Mass Effect 2: Beauty and the Beast

Chapter 1: Rebirth of the Butcher Pt. 1

Lazarus Project Files
Wayne Allen Shepherd
Nationality: African American/Japanese
DOB: December 3, 2155
DOD: January 21, 2183

Summary: Shepherd was born on December 3, 2155 to John and Sakura Shepherd on Mindoir on the fringes of the Attican Traverse. When he was fifteen, the colony was raided by slavers. The entire settlement was razed and his friends and family were slaughtered. A passing Alliance patrol led by David Anderson rescued him, and later took him in.

He joined with the Alliance military, joining the long and bloody campaign to rid the Skyllian Verge of batarian slavers and other criminal elements. The final battle came when Alliance forces laid siege to Torfan, a slaver base built miles below the surface of a desolate moon. The superiority of the human fleet was wasted in the assault on the underground bunker, but he led a corps of elite ground troops into the heart of the enemy base.

Nearly three-quarters of his own squad perished in the vicious close-quarters fighting, a cost he was willing to pay to make sure not a single slaver made it out of Torfan alive.

Psychological Profile: Ruthless to enemies, however loyal to people he consider friends. Has trouble with authority. Said loyalty to friends, can cause rash and reckless actions. However, can use loyalty to bend him to Cerberus goals. An incredible leader, his greatest strength is his ability to change strategies in middle of combat.

Combat class: Sentinel

Summary: Somewhat difficult to control, but his leadership, and combat ability are top and his ability to think on the fly and under pressure is an asset, although how to gain his trust, will require the right people, been in talks with Karin Chakwas and Jeff 'Joker' Monroe to get them to join, other than that, he is an above average candidate for Project Lazarus.

Project Lazarus will now begin-Miranda Lawson

It was dark, all he could see was darkness, he scared, deathly afraid. It wasn't supposed to be like this, he was enjoying a nice rest with his quarian girlfriend, and they were attacked by an unknown enemy, he told everyone to get to the pods, and then went to rescued his pilot, but he got spaced, and the last thing he saw was his beloved ship, the ship that helped destroyed Sovereign destroyed as he suffocated in space.

"Welcome, Shepherd" a voice said. Shepherd looked around, his eyes went wide, it was a face that he shouldn't see.

" be…" Shepherd said in horror.

"Dead?" he said with a smirk. Saren's form was at first obscured by the shadows, but then as he got closer, his body looked ravaged. He skin and muscle was gone, and only bone and his implants remained. He looked like when Sovereign possessed him, but only with no red glow this time. Shepherd glared at him.

"What are you doing here, Saren?!" he asked. "You should be dead, I killed you!"

"Yes, I should and I am" Saren said. Shepherd was taken aback at how eerily calm he was at being dead, but then he had sinking feeling why. Shepherd swallowed hard, bracing himself for the answer.

"W-what do you mean?" Shepherd asked.

"Welcome to the land of the dead, Shepherd" Saren said. Shepherd's eyes grew wide.

"I…I'm…" He started. Saren gave a cruel smirk.

"Dead" he said. "How does it feel to know that all your efforts were for nothing?"

"I…" Shepherd said. "It's not over, not yet"

"Oh but it is" Saren said. "You were the only one that gave the galaxy hope, against the reapers, without you all will burn, your race, your friends, and the one most important to you" Images of the galaxy burning entered his mind, people dying or being taken by the geth, he friends getting killed one by one. And Tali…he imagines her screams as she is slaughtered by the reapers.

"NO!" he shouted as he rushed the turian. He had Saren by the throat, he knew nothing would happen, but in his desperate mind he had to do something and did the only thing he could do: lash out. Saren, however was unfazed, in fact he was amused. He laughed.

"Enjoy eternity, Shepherd, spirits know I will" Saren disappeared. Shepherd drifted through the darkness aimlessly in despair, all he knew, all he cares for would be wiped out, and there would be nothing he could do.

"You mustn't give up Shepherd" a warm voice said. Shepherd looked behind him and saw an older asari, an older asari he recognized.

"Benezia…" he gasped. Benezia smiled.

"Thank you for freeing me from Sovereign's control" She said. "You must not give up'' Shepherd could only laugh bitterly, there was no escape from this hell. The spectre could only think death had made her crazy like Saren, like he soon will be.

"In case, you haven't notice I'm dead, that's the only reason I can you" Shepherd said.

Benezia smiled. "You must keep your hope alive Shepherd, the galaxy has its ways" she said. Another voice spoke out.

"She's right you know" Shepherd look around and saw a familiar friend. Tears started to run down his face as he went and hugged the woman and the woman hugged him back. "Long time no see, Skipper"

"Ash…" he said. "I'm so…" Ash released him from the embrace and shook her head.

"Don't, I don't regret any thing" she said. "But enough about me, It's not your time yet"

"What?" Shepherd asked. "I don't…" All of a sudden he felt a sensation, and the darkness was starting become washed away. A beam of light started to surround him. "What's happening?!"

