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Emmett pov

I sat on Rosalie bed and watched her back her bags. I knew that she would only be gone for 2 weeks but I would miss her. Rosalie, Emse, Alice, Ava, Renesmee and Bella were all going shopping in Europe. Lucky them. Me, Jasper and Edward had some pretty awesome party plans of our own. I didn't dare to tell Rosalie. She would be mad for two reasons 1) she loves a good party 2) she would probably miss something she would be able to make fun of me forever. As she back her bag, she told me about how excited she was. When she finished, I grabbed her bags and carried them down stairs. Carlisle told me to hurry up. I continued to walk in super slow speed. I put the bags in Edward's Volvo. I hugged all the girls bye and kiss Rosalie. As soon as I could not see them I turned, face my adoptive brothers and said ''Let's get this party start."

Edward told me to shut up. With that Emse ran inside yelling" Where are the passports.'' When we finally found them. We waved the Girls off onto their trip. I turned around again and ask if we could get the party started now. Yes we could.