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Chapter 15: The Empty Geek

"The... Doctor?"

The man's smile didn't waver, but in his eyes she saw a flicker of sadness. "The Doctor, now... have you noticed anything strange around Raven?"

Her brow knitted, and she pointed at the blue box. The Doctor turned and laughed, "Well, anything besides that,"

Raven shrugged, "I just got here,"

"Well, so have I. Now, if you'll excuse me, " from his breast pocket he drew a silver device, some kind of flashlight she thought. A green light on its end lit, followed by a whir, and door of the box shut, followed by a chirp, like a car alarm.

The Doctor chuckled and walked past her, silver device in hand. It made intermittent sounds, ranging between whirs and chirps, and the strange man seemed to be reading it.

Raven watched curiously, finding herself wishing for Beast Boy; he'd know who this doctor was. That was the only reason she wanted to see him, no other. Stop reading so much into it, Raven pinched her nose, feeling a headache coming on... stupid green boy, even when absent he annoyed her...

The whirring came to a stop and Raven look up to find the Doctor staring at her warily, cylinder opened like a banana and pointing in her general direction. "What?"

"You just got here, you said?" Raven crossed her arms, not appreciating the interrogation, "Yes, now, if you'll excuse me,"

"Might I as from where?" the Doctor ignored her discomfort and closed his device, sliding it smoothly into the pocket in his jacket. When no response came he chuckled and slid his hands into his pockets, "Because you certainly don't belong,"

Stalemate; the two stood there, staring each other down. Raven decided that she didn't like this Englishman, he was far too nosy.

Just then the air became filled with static and the lights began flickering, a couple exploding. The ground shook this time, and the ancient linoleum, where it remained, crumbled. No whirring growl this time, the air instead was filled with an other worldly shriek.

Both looked down to the derelict track and a tear seemed to materialize in space, and beyond Raven caught sight of the void she'd seen so often of late. The void was not visible for long, and through the two sides of the spacial wound came clawed fingers.

They were slate grey, a shade that was difficult to look at, as it seemed to fade into obscurity. Obsidian talons flexed as they gripped and pushed the tear even wider. Now the creature became visible; it was man like, vaguely. Its skin was stretched thin over angular bones, and its head was long, the cranium stretching eerily long.

The face was terrifying, almost human, it had two abnormally large eyes of gloss black. Its nose was thin and flat, and it had no lips, leaving its sparse fangs on the outside of its skull. It stepped through the portal, revealing a clawed foot with inverted heel, and Raven felt her heart stop as it opened its maw and released another deathly howl.

Frozen in place, it was only a sharp tug on her hand that made her wake up. She found herself running next to the Doctor, who was spouting some explanation on the creature. Raven needed none however, she knew the creature, though she'd only ever seen one from across the plains of perdition.

They reached the boarded over entrance, and they could see light shining through in cracks in the covering. The Doctor pulled out his device and waved it over the door, cursing, "I really need a setting for wood,"

"Back up," Raven commanded, and the odd man looked at her, but listened. Raven's eyes went white and black auras emanated from her hands, and she tore the boarding away. As the darkness faded she ran through, and the Doctor let out a curious hum before frantically following her.

More wounds were opening around them as they raced through the street, and howling echoed all around. The road and broken down houses seemed abandoned, with not even a stray dog or cat in sight.

"What happened here?" Raven called back to the strange man, who shouted back, "Don't know, I just got here," Raven skidded to a halt as a tear opened in the air before them, "Me too!"

"I kind of figured," the Doctor grabbed her hand again, and tore off through the empty yards, dodging decaying relics of life as he went. Raven surprised herself when she didn't yank her hand away, either fear or the man's disarming nature had clearly gotten under her skin.

Enevitably, they tripped, and a creature at their heels leapt for the kill. It was nearly seven feet long, and now fully exposed Raven could see its long thin tail whipping about behind it. The Doctor pointed his device at it, but to no effect, as Raven wrapped the creature in the cold fist of her powers. Strangely she found that she could not sense the creature, like she could every other living thing; she had to aim by eye.

She threw the creature back, sending it careening into its fellows, who savagely tore through it in a frenzy to reach the two. The ruined town seemed filled with them, and the Doctor snapped his fingers, "Up!"

Raven looked at him in confusion as she threw back more of the monsters. They seemed unusually resistant to her power, and if she was right about what they were she was not surprised.

