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They were each other's firsts. First date, first kiss, first love... Nearing the end of high school, something had happened and drove a wedge between them. Now six years later, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen run into each other, possibly reigniting their old spark, if it's still there. Falling in love isn't as easy as it was before. Modern AU.

My other Everlark fics are in Peeta's perspective, and this one will sometimes have chapters where it's Katniss's perspective. But, the main one will be Peeta.

I hope you all give this story a chance, and watch it unfold. This one with definitely be fluffy, with a hint of drama. So, please give it a shot!


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I heave a breath and drop the cardboard box filled with sketchpads, notebooks, and novels on the bare floor of my new apartment. My eyes scan the small living room with a door to the left, leading to a smaller bedroom, and a door beside it, the bathroom. I give a cold laugh, twenty-four going on twenty-five and can't even get a nicer place, I think. I look down at the few cardboard boxes, and dread the rest that I'll soon have to lug up the six flights of stairs. Place is too cheap to afford an elevator... With an annoyed sigh, I fish my cellphone out of the pocket of my jeans, and dial a number while walking down the stairs.

"Finnick, it'd be nice if you get here before I drag all the boxes up by myself." I say with a huff into the annoying answering machine of his cellphone.

I push through the creaky front doors of the complex, and grab two more boxes from the back of my truck. One box at a time would be easier, but it seems Finnick won't show up for at least another hour... Screw it. I roll my eyes at the reliability of my best friend, and try to peak over the boxes in my hands as I walk through the front doors. I make my way to the stairs, and keep my eyes trained on the steps below me to keep my footing.

Without an accident, I make it to the sixth floor, and walk in the direction of– I stumble a few steps back, and drop my boxes when I run into something? I hear a sigh, and I look up to see a girl on the ground with a dropped cardboard box to match mine.

"Oh god," I say and rush over the boxes to help her up. "I didn't see-" The words die in my mouth when her grey eyes look up to mine. My eyes widen as I look her over; the dark, dark wavy hair, steely grey eyes, tan skin... "Katniss?" I choke out, and she's as stunned as me.

Her eyes scan my body, as if analyzing to make sure she sees correctly. After a pause, she says, "...Peeta?"

And just hearing her voice, brings back memories from when we were young, care free... in love? The memories pain me, yet make me feel happy. Katniss Everdeen... is standing in front of me right now, and the six years have most certainly not changed a thing. Well, actually they have. Can six years make you more beautiful?

"Um.." I stumble. Um? I shout in my head. I have so much to say, and all I can say is um? Get your shit together, Peeta! "You... you look beautiful... as always." I swear a smile graces her lips; the smile I haven't seen in so long. The smile... the girl I've been longing for.

"Your eyes are still bright blue," she says quietly with the smallest hint of a smirk.

I offer her my hand, and her soft hand touches mine, sending a jolt through me. One that I haven't felt since I was eighteen. "Yeah, just like the sky," I say, remembering how she used to describe them years ago, and try to stop the electricity coursing through my veins. "Or at least that's what you told me."

A blush spreads across her cheeks, and I want to wrap my arms around her. To tell her I've missed her, to tell her.. To tell her everything. And I want to ask her about why she broke things off. Why she disappeared just after graduation. Why she left me alone.

"Are you... are you moving in?" She motions to my apartment door. 615. I nod, and something crosses her face, but it's hard to decipher after six years. I feel anger towards how I used to be able to tell what she was thinking just by her eyes, but that was long ago. "I guess we're – uh – neighbours."

"We are?" I try to keep my voice level, but the happiness perks in my voice. "Where are you?" And she points to a door at the very opposite end of the hall.


"Oh... that's cool." I say, trying to keep it cool. But my mouth opens again, words spilling out. "Maybe... maybe we could, um, y'know... grab coffee?" I stutter through the sentence and feel my cheeks become hot.

She bites down on her lip, a signature Katniss Everdeen nervous habit. Her feet shuffle, and she looks down. I start losing hope when she sighs, but then she says, "Okay, um.. Alright. Just let me take this box to my room, and grab a few things." She picks up the box, and hurries down the hallway to her place.

"Peeta, sorry I'm late! I was-" I look up to see Finnick, but he stops mid-sentence when searching my face. "Why do you have a shit eating grin on your face?"

I abandon the boxes a drag Finnick into my apartment. I close the door, and say, "I just ran into... Katniss."

Finnick's eyes widen in shock, and he gapes. "Katniss? Katniss Everdeen? Your other-half for the majority of high school?" And this must be shock for Finnick. They were close in high school, and he didn't even know where she disappeared to after Grad.

"Yeah.." I say slowly, it finally sinking in.

"I gotta say hi to her again!" He declares, and goes to leave out the door, but I grab his shirt and pull him back.

"No, not now." I say, "You're going to stay here, and unload the rest of my boxes while I go for coffee with her." He looks slightly disappointed, and I feel bad... "Please, Finn? I really... miss her."

Finnick stares me down before sighing. "You're lucky I care about you. And I care about you enough for a beer. Or two."

"Thanks," I smile and open the door. "We'll go out for beers, alright? I'll pay."

Finnick grins and shoos me off. "Well, if you insist." I roll my eyes and close the door behind me. I look down the hall just in time as Katniss walks out her apartment, and toward me.

