To tell you the truth I don't know where this story is going. Keep reading and write a review telling where to go from here.

Ava pov

There was a girl sleeping in my room, Why. You may ask why I know this since I am chilling in a hotel room in Paris. Well Rosalie knew Emmett would have throw a party. She knew the party would end in a bed room. I didn't believe her so I put a video Camera in bed room. I sat there staring at my computer watching the girl sleep. I am a little creeping sometimes. But least I am as bad as Edward, who watched Bella sleep for months. But that other story.

Alice jumped on my bed. "what's up."

"Nothing" I said forget about what is on my computer.

Next, thing I knew Alice was terrified and pointing at my computer. I looked at my computer. The girl getting changed.

'' Are you a...''

"NO,NO,NEVER" I cut off Alice.

Rosalie came over" What's no,no, never"

Alice showed her my computer. Rosalie got out her phone and started texting Emmett.

Rosalie: Why is the a girl in Ava's room?

Emmett: How do u no that?

Rosalie: Is she from the party u had?

Emmett: How do u no that?

Rosalie: ur 2 predicable. now explain.

Emmett texted the whole story. Rosalie read the texts to us. I believed him. When Emmett was done explaining the girl in my room. Rosalie turned to me and said

" That fibber. I hate Emmett."

Uh-no I thought. This is not good.