"Dude, I'm bored."

The phrase, uttered so many times over the last number of hours, was really beginning to grate on her nerves. Through her stalwart neutral expression she glanced at the boy, who, though surrounded by comics, videos, games, video games, food, and a cat toy, was still stretched upside down beside her, utterly morose.

"Beast boy, you've been saying that for the past four hours. It isn't going to change." The green animorph, whose name was indeed Beast Boy, looked up (or in his case, down) and met the other's violet eyes. "So? Doesn't mean I can't complain…"

His eyes began to sparkle, and she regretted speaking as he sat up, suddenly energetic; like a puppy…an unwanted puppy. "Hey, you can entertain me! C'mon Rae, you know you want to, I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to hang out with me?" His bum shifted closer, until he was almost, but not quite, touching her. His ears wiggled with his eyes and he leaned over her book to get in her face.

With the loss of personal space went the girl's stoicism. Using black energy she drew her deep hood over her face and shifted onto the next cushion. "First of all, my name has two syllables; Rae-ven." She tugged her book from the curious boy's fingers, "and secondly, how can you possibly be bored? Look at all this crap you have; it's no wonder you're always broke"

Something about the boy disarmed her, her only response was banter.

"Well, Rae-VEN," he said with a smirk, leaning back and running his fingers through his green hair, "I like hanging out with people, I know you don't but…" a glare from under the blue hood of Raven silenced this train of thought, "I wanna do something! With someone! Heck, if Cy would let me I'd be down there helping him on the car!"

Raven struggled not to smile as the boy deflated; she had actually helped Cyborg earlier on the T-car, and he was long finished tuning it. Unfortunately, Beast Boy noticed, as only he could, and perked up "A smile? You know something don't you? I'll bet Cy isn't even working on the car, he's probably been brainwashed, and you too, and this is all a conspiracy to make my brain melt from boredom so you can-" Further theories were lost under a strip of icy blackness that materialized over his mouth.

Stopping, Beast Boy pouted at Raven, but she didn't release him just yet. "Actually, Cyborg has been finished since noon; he went to the gym when I last saw him." Beast Boy's eyebrow shot up, and mumbled words began to spew from his closed lips. Rolling her own eyes, Raven lowered the barrier. Her hood came off too; the blush she had hid earlier was long gone.

"Oh," suddenly at a loss for words the green boy stared into space, prompting Raven to cautiously wave a hand in front of his face. He shook his head and looked back, "So, are you done? I'd like to continue my book…"

"Nope, no way Rae, you are gonna come with me, and Cy if we can find him, and we're gonna do something."

Raven looked at Beast Boy with a mixture of exasperation and pity, both almost as common as anger when referring to the green boy. "No. We have to stay at the tower in case of an emergency, Robin and Starfire are already taking the day off-"

This time it was a white glove that brought silence, hover mere centimeters from the girl's mouth. She forced herself not to think about it that way; he was just shushing her, not even touching her…

"Okay, blah blah blah, crime is at an all time low, we have our communicators, and you can teleport. I'm sure it'll be fine." Raven mentally slapped herself and pulled up her hood again, cold glare plastered on her face the whole time, "No. I don't do fun."

Beast Boy was about to protest, but he paused, and a wicked smile stretched his mouth, "So I was right?" Raven's mask dropped, and she arced a brow, "What?"

"I was right. You didn't even bother attacking my logic, I was right! Totally, smart." He stuck his tongue out, the abnormally long organ wiggling up and down as he shot her a raspberry.

"Intelligent and mature a very different things…Garfield." The goofy face was dropped, replaced with a pout, "Awe Rae, that name sucks…"

"I know. So will you go now? Bother someone else's sanity?" Beast Boy looked at Raven for a moment, gears almost audibly grinding in his head, and then his pout returned, "Nope. So…will you? Please? Pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee?"

Raven gave him a glare that would make a gorgon jealous, but the youth was, as he had been for some time, immune. His antics escalated as she opened her book, determined to ignore the snot coloured pest. Finally, kneeling at her feet, desperate to remain in at least her peripheral vision, Beast Boy sniffled, and transformed into a kitten.

Typically Starfire was the most vulnerable to this tactic, but Raven had of late found she was vulnerable to it. Girly things; the kryptonite of ice queens. Ever since that stupid night he had purred, every emotion in her head wanted to see him. For different reasons of course; the red one specifically wanted him strangled and orange wanted to eat him. No matter which was strongest though, she found she couldn't say no. A year ago, she would have thrown him out the window, but now…

"Fine! Gosh, would you just shut up?" Okay, still not kind, but it was progress.

He morphed back, a grin capable of splitting his skull present, and he leapt at Raven, arms gripping vice-like around her shoulders. "YES! You'll have so much fun Rae, just wait and see, you'll come out with us all the time after you realize how awesome I am. And Cyborg, he's cool too…" The babbling teen had let go of her in short order and continued talking all the way out of the room, but Raven didn't notice.

She was still frozen in place, cloak still wrinkled from the friendly, albeit overly ecstatic, embrace. She blinked rapidly and shook her head, wondering why such a brief and meaningless contact petrified her. With a sigh she closed her book, not even bothering to book mark it; it wasn't great anyways. Standing she straightened her outfit, preparing herself mentally for whatever horrifically juvenile events the little changeling had planned.