"There's a place just around the corner," I say as she approaches me with a leather messenger bag slung across her shoulder. Wait.. "Is that the bag I got you for your birthday in Junior year?"

Another blush spreads across her cheeks, and she nods. I grin feeling hopeful that maybe she still feels something. But it's been six years. We begin to silently walk to and down the staircase. I open the old front door for her, she mumbles a quiet thank you, and I shrug with a smile as I lead us down the street to the nearby Starbucks. The air is muggy and warm with the smell of rain soon to come.

"What do you usually drink?" I ask with a smirk, hoping it's still the same.

We walk into the Starbucks and she gives me a look. "Don't act like you don't know," she says with a shake of her head. "Someone got me addicted to their Java Chip Frappuccino..."

"Who would do such a thing?" I mockingly ask. Things almost start to feel like they did years ago. And maybe they can be? Oh, who am I kidding? "You go grab a seat, I'll get our drinks."

Katniss retreats back into her reclusive attitude, nods and walks over to a table by the window. I turn around, and order two Java Chip Frappuccinos, and a double chocolate, peanut butter chunk brownie. Katniss's favourite.The barista calls out my name, I grab the two drinks and the plate with the brownie.

When I set the drinks and brownie down on the table, her eyes widen and then narrow at me as I take a seat across from her. "You didn't need to get a brownie," she says.

"But it's your favourite. Well, was your favourite."

She does a double take from me to the brownie, and breaks the dessert into two chucks. She holds it up and inspects the middle. "Peanut butter chunks... You remember that?"

I remember everything about you, I want to say. "Yeah, of course."

I watch as she takes a bite, and her eyes flutter closed. "Mmm.." she moans. I chuckle and her cheeks flush, and she swallows. "Not as good as yours though." She adds quietly.

A new memory has surfaced; the day I taught Katniss how to make chocolate peanut butter chunk brownies. She was so clumsy, and awful at mixing ingredients, that after an hour of trying to bake them, I told her to sit down and let the professional handle it. And, of course, this brought on her famous scowl which subsided once I gave her a spoon of batter to lick. I was hopelessly in love with her..

But then the day before Graduation, she told me it was over.

"Katniss, what's going on?"

We're sitting on a bench at our favourite park. She looks down at the ground, a tear slips down her cheek and makes a dark dot on her shorts. "Peeta... I'm breaking up with you."

My heart nearly stops at her words, and the blood pounds in my ears. I find it harder to breathe when I try to speak. "What?... Kat- Katniss.. No, why?"

"Peeta, we're growing up... this was just some silly teenage romance. Right?" She chokes out, sounding like she's trying to convince herself.

"I love you... you said you loved me. What happened to that?" I ask hurriedly, like my time with her is slipping away. "We we're going to go to University together... we were looking at apartments, Katniss. We're going to be teachers together. Remember?"

She still doesn't meet my eyes, but manages to croak out, "And you can still do that. Bye, Peeta." And then she gets up and runs down the sidewalk. I want to chase after her, and beg for her. Fight for her. But my whole body is paralyzed. I feel a tear slip down my own cheek, and my heart breaking with every breath.

The next time I saw Katniss was the following day at Graduation. In the crowd before the ceremony started I saw her younger sister, Prim and her cousin, Gale. I wondered where her mother and father were, and I had assumed they were late. And I tried to look for Katniss after the ceremony, but it was like she wasn't even there. That was the last day I saw her.

"Mr. Mellark!" A voice calls out, and I snap out of my day dream to look at Katniss. But she wasn't the one to call my name... I look around the shop, and find two of my students walking over toward my table. "Hey, Mr. Mellark!"

I smile kindly at the two girls from my Art and English classes that I teach at the nearby high school. "Sarah, Lindsey, good seeing you girls."

They look from Katniss to me and giggle. "Oops, are you on a date, Mr. Mellark?"

I nervously chuckle as my cheeks heat up, and Katniss chokes on her drink. "Uh... no, no. This is just an... old, uh, friend?" I say more as a question.

The girls nod and roll their eyes. "Alright, Mr. Mellark. We'll see you on Monday."

"Have a good weekend, girls." I say as they turn away. "Oh, and don't forget your essays due for Monday!" I call out. They wave and grab their drinks before leaving.

I turn back to Katniss and give a shy smile. "Sorry about that.."

Her head cocks slightly to the side and she raises an eyebrow. "Mr. Mellark?"

"I'm an English and Art teacher at Burnley High." I tell her, and with the memory that I recently thought about, I feel sad.

She opens her bag, and pulls out a stack of papers. "Prep work for my new job." She says, "English teacher at Greywell Collegiate."

We both became English teachers.. Just like we planned. I stare down at the papers in her hand, and close my eyes. "Katniss..." I say slowly, and hopefully I don't regret asking. "What happened to us?"

I dare to open my eyes. She's folding the corner of one of her papers, avoiding my eyes. "If I told you... you'd hate me." She says quietly. "Thanks for the coffee and brownie, but I have a lot of – um – work. I'll maybe see you around. Bye, Peeta."

Those words hit me just as hard as they did the last time she told me good bye. I watch her pack her things and hastily leave the coffee shop. My Java Chip drink sits on the table untouched, and her's half empty. Half of the brownie on the plate, the other half gone with Katniss. Like half of my heart. And I start to think..

I could never hate Katniss Everdeen.

I think I'm still in love with her.

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