"Come, we've got to get off the ground!" the Doctor started running again, he was always running wasn't he? "What?" Raven had no choice, so she followed the mad man, hoping he had a plan.

Raven blew through a boarded door from the path of the Doctor as he reached it, and he laughed as he bounded up the stairs of the suburban home. Skeletons of domestic life littered the insides, and Raven watched her step while conjuring a shield over their entrance. Creatures banged on it in frustration, and she strained to keep it stable.

"Up here!" the Doctor called out, and Raven grimaced. They would only be trapped up there; the man seemed to sense her dissent, as all of a sudden his head poked around the corner of the ruined banister. "Trust me,"

Something about his smile reminded her of Beast Boy, and she found herself helpless to comply. Besides, whatever he had planned was better than waiting here for the monsters to weaken her shield. Speaking of which...

Wood and glass splintered as long talons tore through the building's siding, and Raven felt her brow beginning to sweat under the strain. She looked back at the Doctor, who looked at her expectantly, and groaned. She let go of her barrier and ran up the stairs.

There, in the middle of the sagging floor, sat the blue box, inexplicably resting there, doors open. The Doctor leapt in and Raven followed, not even considering the fact that the box was only as large as a telephone booth.

The doors slammed shut behind her, and Raven fell to her knees, dizzy. The box, it was huge, on the inside anyway. Her eyes followed the contours of the silver interior, noting the large central pillar with symbols etched into large panels.

The Doctor was at these panels, fiddling seemingly at random with the... controls. He didn't jump when a bang sounded at the door, followed by scratching and muffled howling. Raven looked fearfully back at the doors, which seemed quite flimsy compared to the walls of the house, which they tore through easily.

"Don't worry, the whole army of Genghis Kahn couldn't get through that door. Trust me, they've tried." Raven looked at him suspiciously, brow raised, and he laughed, "Go on, I've heard it all before."

Raven was about to comment when the chamber suddenly shook, and tipped, sending both of them to one end of the room, clinging tightly to the floor grates. "Gah, I hate it when I'm wrong," the man shouted, and kicked some switch in his reach. The grinding whir sounded, and gravity returned to normal and the scratching and banging stopped.

The whir faded, and Raven stood on steadily more sturdy legs. "Trans-dimensional physics," she said, nodding to herself and running a hand along the railing before her in awe.

"Yes, I know, it's bigger... wait, what?" The Doctor look incredulously as Raven took in her surroundings. "Trans-dimensional physics, I believe, though as far as I knew it was only a theory,"

The Doctor shook his head, and smiled, "You wouldn't have ever happened to go by the name of Clara, would you?" Raven shook her head, giving the man a queer look. "Right. Now, why were they after you?"


"The Annunaki, those creatures... weren't you listening?"

"I was kind of running for my life, in case you forgot,"

"Oh yeah, always running, always saving." The man smiled, and she caught sight of that distant sadness in his face. "Well, those monstrous creatures are called Annunaki, their quit nasty too. They exist in the in between, between dimensions, and usually don't come across anyone. However,"

The man trotted over to the panels in the centre of the room, and pressing some buttons brought an image onto a screen there. Raven approached and looked down at the display, where a depiction of one of the spacial tears was shown, along with some arrows and symbols.

"These are tears in the fabric of dimensions, kind of like space time, only less... wibbly wobbly," he smiled again, "The Annanaki usually are alone, but when these crack open, they come like moths to a flame, savagely killing anything that passes through."

Raven nodded, "but we didn't pass through, they did,"

"Well, there's the thing; I've been tracking some major tears, monumental ones really, like I haven't seen since..." that look again, Raven noted, and she deduced that he must either be very old or have lead a very full life, as the only person with this type of speech was her mentor, Azar.

"Anyways, something is actively tearing through dimensions, a lot, and the holes are so large that the Annunaki can pass through, and they're actively searching for whatever broke the seal. They don't like being woken, and honestly, who can blame them,"

Raven nodded again, trying to decipher the science coding on the screen, but it appeared to be in a different language. "You're taking all of this remarkably well,"

Raven looked back to the man, who was looking at her piercingly, and she sensed that he would know if she lied. She sighed, crossing her arms, "I have been... hurtling through dimensions, I think. I'm a crime fighter where I come from, and one of our enemies built a device to cross dimensional barriers."

