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Kim's POV

*Nashville Airport*

I hugged my mom goodbye for the last time as I headed to the Seaford Performing Arts School also known as SPA. Or you could just say spa. The reason why I'm going is because I love dance. It's my passion and life so what better way to spend my life than go to a performing arts high school.

"Be safe." My mom said wiping her tears away.

"Calm down. It's not like I'm in the military or anything." I said. Jeez.

That comment earned me a glare and I added, "Yes, I'll be safe." With that we shared another hug while I tugged my giant suitcase to the plane and took my seat.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Kimberly but I prefer Kim a lot more. In my school I never had time for boys, fashion or anything else girly. Don't get me wrong I still buy designer clothes for dancing and clothes. But I would dance and dance to my heart's content. I didn't have many friends because of how busy I was. It didn't bother me because I enjoyed being independent but I wasn't a loner or anything. I did have a couple of friends. They always said I was so intimidating. Apparently I was popular but not the girly kind just the one you need to watch out for. Whatever clique you're from if you annoy me you get hurt so just stay out of my way. No exceptions.

I put in my ear buds and fell asleep.

The flight attendant woke me up by shaking me lightly and guiding me out. We got along quite well but we'd probably not see each other again so we just shook hands as I waited outside for my aunt Charlotte. She's the one who lives in Seaford. She lives quite comfortably, married, with kids and a nice big car.

We hugged and didn't say much. It's one of those relationships where we love each other but we don't have to say or do anything. We just know it.

My aunt dropped me off in front of a big, modern white building. She helped take out my suitcase and I smiled at her before I left to enter the building. The receptionist was really nice and led me to the principal's office. Inside was a short looking man and a brunette girl who was sat down twiddling her thumbs.

"Ah!" He said, rising up. "You must be the new girl Kimberly Anne Crawfard."

"Crawford." I corrected him.

"Right." He replied, sitting back down and scribbling down on a paper. He then continued, "I am your principle Rudy Gillespie. Here is your tour buddy Grace Hendon."

She smiled and waved. She's a perky one.

"Let me show you to your dorm." She stood up and led me away. I followed her and she began to ask a lot of questions.

"So Kimberly-" She started.

"Kim." I interrupted.

"Okay Kim. What are you looking forward to most?" She asked.

"Dancing." I replied. She chuckled and asked, "Anything else?"

"Not really." I said. "But I hear there's a singing programme."

"Yeah. Do you write?"

"I dabble." I replied quietly shrugging.

"I like you, Kim. You're different to all the other airheads here." She chuckled. I've made a possible friend.

She led me to a door that 2 bunk beds and was in a neat state. "Choose your bunk." She asked.

"I'll take the top." I said unzipping my bag.

"You need help?" She asked.

"No." I answered sarcastically.

She just smiled and helped me put away my toiletries. "We share with Julie and Donna."

"Nice to know." I said. At that moment a brunette with glasses strolled in. She looked at me as if I was an alien and asked, "You're Kimberly, right?"

"Kim." I said putting my books away. I didn't want anybody calling me Kim. I liked the name but it sounded too fancy for me. I am the kind of person who likes to cut to the chase.

"Okay. Donna's going to be here so don't worry." She said sitting on the other top bunk.

"Don't worry. I wasn't." I smiled climbing the ladder to lie down on the bed. I kicked off my black combat boots. She just smiled and reached for a maths textbook underneath. She laughed and pointed out typos. How much more nerdy could she be? I rolled my eyes and put my iPod on shuffle. Suddenly the door opened and out came a platinum blonde hair who stomped in throwing her bag to the side. Drama Queen!

"I can't believe she did that! The backstabber!" She screeched barely saying her words. I took out my earplugs and replied a bit rudely, "Do you mind much?"

She glared up at me, pursed her lips and hissed, "You must be that Kimberly Anna girl."

"Kim." I hissed back. She smirked and said, "Why should I call you Kim?"

"Because if you do, princess-" I jumped off the bunk and came face to face with her. I was a bit taller than her but she wasn't that scared. "I'll hurt you."

"How are you going to do that?" She replied crossing her arms. With a girl like this it's not hard finding her weakness. It was pretty obvious she had extensions so I flew out my arm, grabbed her extension and yanked it out. She screamed quite loudly and started to massage her scalp. Grace quickly intervened as she tried to attack me and said, "All right then. Donna, Kim. Kim, Donna. I would also like it if you didn't try to rid each other of hair and try to get along."

I just rolled my eyes again and made my way back to playing on my iPod while playing some games. I could hear Grace ask, "So what did Lara do again?"

