you've been so good to me." Soubi said to the wall behind Kio, not looking down as to not embarrass the green haired man.
"You and Ritsuka are beautiful together. Don't worry about me, I'll be okay." Kio said through sobs.
"It's the least I can do to apologize. You've always been there when I needed you and I never appreciated that." Soubi said guiltily.
"You're making this sound like I'm leaving for good..." Kio whispered to himself. "Sou-chan you can't get rid of me that easily!" he exclaimed while pushing the taller man away. "You can help me find someone else!"
At that Soubi laughed softly and ruffled Kio's hair. "I suppose I can."

Everyone slowly moved on from the horrible years that had come before. Kouya and Yamato came out of hiding. Natsuo and Youji lost there ears finally, (it had come for a long time) and had been happy to see their friends together again. Nisei and Mimuro moved in together. One day Soubi noticed them walking hand in hand down the street. He had smiled softly and decided not to disturb them.
Ritsu, no doubt, was somewhere being doted over by Nagisa. Maybe they even got together, who knows?

And last of all there were Soubi and Ritsuka. The blond man had finally convinced Ritsuka to move in with him after nearly a year. They had refitted their bond ten times stronger than it had been before.
Soubi had stopped having nightmares about Seimei, Ritsuka was finally out of his parents' house and in Soubi's care.

Everything was absolutely perfect.

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