I wake up to someone screaming my name. There is a pile of sweat around me and I realize that I have been crying. I open my eyes to see Gale over me. It was just another nightmare, I think to myself. I sit up and tell him I'm okay and that he can go back to bed. He does as I say. I have the same reoccurring dream almost every night so he's used to it by now. It's all so vivid, I remember it like it was yesterday..

My dad and I were on our way back from lunch. Every Sunday he took me out hunting and then we went to Applebee's. We were singing in the car and laughing. One minute we were giggling the next everything went wrong. Another car turned out on to the road right into our car. It hit on my dad's side of the car. My head went into the window and my whole face was bleeding. I looked over to see my dad laying on the steering wheel. I started shaking him violently begging him to wake up. He never did wake up.

I look at the clock and see that it's already 5:30 AM. I'll have to be up in a half hour any way so there is no point in trying to get back to sleep. I go into the hallway walking to the bathroom. On the way I pass Gale, my brother's room and Prim, my sister's room. I try to be as quiet as possible not waking them.

Once I get to the bathroom I splash my face with water. I haven't slept a full night in three years, since the accident. My doctor said it's normal to dream of it, but these aren't dreams. Sometimes it gets so bad I can't wake myself up from it. Almost every time Gale wakes me up right when I realize my dad is not going to wake up.

My mother was a mess. For around a year and a half she was like a ball of nothing. She only ate when we forced her, she stopped going to work. We were all worried she was going to let herself die that way. One morning though, she got out of bed on time and was practically herself again. She said he told her to move on. By "he" we guessed she meant Dad in a dream or something. She did as he said not wantingto upset him.

My sister, Prim wouldn't stop crying for a week. I felt so bad for her, only being nine years old. She says she can barely remember what he sounds like anymore. She was too young to loose a parent. Too young to witness my mom almost kill herself as well.

Gale had no reaction. He realized he now had to be the man of the house so he pretended like everything was okay. He didn't realize how thin our walls are. I heard him crying to himself every night before bed begging for our dad back. I never did anything about it because I know he would think he failed at staying strong for the rest of us.

I finish washing my face and brushing my teeth and go back to my room. I decide to pick out my outfit for the day. Same as always; some shade of green shirt, black pants, and my combat boots. I wear the same type of outfit everyday people must think I don't own any other clothes. I couldn't care less about how people saw me anyway. I put on just a bit of mascara and braid my long brown hair down my back.

Next time I look at the clock its 6:10 AM. I decide to go downstairs and get Gale and I's breakfast togther. Prim won't have to wake for another hour because she goes to the middle school. Gale and I are in high school together. I'm a sophmore, and he's a senior. I don't know how I'll get through school next year after he graduates. Most days I skip class to go find him. He doesn't seem to mind to talk to me in school, Gale isn't like that.

I finish up the eggs as Gale walks down the stairs. "Hey Catnip, did you end up going back to sleep?"

"No we only had a half hour left so I didn't think it was worth it." I put the eggs in front of him on the table and he begins devouring them.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He looks at me with his eyebrow raised.

"Do I ever want to talk about it?" I roll my eyes and start eating my eggs. He looks at me with a worried expression but goes back to eating realizing I'm okay. Once I finish I put our plates in the sink. "Okay you ready?" He nods and we go outside and get into his dark green jeep.

The ride to school is only about 5 minutes long and we spend those 5 minutes in silence. I know if I even try to have a conversation he will bring up last night. I haven't had a bad nightmare where someone else had to wake me up from it in a while. I don't think its much of a big deal though, considering the three year anniversary of my father's death is next week. I hate when that day comes. Everyone is always so worried about me. I just want it to go away and to never have to think about it again.

When we arrive at school I say goodbye to Gale and start walking towards the underclassmen side of the school. He calls to me, "Catnip you sure you're alright? I can walk you there if you want." I wave him off and keep walking. He needs to stop being so worried about me, I'm fine. I keep walking and spot Madge, my best friend.

"Hey Kat!" She says excitedly in her high pitch voice. I like hanging out with Madge because we couldn't be more opposite. She's bubbly and girly and I'm the complete opposite. I'd rather go hunting deer then go to the mall to get new clothes. I wave to her as I walk up to her. She's standing with Finnick and Thresh, who are arguing. They both greet me then go back to arguing.

"What's their problem?" I say to Madge.

"Oh they're just arguing about some show they were watching last night." She says while she plays with her hair. We begin to talk about school related stuff when I feel someones arms wrap around me.

I can smell the vanilla on him the second he touches me. I turn around and kiss him. I stare into his big blue eyes and smile. "Good morning beautiful."

"Morning." I say while I run my fingers through his blonde curls.

"Oh enough. Kat! Peeta! It's too early for this !" Madge complains. We completely ignore her and kiss again. I see her roll her eyes from the corner of my eye and she walks over to Annie Cresta, Finnick's girlfriend.

"How'd you sleep?" He asks me and I look down. "More nightmares? Kat I told you to call me when you get them, I don't mind I promise."

"No it was okay, Gale woke me up." Looking back up into his eyes.

He looks at me worried, "You didn't tell me they were getting that bad again." He knows that I have nightmares every night but they haven't been so bad where I have to woken up from them.

"This was the first one in a while, I'm not surprised they're starting again considering next week is-"

"I know what it is," he says with a sad expression, "We don't have to talk about it, just please call me when you have a nightmare. I wanna help you." He's too sweet. I nod and kiss him gently and take my hand in his.

"We gotta get to home room." He nods and we start walking into the school.