I decided to ignore and just drain them out. I must have dozed off a bit because Julie woke me up.

"What?" I asked. It came out a lot harsher than I thought it would.

"The bell rang. It's time for dinner." Julie replied quietly. I mouthed sorry and just went down. I was putting on my combat boots when Grace asked me, "You're going to dinner. Like that?" She looked shocked/disgusted. I nodded like it was the most obvious thing in the world but she just shook her head and dragged me to my dresser.

She pushed me into the bathroom and threw me a combination of clothes. I put on a thin strapped, grey tank top and put on a white off the shoulder top that revealed both my shoulders. I forgot about this shirt, my friend got it for me for my birthday and I never really wore it though. Among the clothes was also blue denim shorts and stiletto heels with rhinestone straps. My mom is a girly so she must have thrown that in. I only made sure my dance stuff was in. She also threw in a straw fedora hat. Since I was all dressy anyway I decided to put some make up on. I put concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. Like you don't put make up! The eye shadow was a subtle natural look.

When I came out Grace looked at me with a huge smile but I just scowled at her. She commented, "You're not so bad with makeup either."

I just smirked, "Now where's the lunch hall, I'm starving." We went downstairs and entered a giant hall with people lining up for their food and huge lines of tables. There was always this table that remained untouched and people would stay at least 3m (10 feet) away from it. I was about to walk to it when Julie and Grace stopped me and whispered together, "Where do you think you're going?"

"To sit at that empty table." I hissed.

"It's empty for a reason, Kim." Julie whispered back.

"I. Don't. Care." I harshly whispered back. "Either you join me or leave me. Your choice."

I walked to the table with confidence which earned me lots of gasps. I honestly didn't care. If this was someone's supposed seat they would have to deal with me. Grace came to sit down with me after standing in the middle of nowhere for about 5 minutes whereas Julie joined another group of people.

"Do you KNOW who sits at this table?" Grace hissed.

"Obviously not." I replied quite annoyed as I ate my salad. I picked at the olives because I didn't really like them. It was really hard as there were so many of them.

"Jack, Jerry, Carson, Brody and Brad." Grace replied as she slurped up her drink.

"I don't care." I said continuing to eat my food.

"They're the bad boys of the school. You should care!" Grace said quietly.

I rolled my eyes and drank my water. Then some blonde boy made his way over to me, I raised my eyebrow at him bored and he sat next to me asked, "Mind if I sit here?"

"No." Grace said. I quickly cut in and said, "Yes."

The last thing I need is some pretend heartthrob strolling his way over here and trying to squeeze his way into my life.

"This seat isn't yours." He said a bit more seriously.

"Does it look like I care?" I sarcastically said eating my dessert. He just laughed and replied, "I'm Brad and yes you should because that's where I sit." Is this guy serious?

I was clearly annoyed and hissed, "How does that affect me?"

"Fine, Blondie. As a gift you can sit for today but tomorrow it's mine." He winked at me. I was a bit disgusted by this because I find boys annoying not cute.

"Don't you have friends?" I rudely said. Grace kicked me but it didn't hurt.

"I do but Jack is on an extended holiday, Jerry is here but with his family and will return on Wednesday, Carson is on the other side of the world and Brody is on suspension."

"I didn't ask for your social life. If I was interested I would've asked. Trust me." I replied a bit rudely as I took my tray and threw it away the food and pushed it into the pile. Grace quickly hobbled after me and punched my arm saying, "Why did you screw up your chance with Brad? I had to apologise for you!"

I rubbed my arm and replied, "I didn't want to say sorry to him and I don't care about him."

Grace rolled her eyes as we walked back to our dorm room. I changed into my spongebob t shirt and in my heart pyjama shorts. The lights weren't going to be out for a while so I slipped on a pillow print slipper. They were really comfy. I texted my mom,

I'm settling down alright here. Xox Kim

She shortly replied,

That's great! I miss you so much. House is empty without you. Lily feels lonely. X Mom

I smiled at the text and decided to go to bed. I brushed my teeth and removed my make up returning back to my normal face. Make up can do quite a few changes to your face. I sighed randomly and got my eye mask and climbed up to the bed kicking off my slippers. The sheets were cold but I'm sure they'd warm up soon if it reflected body heat.