"Really?" the Doctor's eyes lit up, "You're a super hero then?"

"Um, I guess..." Raven was tempted to draw up her hood, but the man must have sensed her discomfort, as he stepped away and dropped into a swivel chair tugged under the panels.

"I've never met a superhero before, that's cool!" Raven gave the man a crooked look, "Well I've never met a dimension travelling doctor in a box before,"

"Not dimension."


"Not dimension travelling, that is so dangerous. I'm a time traveller."

"Um, okay... putting a pin in that, if you're a 'time traveller' how do you know so much about dimensions?"

"Similar concept; I've dabbled in it, but these tears are so large that I can fly right through. I've been closing them as I go."

"Right..." a silence filled the space, while the two looked calculative at one another, one formulating questions, the other answers.

Raven cleared her throat, "So... this is a ship then?"

"Yes," the Doctor nodded, "the TARDIS."

She looked down at the screen and noticed it had changed, now displaying some kind of three dimensional wireframe. "What language is this?"

The Doctor blinked heavily in surprise, for the second time since meeting the grey girl, "You can't read it?"

When Raven shook her head he got up and pulled a notebook from a pocket in his gaudy jacket. "And this? My credentials,"

Raven took the pages and shrugged; it was blank. She flipped through the pages, all of which were blank. "Their blank,"

"Remarkable, Raven, you are simply remarkable." the Doctor retrieved his pad and spun around, clapping his hands as if suddenly remembering something. "Right! Now, you mentioned an us,"

Raven gave him a confused look this time, and he continued, slower, "You said one of your, as in plural, enemies sent you careening? I take it they're the ones ripping these holes all over the place?"

"Um, yeah. There's four more, and the nut who sent us out here," the Doctor pulled a lever on the panels and the whirring, the engine presumably, returned. "Can you, track them?"

"Well, I tracked you don didn't I? This old girl will find them, just a matter of... actually, it's not that simple, now that I think about it..."

The man looked shocked at the admission, and Raven couldn't restrain a chuckle. The man focussed on her and grinned, "So... that black glowy bit? What was that?"


"Where are we though?"

"Hell if I know," the reply of the other was delivered perfectly, albeit frustratingly, and Control Freak bit his lip; this is why you should never meet your idols.

Deadpool was leading them through something... colourful was the only adjective that came to mind. By his best guess, Control Freak figured it was Deadpool's head, since the other had a reputation for not being anchored in any type of reality.

Control Freak struggled to keep up with the other's long stride, the energy of meeting the legend having faded once he realized just how annoying the mutant was.

"Where are we going?"

"Ah, now that is a question," Deadpool replied, spinning around to walk backwards while he gesture animatedly. "According to you, you're some kind of nerd with powers, and you need my help."

"That doesn't answer my question," Deadpool laughed, "Of course not! What, was the exposition in the last section not enough?"

"Hey, I know the wall is there, I can't see through it!"

"Which makes me a better character,"

"What? You may be awesome, but I am totally a better character. I have motive, and style, and replayability, unlike a certain some one's recent video game,"

"Hey, shut up! you've never even been in anything but that one show!" The mutant put his hands on his hips and struck a pose, "I'm everywhere,"

Control Freak grunted derisively, "A shitty movie appearance, a mildly playable game, some shitty cameos in marvel shorts; not really an impressive resume."

"I could always kill you," that brought a halt to Control Freak's tirade, also the gun suddenly pressed against his nose. "No, forget about it, hey, it was a joke, yeah, a joke! Everyone knows you're the best!"

Deadpool grinned even wider, "I know," and pulled the trigger.

Control Freak Squeaked in fear, and a not insignificant amount of liquid escaped his bladder's warm embrace. After a second he realized he wasn't dead, and peeked around his upraised hands.

A flag with the word Bang! on it wiggled tauntingly before him, from the tip of the gun. "Gotcha. Seriously though, if you annoy me I will kill you."


"No butts! not unless their big, and wet, and nude, and belong to well endowed men-er-women!"

Control Freak pouted, and Deadpool laughed, "I'm just kidding man, gods you're so uptight..." he poked the other's expansive belly, "Or, well, upright anyways."

With that the red and black clad mutant reached into nothing and opened a trap door where there had been nothing moments before. With a cheer, Deadpool leapt through, and Control Freak inched his way to the lip, peering down into darkness.

