Los Angeles Heat – Part Three

Summary: Pre-Dom/Letty. Their lives boil over.

Rating: M language and tons of naughtiness in this chapter

Disclaimer: Yeah, I own nothing.

A/N: Umm… this seems a bit dark and dramatic to me in some bits, so… warning? And Letty is slightly under-age, so if the idea makes you squicky, don't read then don't read past the bold warning. It ends well.

Six weeks later:

Dom wasn't sure what he did to deserve the current predicament he was in. He'd stopped bringing random girls home – in fact he'd slowed down with his dating altogether. He went to work like he was supposed to – although, maybe that didn't count, considering he loved working on cars. Dom hadn't thrown any impromptu parties lately. He didn't think he'd done anything to warrant karma biting him on the ass this hard.

All he had done was sit down for dinner.

And now, it was after two in the morning and he was back sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Letty to get her ass back home.

His father had gone to Pasadena for the weekend to visit his sister-in-law, leaving the garage in good hands. Dominic swore things always got out of wack when his dad was gone.

How had this happened?

He blamed Letty.

All that he had done was sit down to eat dinner. She had come down the stairs dressed in an outfit that made his eye twitch. Her skirt was just this side of too short that it barely covered Neverland when she sat down.

When he had asked her why she was dressed like that, she had nonchalantly twirled a mess of spaghetti onto her fork and casually stated that she had a date in half an hour.

Things escalated quickly. Mia and Vince had opted to finish eating in the family room.

One thing led to another, and Letty must have heard him muttering under his breath about a street corner, because the next thing he knew, there was a coffee cup sailing towards his head.

If that hadn't clued him into just how angry she was, her raised voice and the way she made rampant use of the word 'motherfucker', sure as hell did.

When she reached for another coffee mug, his sharp warning stopped her.

"One is an accident; two is suspicious. You gonna explain this shit fit to my dad when he comes home and has no coffee cups?"

"Yes! I'll tell him you deserved it because you said I looked like a prostitute!" she screeched indignantly.

He smirked, unamused. "Sure, and when I tell him what you're wearing, who do you think is going to get the earful? What the fuck's the matter with you?"

A car horn blasted outside, and Letty was out the door before he could demand she could change. But because she was Letty, and was well-known for both being reckless, and for not finishing her dates, he yelled out the door after her.

"Call if you need a ride home!"

She flipped him the bird, got into the car, and it roared back down the driveway.


Dom had sent Mia down the street after dinner to spend the night at Janna's house. She had helpfully told him that if when Letty came home, she could hear them from down the street, she would call and let them know that they were too loud.

Vince had offered to stay and referee the oncoming fight, but Dominic had declined. Whatever happened, it would be better if there were no witnesses.

It was just after two-thirty when blaring music announced the car that had pulled up in front of their house.

He had been stewing in the empty house, sitting in the dark kitchen except for the light over the stove. Dom got up and walked out onto the porch when the car pulled up.

Letty stopped short in the middle of the yard when she saw him standing on the porch. "Shit, Dominic, I'm too tired for this crap", she muttered, walking up the steps to pass him determinedly.

"Forget something?" he asked flatly.

"What are you on?" she grumbled.

"I think you forgot something when you rushed out of here earlier", he expanded.

"What's that?" she asked dryly.

"Your curfew", he growled. "You're supposed to be home by midnight. You're two and a half hours late."

"Are you planning to rat me out?" Letty rolled her eyes.

"Did you have fun on your date?" he asked finally, eyeing her curiously.


"Did you fuck him?"

"If you're just going to subject me to a goddamn Spanish Inquisition, I'm going to go home", she snapped, moving to look for her keys in the bowl.

"Don't bother. I emptied your gas tank", Dom said seriously.

She whirled around to stare at him in shock. "You did what?" she snarled, nostrils flaring in outrage that he had touched her car.

"We need to talk. And I'm sick of you avoiding this."

"I've got nothing to say to you", she hissed.

"Good", he yelled. "Then I'll talk. You can shut up and listen for a change."

