The Going Merry was alight with fumes of sake and sweets being passed around, jiggles of laughter and singing, and sights of everlasting memories. The reason for this commotion was the fact that a new crew member joined; some would call it a monster followed by a scream, but Luka could only call him cool and a nakama, with her eyes filled with stars. This monster was friendless, not with his own kind or with humans, until Luka and her crew invited him along for the ride. Yes, this monster was a fluffy reindeer doctor with a blue nose, called Tony Tony Chopper, or Chopper for short.

The little thing was fooling around with his new friends, Usopp and Luka. Some would have thought he was as dumb as those nimrods, even though he was the ship's doctor. He was still a child at heart; getting fooled by Usopp's lies and followed him around like a puppy. The longnose didn't mind, enjoying that his lies were actually getting some reaction from someone other than Luka. The others were preoccupied with a drinking contest, treating the ladies, and other mindless tasks.

But just like every night, it came to an end. Slowly, one by one, they retired into their rooms and slept for the night. Zoro, after losing a drinking contest, headed into his hammock with a sour face, while Sanji used this chance to taunt the swordsman. Vivi and Nami were the next to leave. The orange haired didn't try her usual with Luka, such as dragging her to bed by force and taking about girl stuff, not when she had Vivi.

This was the reason what caused Luka to stay outside, because sleeping in the girl's room was a nightmare and there was no way for her to sleep with the boys with Nami saying it's too shameful or Sanji being over-dramatic about the change. And Luka did have numerous thoughts about breaking the wall between the rooms, which caused Nami, Sanji and Usopp to deny the request million times over.

This left the three on the deck, all tired out. They slept in the place in front of the figure head, having their sacks tucked under their heads, and using a small tarp from the kitchen as a blanket, until Sanji woke up later on to cover them with actual sheets.

Chopper would have slept like that until some rubbery hands decided otherwise. She wrapped them around the fluffy animal, acting as though he was a teddy bear, and pulled him in close. Her grip was strong, almost choking the poor, lovable monster. And this quickly woken up him, trying to get out of her grip. His eyes widen, scanning the area for any help.

Usopp, fully awake by this point, only looked at the two while laughing.

"Usopp-san! Help me!" the reindeer pleaded to his new friend.

The longnose only shrugged, which was difficult to see in the moonlight. "Sorry, if I did that, I would be dead. She doesn't like it when her snuggle buddy gets away." He still remembers the first time when he came on board, he tried to retract his arm away from her, not a good idea and it wasn't a pleasant night either.

Chopper could only shiver at the thought; there wasn't a cure for death.

After a few, what felt like hours, she finally loosens her grip, allowing him to breathe once again. He tried once more to get away, yet he was still being held there tightly. Finally, he gave up, finally resting in her strong, rubbery arms.

And in the morning, Chopper was awaken by the sweet smells of breakfast, growling stomachs, and a shadow outlining Luka while she seated herself on the figure head, overlooking the ocean. He stood up and looked at it from behind her, seeing the same beauty from the morning sun, yet unlike her, his stomach crawled with the feeling of uneasiness.

And this was he routine, with the three falling asleep and Chopper being trapped. And this is how he gotten a secondary job on this ship as Luka's Snuggle Buddy. Over time he gotten used to it, and Usopp was glad that he has been replaced. It was a good thing that animals were much softer than people. Even though they all had the chance to escape, even with Chopper's extra forms, they still stayed outside in the moonlight. This was true friendship that the reindeer needed, plus something extra.

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