Jack Frost struggled against the chains that held him captive to the wall. He knew he had to go save Rapunzel, but he had no idea how to break free. His staffnwas haniging just out of reach, and mother Gothel was watching his every move.

"'Where is Rapunzel?" He screamed at the woman. she shook her head.

" somewhere where you'll never find her." She laughed and pulled out a sleek black wand.

" But, my dear if you want to get away without punishment, just tell me where that dream is." She leveled the wand at Jack. "Now, we can do this the easy way, or i can always resort to the hard way."

jack glared at her. He struggled against the shackles, but they held strong.

"So, how will it be?" Gothel asked.

" I will never tell you where it is!" Jack yelled

Gothel smiled. She walked over to Jack's precious staff. She took it and began bending" it.

When Jack realoized what she was doing he struggled harder than ever. But the chains holding his arms tightend even more.

"Please don't break it!" He said.

" Are you going to tell me?"

"No! I-i can't!"

SNAP! With a resounding crack, the staff broke into two. Jack stared at the pieces in shock.

" I'm not telling you ANYTHING you twisted old hag!" He yelled.

" Not yet, you won't.. But I have a long while with you, Jack Frost. And i promise that very soon, you will tell me where that dream is." With that, she pointed the wand at Jack and said, "Crucio!"

Jack's pained scream filled the room. He fell to the floor, and Mother Gothel walked over.

" Ready to tell?"

Jack, with effort got up onto his hands.

" You'll have to kill me before i tell you anything."

Gothel laughed and kicked Jack in the side, chuckling as he fell back to the ground.

" Ha! We will get the answer out of you, and my stupid Rapunzel. One of you is bound o break." She told Jack. The she dragged him up, and chained him back to the wall.

" Who- who has Punzie?" Jack managed to get the words out.

" That's for me to know, and you to never find out." With one more well aimed kick to the weaponless Guardian, Gothel stepped out of the cell, leaving Jack in despair.