Hello everybody peeps! Okay… so I really enjoyed the cub scenes in TLK, and was saddened not to see more of Simba and Nala's young life. So… after drawing inspiration from various artworks, various comics, and stuff like the 6 New Adventures, I decided I was going to write a collection of short stories charting the adventures of the Pridelands cubs. I tried to keep the tone quite light, not to epic scales or anything like that. I have further plans for this project, should it be well-received… so I'm counting on you guys for lovely reviewsss!

I have finished the first book of the series now, and present it for you!

Please note: There are no original characters in this story, I have used canon characters from various sources within the Lion King universe. The cub characters, in case you would like to know, are Simba, Nala, Chumvi and Tama. Some characters may not have personality/traits expanded on in their original state of existence, so I use my own for them.

(Chapter 1 is a little light on adventure... but, ya know, story's gotta start somewhere! :D)

Chapter 1 – The Plan

The sun was high and strong in the sky, baking the savannah lands below. The animals that dwelt on the plains toiled on through the heat
with their
various daily activities, the circle of life steadily turning as always.

In the shade of some bushes, four lion cubs dashed around, playing together. Their names were Simba, Nala, Chumvi and Tama. Simba was
the prince of the Pridelands, next in line to become the king of all the beasts. These cubs had been his friends all his life, and they all spent
most of their time with each other; exploring, playing games… satisfying their playful, inquisitive cub natures. This particular game, however,
was growing rather old.

"So… what are the rules again?" questioned Tama, quite exasperated.

"Don't mention rules around Simba, you know how he treats them!" laughed Chumvi, stopping for a second to catch his breath.

"Hey!" snapped Simba, a frown on his face.

Chumvi was a regular troublemaker, never afraid to jape or jest, often inflaming situations, aptly enough for a lion of his reddish brown

"Sorry!" he laughed dismissively, pawing the small tuft of hair on his head.

Everyone had stopped playing now, and shared the same puzzled expression. Everyone, that is, except Simba, who continued bouncing
around for a few more moments, seemingly oblivious to anybody else.

"Why'd everybody stop?" he whined, when he finally did realise.

"Because it's a stupid game!" Chumvi snorted, with a playful push into Simba. Simba responded in kind.

Nala sat down giggling, watching the two boys scuffle. She was betrothed to Simba, as strange as the idea sounded, making her the future
queen of the Pridelands. She was a lioness as headstrong as you would expect, and yet was often a voice of reason along with her friend

"Chumvi's kinda right about your game, Simba. It's confusing! How about we do something else?" she suggested.

Simba's ears drooped as Chumvi stuck his nose in the air proudly. This earned him an additional lunging tackle from Simba.

"Like what?" he groaned from the floor.

"Anything that will keep you two from acting like idiots!" Tama rebuked. She was easily annoyed by the antics of the two boys, who were
seemingly always in competition with each other, especially in the presence of Nala.

And so the cubs sat quietly (a rarity in itself) for a short while, boredom consuming them, as they tried to think of something else to entertain
themselves. Until their musings were abruptly disturbed…


The shout came from an adult lioness, echoing from the impressive stone structure that jutted out of the grasslands – Pride Rock, where the
lions of the Pridelands lived. "Mheetu is coming down to you. Let him play too."

"Okay…mom… I guess…" she called back. The four sighed. Mheetu was the brother of Nala, and was smaller and younger than she and her
friends. He often, albeit unintentionally, scuppered many a grand plan for fun due to his young age.

"Hi guys!" he beamed as he padded up to them.

"Hey Mheetu."

So now there were five cubs, who sat together with pensive faces and wondered what to do. Well, there were four pensive faces and one
very smiley face;
Mheetu was very pleased with himself, to be out playing with the older cubs.

"I got it!" Simba started suddenly, springing up. "We can play lions and zebras?!"

"Yeah! And I'll be the quickest, strongest, coolest lion you ever saw!" interjected Chumvi, much to Simba's distain.

"No way! I'm gonna be the best lion, way better than you!"

"Ha! Get real, your highness!"

This prompted another tussle between the pair, met by sighs from Nala and Tama. Mheetu was well entertained though, looking on at the
older boys scrapping, in some kind of awe.

"It'll soon lose its charm, Mheetu." Tama muttered to him dryly.

When a quick truce was settled once more between Simba and Chumvi, they started the new game. A simple chase game with Simba and
Chumvi playing the part of lions, chasing the other three, who took the role of zebra. Cue lots of charging around, flying fur, screeching and
larking. But the fun didn't last for long. One typically zealous charge by Chumvi resulted in Nala toppling into Tama, who toppled into Mheetu.
Poor Mheetu fell to the ground with a big bump, and fighting the tears welling in his eyes, made it quite clear that he didn't want to play the
game anymore. It was far too rough for him.

"Aw, come on, Mheetu," Chumvi sighed. Mheetu was quite adamant however.

"Aw man!" Simba too moaned.

Mheetu felt the urge to cry once more. His sister embraced him.

"Would you two shut up?" scolded Tama. "Look, you're upsetting him."

The boys apologised and they all slumped down again, out of ideas. Until something popped into Simba's head.

"Hey guys," he said, looking suddenly excited. "My dad says that the hares are starting to come out again – but during the daytime..."

There were audible gasps among the group. Hares were mostly nocturnal and very rarely seen by any of them.

"Over there," continued Simba, motioning to a small crop of trees just across the plain with his paw. "That's where you can find them. We should
definitely go chase them! We could head over there when the sun comes up tomorrow."

This idea was very agreeable to everyone.

"Yeah," agreed Nala. "It's not very far either, maybe we'll be allowed to go without Zazu!"

The other cubs pulled all manner of strange faces when Zazu's name was mentioned.

"Zazu never shuts his beak!" Simba laughed. "We won't get anywhere near hares with him around!"

"I'm not so sure you two can be quiet for long enough either," Tama added sarcastically. "Maybe a competition to see which one of you can stay
quiet for longest?" She and Nala giggled.

"That would not be much of a competition at all!"

"Hey!" Simba and Chumvi whined in unison.

"We're lions, ya know! And we lions know how to sneak… and creep… and ambush…"

They crouched down, eyes narrowed, focusing on some invisible quarry - harnessing all of their inherent predatory drives…

The girls rolled their eyes, but Mheetu was once again in wonderment at the macho display.

"Well, we'll see about that tomorrow…" Nala chuckled.

She then heard her name being called again. With a groan she excused herself, with her brother, and they returned home. As she sauntered
off, those who remained could just about make out her protestations - about it still being so light… and so early… but to no avail.

"And that's what having a kid brother gets you!" snickered Chumvi, rolling onto his back and stretching contentedly.