"How about you lower your voice before you wake up Mia", Letty warned roughly.

He shook his head. "I sent her down the street to spend the night."

"You're going to try to bury me in the backyard, aren't you?" she raised an eyebrow.

He made an irritated noise and pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to reign in his temper. "You know I'd never put my hands on you, but sometimes I've really got the urge to squeeze your neck until your head pops off."

She bit her lip in amusement. "And you wonder why I don't want to go out with you right now", Letty teased.

"God, you piss me off like no other."

"Trust me; it's mutual", she said wryly.

"Letty", he growled warningly.

She groaned. "What, Dominic? What do you want?"

"Why did you go out tonight?"

Letty rolled her eyes, "Because I had a date."

"No, what did you want going out tonight?" he demanded darkly. "A distraction, a quick fuck? What? Because if all you wanted was a fuck, I would have just given it to you."

She jabbed his chest roughly. "Even if I did just want to fuck, it doesn't mean I wanted to fuck you", she hissed scathingly.

He slapped her hand away. "You let that punk ass put his hands on you?"

A sarcastic twist of a smile crossed her face. "Only exactly where I wanted him to", Letty purred. "My body is my business, not yours." It hadn't gone further than a steamy make-out session, but she wasn't feeling particularly giving with that information at the moment.

"That's where our opinions differ", Dom said flatly.

"You can't argue with the truth, Toretto."

He scowled at her. "Go take a shower. You smell like cologne."

She opened her mouth to say something, but thought better of it. She fled upstairs.


Letty had taken her shower and changed into a tank top and shorts to sleep in. Now she was eyeing herself appraisingly in the mirror, considering the scissors on the counter. She heard him clear his throat behind her, and she met his gaze in the mirror with none of the animosity that she had shown earlier.

"What?" she asked quietly.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." He raised an eyebrow.

She snorted, "Yeah, because I'm really going to take beauty advice from the 'hairless wonder'."

Dominic smirked. That was a new one. Apparently she was still ribbing him for shaving his head six months ago. "I like it long", he said easily, leaning against the doorjamb.

"Then maybe you should have let yours grow out", she rolled her eyes. "You could have joined Kiss."

"It's not like I was going to play with my own hair."

She laughed outright. "Who the hell said I was gonna let you anywhere near mine?"

"You still mad?" he wondered.

"I don't like you when you act like a possessive jackass", she said seriously, turning around to lean against the counter. Then Letty shrugged. "I didn't go out and get laid, not that I suddenly think it's your business. You tell me ever again that I look like a prostitute, I will end you", she promised.

"I'm sorry. I just wasn't prepared for… you looking like that."

"You wanna fuck me, but you don't want me to look fuckable?" she arched an eyebrow. "That makes no sense, Dom."

"Let, I don't know what the hell to do with a girl when it matters this much. Try to cut me some slack, okay?"

"Only if you stop acting like a dick-swinging Godzilla", she murmured.

He laughed. "Where the hell do you come up with this shit?"

She shrugged. "Maybe it's too much MTV."

"Yeah, I'm sure that's it", he said wryly. Dominic watched her eye him appraisingly, seemingly lost in thought. He gave her a minute before asking, "What is it?"

Letty blinked away a few stray memories to come back to the present. Maybe she had been over-thinking all of this…


She remembered being fourteen, and storming out of her house, after what had then seemed like a world-ending fight with her mother. She entered the Toretto house minutes later, intent on locking herself in the guest room and staying there until she was done fuming.

Mia called to her from where she was curled up on the couch reading a book, but Letty waved her off. Mia shrugged and went back to her reading. She knew when to leave Letty alone when the girl was in a mood.

Having stopped Mia from following her, she just slammed the door to the bedroom she claimed as hers and flung herself onto the bed. A phone rang and got answered a few minutes later. Not long after that, she heard another door open and the creak of floorboards as someone walked down the hallway.

She cursed under her breath and buried her face in a pillow.

Seconds later there was a knock as the door opened. Maybe if she ignored him, he would go away… Fat chance.