Suddenly, making him jump, two hands shot forth, followed by a red and black mask. "Get in here you big fat oaf, I don't care what you smell,"

Control Freak nearly swooned, "You had me at Han,"

"Don't we all?"

The fat nerd shrugged, not bothering to argue. He hopped through the portal, and found himself on the page of a comic book, though from his admittedly flat perspective it seemed entirely empty.

Deadpool stood not two steps away, "Now, tell me, why are you here?"

"Yoda, nice,"

"Fatty, I wasn't referencing it that time," the other began to look incredibly bored, and began to fidget in place.

"I don't know! Where I come from I'm a major class super villain; it happened so fast, I was just going to crush some minors in a boat when bam, my remote broke!"

"Right," Deadpool had somehow conjured a therapy couch from the blank, dark room, and Control Freak gratefully sat. "Why do I care?"

That stumped him. Control Freak's mind raced, trying to formulate a plan to enlist the madman's help, and not get shot. Suddenly, it came to him, and idea the author had for some time, but since it suggested in a comment must interrupt the flow of the story and interject a thank you here. Jeeze Brod Road, way to hog the spotlight.

"Well, I just happen to know something about your origins that you might want to know."

"Origins? what am I, Wolverine?" bu-dum-cha.

"Ha, nice one! No, don't distract me! I know who your father is,"

"I have a father? I always thought I just kind of appeared one day, like some self fertilizing quantum jizz,"

"Um, gross. No," Control Freak had his attention now, or at least his passing interest, "You are... a clone!"

"Dude, I'm Deadpool. A pool of the dead. Of course I'm a clone,"

That stumped him, "Well, (sputtering frantically in his head) I don't mean your character origins, I mean your conceptual origins."

Deadpool yawned and pulled a gun from his belt, threateningly holding it to his own temple.

"Wait! you're a rip off!"

"What?!" Deadpool dropped his weapon and leapt to his feet (at some point apparently he'd sat down).

"Slade Wilson! you're a carbon copy!"

"Lies! Blasphemy!"

"Well, maybe not a carbon copy, more like a joking shadow,"

"I am no one's shadow! How dare you, you Jontron wanna be!"

"You're... hey, wait, you can't make fun of Jontron out of the blue!"

"I know right? I mean, who even watches the Youtubes anyway?"

Control Freak and Deadpool stared each other down for a minute or two, before breaking into hysterical laughter. "Dude, you should see your face!"

"At least I have one!"

"Oh yeah... ouch, that one burned a little,"

"I'm sure burning is only part of the scars, Skeletore. Now, listen; in my universe there is this super badass, super serious assassin master mind dude, Slade Wilson!"

"Not the one from Smallville right?"

"God no, Ron Pearlman."


"You are his Marvel mockery."

Silence stretched its legs, Control Freak's point obviously not sinking in.

"You're his Marvel mockery, and I have his nemesis scattered in the multiverse,"

Deadpool stared at the other blankly.

"Gah, you should kick their asses! Show DC how it's done! "

"Aren't you a DC character?"

"Not anymore apparently; they kind messed it up with the last reboot,"

Both shuddered at the remembrance of the New 52.

"Do you think the reader's will get mad at all of these opinions this dick is cramming in here?" Deadpool asked.

"Yeah, there's always a fan of something ready to flame. So what do you say?"

"To what?"

"Come and help me defeat the Titans!"

Deadpool snorted, "Do you think I'm that much of an attention whore? to jump in and steal the spotlight and... oh wait, I am."

The mutant extended a hand, "I will!"

Control Freak shook the outstretched member (Phrasing, bam!) and grinned widely, "Then, this will be a day long remembered..."

"Dude, you need to stop quoting the Wars, its making you look very short on material."

What can I say, I've been up for three days straight, screw you guys.


Well, I hope that clears up some stuff. I have the Doctor taking this adventure while wandering time for Clara. It never says how long he wandered, or what he did in the process. I guess while searching the tears started showing up, side tracking him momentarily. If you don't like that, take heart. He is a time traveler; this might end up getting erased somehow, you work it out. Or maybe he's just a parallel dimension Doctor, and the one you want to be here is actually in a different story meeting up with Raven and making silly. Its a multiverse folks, anything goes.