*Next morning*

The alarm woke us all up and I felt very groggily. There were two bathrooms and luckily I got first dibs. It was very short but I took care in makeup but not too much as I'll be dancing and I didn't want to sweat anything. I only added lipstick, mascara and eyeliner. That's nothing. I checked what I had today:




Hip Hop/Street





It seems pretty good to me. I just hated the fact we had to do normal subjects and I bet we'd get loads of homework. I yawned at the thought of homework and changed into a striped long sleeve shirt and black denim jeans with my combat boots and a leather jacket. I couldn't forget the slouchy beanie my grandma knitted me. I prepared my bag with pencil cases. Yes, one for felt tips, colouring pencils and regular tools. I put in some other stuff. I'll get my dance stuff after break.

I walked out and went to the hall for breakfast. There was a fruit salad which I took with some croissants and an apple. Again, no one took the middle table and stayed well away from it. No guy is going to tell me what to do so I just marched there and sat down ignoring stares and gasps. I could hear comments like,

Didn't she learn from yesterday!

If Jack finds out he'll kill her.

She looks fine. Could boys get grosser than that?

I want her hair. So you want curly blond hair, good enough for me.

I ate my breakfast when Brad sat down in front of me with his tray and smiled, "You never learn do you, Blondie?"

I ignored him and ate my croissant which seemed to annoy him. Someone's not used to being ignored or being fallen head over heels over.

"I'm talking to you." Brad said a bit angrily which brought a bit of attention. You think I don't know you were talking to me. I just didn't want to reply. I continued to eat and he tried to take my croissant but with my other hand I grabbed his wrist with force.

"Listen, Brad. I heard you the first time but it did it ever occur to you I'm not interested in your complaints or speeches." I hissed loudly. "If you know what's good for you you'll leave me alone."

Brad couldn't seem to register that in his mind. He was still staring me down. I let his hand go as I put my apple aside and I threw my tray in his face. Taste fruit juice, crumbs and water, Brad. I grabbed my tray put it away and ate my apple. I have Maths which will be as uninteresting as English.

I entered the room with confidence.

"Oh hello. You must be our new student, Kimb-" My teacher started.

"Kim." I cut in.

The short teacher just smiled and continued to write on the board. There was a huge space in the desks. Oh my god! Not this again.

I sat down in the middle one which earned a few gasps. Calm down people, it is a chair. It will not kill or harm you in any way if you just calm the hell down!

*Waiting outside Hip Hop studio*

How fun was it to sit and listen to teachers rambling on and on about equations and how Shakespeare portrayed women? It wasn't. I pretended to be interested but I was really leaning on my which had an ear bud where I listened to some of my dance mixes coming up with dance moves.

I felt a tap behind my back and it was Grace. Her hair was in a high ponytail and she said quickly, "I heard you threw your tray at Brad."

"I did. And..?" I asked, obviously not getting where she was coming at.

"Your social life has been ruined!" Grace screeched a bit too loudly that people began to look. I didn't really care as they weren't my focus.

"I'm here for dancing; I'll worry about school stuff later." I said pretend reassuringly by patting her shoulder. Grace scowled at me. She was probably one of those people who would want to save her friend's reputation.

Our teacher was an African- American grown man who enjoyed jokes. I liked relaxed teachers because they didn't have a stick lodged in their butt. Unlike some people.

"Alright we are going to be working on a class routine. Take a paper and put down a suggestion." He put a top hat in the box and continued, "I will take them out one by one and we'll do a vote. Only vote the second time round."

Here were some suggestions:

Scream And Shout

Turn Up The Music

Run The World

Turn Me On

My Humps

Die Young

Wouldn't You

My choice is in one of those but I won't tell you which one even if it won I wouldn't say. I don't mind as long as I dance. There was a draw between Wouldn't You and My Humps so we decided to make a remix with it. The cd will be ready tomorrow so we spent our time working on our street moves. I found it easy because I was in charge of dance clubs in my school but I was a bit harsh. Still, people got offered scholarships to dance academies thanks to me. I'm not being vain just stating facts.

In contemporary class we are doing We Belong Together which is a very meaningful song. We have a very young female teacher who relates to us but she's serious about dance which is why she's my favourite teacher.

Lunch was the same as always but today we got spaghetti Bolognese and I got lemon cake for dessert. Grace joined me followed by her frenemy Kelsey. She's s friend of Donna's.

In ballet, it was obvious that's what it was Donna's speciality because she failed at everything else but this. I'm quite the expert but not the teacher's favourite which didn't bother me. We're doing a Midsummer's night dream in the future but according to Madame DuPont we need to be 50 times better than we are. Of course. All my ballet teachers were like this.

So far I'm enjoying it at SPA. I could live with Donna's drama but not delusional Brad.

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