"I know you're not asleep", he said flatly. "You got into another fight. That's three this month, Letty. Your mom is thinking about sending you to New York to stay with your grandmother once school is out for the summer.

"I didn't start that shit", she hissed, burying a groan. Nearly eighteen, Dominic could be quite persuasive, and her mother was only too willing to hand over information. Why any of them thought he might be able to curb her behavior, she had no idea.

He rolled his eyes. "You never do. The problem is, you walk around with an attitude that sets most people off before you even open your mouth", Dom sighed.

"Maybe I should just go", she murmured thoughtfully. Letty heard the door shut and lock behind her, probably in an attempt to keep Mia from overhearing.

"You want to leave?" he asked quietly.

"I dunno."

The bed dipped behind her, and his hand tugged on her shoulder. "Letty, turn over and look at me. Quit hiding."

Her eyes rolled in typical teenage fashion, but she shifted onto her back. She caught his hand near her face, no doubt moving to prod at her swollen lip. "Don't", she muttered. "It's fine."

Dominic sighed tiredly. Sometimes Letty was the best person to be around. She was sarcastic and funny, and she didn't take shit from anyone. Other times… the girl could be completely exhausting. To be fair, it wasn't really her fault. "I thought things were getting better at your house", he said finally.

"It is", she said softly. "I just think I need a break from my life for a few months. Is that so bad?"

"Mia would miss you", he pointed out. "What's she supposed to do? Hang out with me and Vince all summer? She'd kill us."

"That's 'cause you two are dipshits", Letty rolled her eyes.

"You like us", he poked her side.

"I'm not particularly fond of you at the moment. Can't you leave me alone for a while?" she complained, smacking his hand away.

"You'd miss us, Let."

"I didn't say I wouldn't. I just-"

He poked her again, and she swung an arm in his direction irritably.

"Stop it!"

He grinned at her innocently and her eyes widened.

"Oh, no, not now, Dom!" she yelped, trying to curl into the fetal position and guard her ticklish sides, holding a pillow over her for protection when he pounced.

They wrestled briefly, but it didn't take him long to have her stretched out and pinned down.

He had tickled her mercilessly until she had collapsed with laughter underneath him, all the fight leaving her muscles as she only worried about getting out of his grip.

He had made her beg for nearly five minutes before letting her go.


And when her father had died last year, and she didn't want to share her emotions with anyone, she had gone to him. He hadn't asked her why he had woken up to find her in his bed for however many mornings. He had always been gone when she woke up, but left her covered by blankets, and a feeling of safety in her stomach.

When he finally stayed up one night to wait for her, the fraying control she had been losing a battle with snapped.

Dom had stayed.

He had held her and not let her feel stupid without saying much. His hand running through her hair eventually sent her into a state of calm that allowed her to sleep peacefully for the first time since the funeral.


Dominic had almost always been in her life, whether he was hassling her or making her laugh, or he was just there. But in the last few years, he had projected a lot of shit – and ninety percent of it pissed her off. This larger than life persona he had taken on drove her absolutely mad sometimes. And because of that, it had been easy to forget that he was still the boy he had been when they were growing up, and that he had turned into a good man.

But the wolfish looks he had been giving her lately – she had noticed him watching her, after all – were drunk with lust. And even if it did make her thighs clench, it also made her nervous.

"The problem is", Letty began finally, knowing she might feel like an idiot for even asking, but she had always been cautious with her heart, and Dominic really should know that by now. "I feel like, even if maybe I know better- that I'm not sure that you don't just want a quick lay out of this because you're finding me attractive. Up until a few weeks ago, you've had women all over you. Do you even know what you want, Dom? Because it really seems like you don't."

He approached her slowly, and then hoisted her up onto the sink counter, pressing her legs apart to stand between them. "Let me show you", he murmured. Her head tilted as he left light kisses up the side of her neck and chin until he got to her mouth.

She was stunned at the feel of his lips against hers. Letty figured she must have had a stupid look on her face, because Dominic pulled back slightly with a laugh. He leaned forward again and brushed his mouth against hers again, hands sliding up the back of her tank top.