"Shepherd, calm yourself, your role is not done yet" Benezia said. "You're truly blessed, not many get to have a second chance…"

"Second chance?" he asked. Ash smirked and came close to Shepherd.

"She's right, you still got to kick the reapers' sorry ass out of our galaxy, it has to be you" she said. "But before you leave…" Ash kissed Shepherd on the lips.

Shepherd blushed. "Ash! You know I have a girlfriend!" he said. Ash smiled.

"Like, you're going to remember this" she said. "Good luck, skipper, be good to her, big sister's watching" Shepherd started to feel a pull, and Benezia and Ash started to move away as everything turned to white.

"Wake up, Commander" a voice said. A rumble shook him awake. "Shepherd, do you hear me? Get out bed now- this facility is under attack." Shepherd got up only to fill a sharp pain on his side, he looked around. He was in a lab, all white. He then looked on the walls and saw a gold symbol; it looked familiar, but couldn't put his finger on it. The intercom opened again and the same voice spoke again only more demanding. "Your scars aren't healed, but I need you to get up now"

"A bit bossy, aren't you?" He asked annoyed.

"How about you complain when you get off the station hmm?" the voice said also annoyed. Shepherd could hear the sounds of battle. "There's a pistol and armor in the locker, hurry" Shepherd got out bed and moved to the locker and equipped his armor and pistol.

"Hey, uh, voice lady, there's no ammo in this" Shepherd said.

"Get it off the desk and move your ass" she said. Shepherd rolled his eyes. He was suddenly knocked off his feet by an explosion.

"Damn, my head" He then saw three legs come in, Shepherd looked up and saw they were mechs. Must have been new models, because he never seen a biped mech before. The intercom opened.

"Damn they're here, Shepherd press one of the buttons on your omni-tool, hurry" She said. The robots took aim and fired.

"Shit" he said as he pressed his omni-tool. A gold energy armor suit enveloped him and the bullets bounced off him. Shepherd smirked. "Fuck yeah" he said. The robots aimed again and Shepherd rolled backwards and on to his feet. Shepherd glowed blue and with a small sweep of his arms he blew back at the droids with powerful throw, so powerful that caused a small dent crack against the window. Shepherd looked at his hand in awe, he's always been a somewhat good biotic, but his biotics was now at least Vanguard class. A rumble shook him out of his thoughts.

"Hey, what the hell is going on?" he asked.

"Someone is hacking security trying to kill you" the voice said.

Shepherd scoffed. "Thank you, miss obvious, but why?"

She sighed. "I don't know" the voice said. "But keep moving, you need to get to the shuttles"

"Don't have to tell me twice" he muttered. He walked out of the room only to be met with more mechs. "Nice…"

"Don't take any chances, Stay in…" Shepherd rushed the mechs and blasted them with warps fields. "…cover" One of the mechs aimed and fire, but Shepherd turned on the balls of his feet and blast it was a throw field that took off the mech's head. Shepherd felt amazing, he had never been this fast.

"Hey, voice lady, what other goodies does this thing have?" he asked.

"It has a cryro blast function, but Shepherd, what you did was…" she said.

"Got it" he activated his omni-tool and pointed it at the nearest droid. The robot froze instantly. Shepherd smirked. "Hot damn…" Shepherd threw a throw field and shattered the droid. More came into the room, Shepherd then used his singularity to lift the enemies.

"How…?" the voice started. Shepherd blasted the droids with a warp field and went upstairs. Everywhere he saw was carnage and bodies, the wall were burned and covered with blood.

"Hey, voice lady, you seeing this?" he asked.

"Yes…" she said.

"Good, be careful out there" Shepherd said.

"Right..." she said. Shepherd picked up a heavy weapon on the floor and went downstairs. As he went through the base, he saw people gunned down by heavy mechs. Entering the next room, Shepherd saw a dark-skinned on a bridge area, fighting a group of mechs standing on another small bridge at the other side of the room. He went to help.

"Shepherd?" he asked.

"Hold that thought" Shepherd said. Shepherd blasted the mechs with his heavy weapon causing explosions. "So who are you?" he asked.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were a work in progress" he said.

"Look pal; don't know where I am or how I got here, plus my head feels like an overripe melon ready to split over. How 'bout some answers?" he asked annoyed.

"Damn…I forgot this is all new to you, sorry about that" he said. "I'm Jacob Taylor…I've been stationed here for…" They then heard an elevator come down and more mechs came out.

"Hostiles detected" a mech said as it fired.

"Damn it" Jacob said as he went to cover and shot mech's head.

"Nice shot" he said.

"Things must be dire if Miranda awoke you" Jacob said. Shepherd looked at him.

"Miranda?" he asked.

"The woman on the intercom" he explained. "Is she…?"

"She's fine" he said. Jacob sighed breath of relief.

"Good, we should finish these guys and then get to her" he said.

"It's your station, Jacob, I'll follow you" Shepherd said. Shepherd and Jacob went into battle.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the first chapter of Part 2 I hoped you enjoy and follow me for more of Shepherd's adventures, comment and reviews are welcomed.