This night was full of partying on the Going Merry. A new crew member joined them on their adventure; some would call it a monster followed by a scream, but Luka called it cool and nakama, her eyes filled with stars. This monster never had friends before, not with his own kind or with humans; he was a bit glad to meet with Luka. Yes, this monster is the fluffy reindeer doctor with a blue nose, called Chopper.

Chopper fooled around with his new friends, Usopp and Luka. Some would have thought he was as dumb as them, even though he was the ship's doctor. But poor little Chopper was still fooled by Usopp's lies and followed them around like a puppy. Usopp was having fun telling some else his lies of stories, Luka already figures they were lies (but still listened anyway), so he couldn't fool her anymore.

But every night came to an end. Usopp, Chopper and Luka fell asleep on the deck, unlike Zoro who went to his hammock. Luka always felled sleep outside on the deck, since Nami would try something, and Usopp would join her. It was nothing new for the crew, so they didn't wake them up. Nami didn't want to wake up the tired doctor; he was sleeping so peacefully with friends at his side.

Chopper would have sleep on like that, till some rubbery hands decided otherwise. Luka wrapped her hands around the fluffy animal, acting like he was a teddy-bear. Luka snuggled up with Chopper in her hands, almost choking the poor animal. He tried to get out of her grip; he looked around for any help.

Usopp was awake, almost laughing at the display. "Help me, Usopp" the reindeer pleaded to his new friend.

"Sorry, if I did that, I would be killed. Luka doesn't like when her snuggle buddy gets away" Usopp replied. He still remembers the first time he tried getting his arm away from her, not a pleasant night.

Chopper shivered at that thought, there wasn't a cure for death. Soon Luka's grip softens, letting him have some breathing room, not enough for him to get away. He felled asleep like that, in her strong rubbery arms.

For the next few nights Chopper always end up in her arms, no way out of it. He gotten a new position other than being the doctor or monster on this boat, it was Luka's snuggle buddy. Over time he gotten used to it, while Usopp was happy that Chopper taken that position from him. But Usopp and Chopper still slept outside with Luka, all three of them together; this was a true friendship that the reindeer needed, pulse something extra.