"Open up, baby", he teased, biting her bottom lip gently.

She gasped, and then groaned to find his tongue tasting her mouth. Right, she knew how to do this. Her whole body tingled as she kissed him back. Her blood was on fire, like she was burning from the inside out. Her legs hooked around his thighs, holding him to her.

Her back arched under his hands, pressing her chest against his, her own hands becoming comfortable with the feel of touching him in a way she hadn't before.

"You good?" he grinned a few minutes later as they both panted for air.

"I think… I just lost a few brain cells", she laughed breathlessly. When she tried to tug him towards her again, he backed up. Letty raised an eyebrow. "What now?"

"Maybe we should cool off", he suggested seriously.

She groaned in frustration. "No, you don't get to put it on me like that and tongue-fuck my mouth, and then say it's over."

Dominic shook his head, mildly amused. Letty was nothing if not blunt. "Who said it's over? I'm just saying maybe we should take things slow. Besides, aren't you the one who's been stressing for how many weeks exactly that all I want from you is just a piece of ass?"

Letty grinned sheepishly. "I changed my mind?"

"You changed your mind?" he repeated, almost suspiciously. "Why?"

"Well, do you just want a piece of ass?" she laughed.

He rolled his eyes. "No."

She shrugged. "Then I don't see why we can't get the ball rolling here."

00 M-rating 00

"You sure?"

She slid her legs up over his hips, pulling him back into her. "I want you to touch me, Dom."

His hands slipped under her thighs, lifting her up. She tightened her legs around his waist, arms looping around his neck as he carried her down the hall to his bedroom. He set her on the edge of his bed, kneeling between her legs, mouth tasting her with intent. His tongue licked into her mouth erotically making her whimper.

Finally, Dominic pulled back slightly, running a hand through her hair. "Let, if this is a bad idea-"

"Stop", she murmured. "You know me. I never do anything I don't want to."

He nodded and stood up to pull his shirt over his head, tossing it to the floor. "I'll hold you to that." His knee nudged her leg gently. "Back up."

Letty shifted towards the middle of the bed, resting back on her elbows as he climbed over her. His hands settled on her waist as he leaned down to kiss her mouth again. She gripped his shoulders roughly, pulling herself into him.

She felt him slip his hands under her tank top, pushing it up her flat belly, and pulled away slightly to watch. Letty wasn't completely inexperienced, but it had never been Dom touching her like this, and she was curious.

Dom sent her one more questioning glance and waited for her nod. She leaned forward so he could remove her top, finding her bare breasts underneath.

"You're lookin' at me like I'm a melting ice cream cone in August", she raised an eyebrow at the way his eyes raked over her body.

"Oh, Let, me and the ladies are gonna be such good friends", he purred against her collarbone.

Letty flushed hotly, but laughed under her breath, hissing when his mouth found her nipple.

"Dom-" she gasped, hands fisting in the blanket underneath her. His laughter vibrated through her, and she shifted to unzip his pants. His mouth and hands did a decent job of keeping her distracted from her task. She felt light-headed, and her skin was buzzing from stimulation.

He pulled away as she made quick work of ridding him of his pants, reaching for a condom in the drawer of the night table before they got lost in the haziness he knew was going to overtake them, and tossed it on the bed within reach to use when they were ready for it. Having Letty underneath him was like a drug, and he was quickly becoming addicted to touching her.

Dom licked a stripe down the middle of her stomach, thumbs rubbing at her hipbones in odd fascination. "You're so soft", he murmured.

Her eyes rolled. "Yeah, there's this thing called lotion, and girls don't use it just to jerk off", Letty teased dryly.

He smirked at her. "You think you're funny, huh?"

"I'm hilarious", she dead-panned.

His fingers curled in the waistband of her shorts and tugged them down when she lifted her ass off the bed, leaving her in a pair of blue and white striped panties.

"Yeah, we'll see who's laughing when you're screaming my name in a few minutes", he challenged.

She pretended to look around the room thoughtfully. "Where'd I put my score card?"

