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my past is not the best. but hey its in the past right? wrong wrong wrong! i dont talk about my past for a reason. i dont bring up my dad for a reason. but my life is my business. so i all ways stand up for people... because what happened to me doesn't need to happen to anyone else. no one knows about my past. not even jerry, milton, kim and Eddie. everyone thinks they know me but they dont really know me.


do i tell people or do i not? i mean i dont date or do anything outside of the guys because i dont know what i would do if i acutely told some one and they told other people. i dont want anyone to know that my mom is in jail for child abuse. i all most told jack but then i remembered what happened when i told someone...

"your mom abused you?" Cameron asked.

"dont tell anyone" i said. "i wont" cam said. but then the next day it was all around school. after a while dad just relocated me and here i am seaford!