Paradise Lost by basket-case1880

A/N: So, here is my new Criminal Minds. No, it's not part of the same universe as my challenge entries, but there will be Spencer/Emily in it later.

This idea came to me while watching an episode of ER with Josh Stewart in it. He played a bank robber who held some of the doctors hostage wanting them to heal his girlfriend. While watching it I had the idea of 'what if Will was really that evil on Criminal Minds...' and here's what has come out of it.

I have the first 7 chapters of this written. Let me know if it's worth continuing with it, please?

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I'm just playing with them in the sandbox. I will try to put them back once I'm finished with them. Any characters unrecognisable from the show are mine.



On the outside, the marriage was a perfect one; a loving husband, the dutiful wife and the little boy who could want for nothing.

His father bought him any toy he wanted and his mother didn't say anything about it in return. At first, the little boy wondered why his mother didn't object to his father spoiling him, especially when all his other friends weren't spoiled like him.

But then one night he was rudely awoken from his pleasant dreams by the sounds of his parents fighting.

He quietly got out of bed and followed the sounds of the fighting to the living room. There he saw why his mommy didn't stand up to his daddy; his daddy was hitting his mommy and making her cry.

He didn't like seeing his mommy cry, so he tried to remember what he had been told to do if his mommy was hurt. Sucking his thumb, he suddenly remembered. First he was told to call his daddy, but he couldn't do that because his daddy was the one hurting his mommy. Then he remembered his mommy told him if he couldn't get his daddy, he was to call one of his mommy's friends. But now the question was what one of his mommy's friends should he call?

Heading to his mommy's room, he found her mobile and decided to call the last person she had spoken to. It was easier that way because in his scared and tired state it was the easiest call to make.

Pressing all the necessary buttons to press, he waited for the voice on the other end to answer.

"Hello?" the groggy voice on the other end asked when they picked up their phone.

"Uncle Spence," the quiet voice questioned the person who answered. "Hurry. Daddy is hitting mommy and he is making her cry."