He grinned, taking advantage of her distraction to slip his hand between her legs rubbing her through the cotton. She bucked against him with a curse, shifting restlessly as heat and adrenaline spiked inside her.

"Quit screwing around", she ordered finally, when it seemed that he was intent to go no further than rubbing against her.

"Don't worry. We'll get to the screwing in a few minutes", he chuckled, moving between her legs to pull her panties off.

"You're so charming; no wonder the girls all want to hop on your dick", she said sarcastically.

"Before I let you on top, you know it's not a pogo stick, right?" he raised an eyebrow.

She blinked at the image that popped into her head at that analogy, and then burst out laughing. "Girls do that? Ow!"

He rolled his eyes. "No shit."

Her giggling was cut off by a moan when he dipped his head to lick between her thighs. He held her hips down on the mattress as his tongue made her cry out and make noises she'd never heard come from her own mouth before.

It wasn't long before a tingling feeling rushed through her body, stronger than any time she had done it herself. Her body was so hot, so could practically feel herself sweating. She bit into her palm, barely stifling the sound of his name on her lips as she lost control.

Her heart was still pounding, but she was almost breathing normally when he crawled on top of her. She made an odd face at the taste of herself in his mouth when he kissed her.

"Okay?" he asked curiously.

"Super", she murmured weakly. He waited for her to calm down, watching in amusement, as she finally stretched out lazily. Letty smirked at the cocky look on his face. "I'm good", she offered after a minute.

It took less than a minute for Dom to take his boxers off, the condom on, and have her straddling him. He held her waist as she rose up over him. Letty looked down at him hesitantly.

"You set the pace, baby", he said as she positioned his shaft against her. "Don't hurt yourself." She slid down on him slowly until his fingers tightened on her. "Shit, Let, you're really tight", he groaned. "Give me a sec."

She clenched around him teasingly, laughing roughly when his eyes rolled back. Finally she settled on him fully with a hiss, head tilting back at the feeling of him inside her. "Dom, move", she pleaded.

He helped her find her rhythm and let her go, matching her movements as his hands wandered her body, exploring her muscle and feminine curves. He had planned to wait until she was eighteen, but Letty was Letty. She would still be Letty in a few months when her birthday passed; so he didn't really see the need to wait. She had always known her own mind, and on the rare occasions that she hadn't, she was at least honest about it.

He watched her intently, waiting for the right time to put her back underneath him, where he was finding he was quite content to have her. Finally, he flipped them over, testing her flexibility and lifting one of her legs over his shoulder easily as he drove into her, pausing to kiss her knee.

She took his rough movements easily and gave back her own as they sent each other toward the proverbial edge. He held himself up with one arm, sliding the other under her to settle at her lower back, helping her.

Her hands went up to grip the pillow under her head as she panted, body flexing around him.

"Let?" he asked roughly.

She nodded shakily, not needing him to explain. "I'm gonna go. Harder", she hissed.

"Any harder and I'll break you in half", he growled against her neck nearly about to lose the precarious control he had on his own release.

"You can try", she teased.

Dominic pulled his hand out from under her and slipped it between her legs. It took mere seconds. He felt her fingernails dig into his shoulders as she spasmed around him, a hoarse scream clawing its way out of her throat.

That was all it took for him to follow. Her name fell from his lips as a growl.

"Can you breathe?" he asked a few minutes later once they caught their breath, realizing he was still on top of her. "Because I don't know if I can't move." But he rolled to his side next to her, thumb tracing her collarbone lazily.

Letty smirked. "I could do that again", she said lazily.

Dom laughed under his breath. "Yeah, wait until tomorrow when all those new muscles you just used are burning."

She grinned. "You gonna be my personal trainer, or something?"

"Very up close and personal", he teased, running a hand down her side.

"I always did better with the hands on approach", Letty drawled.

She stretched out next to him sleepily. It was almost four-thirty in the morning. He pried one more kiss from her mouth and let her doze off. Once she was asleep, he let himself drift to sleep as well.

Letty was his drug of choice, and he would never get enough.



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