Chapter 12: Centuries Old Battle

"So, Dragon Warrior you are back from the dead. How nice now I can kill you myself," Oblivion said sneering down at Po. Po just glared back as he prepared to fight. "You already know my name but I do not know yours and since we are old enemies well the first Dragon Warrior and I are old enemies. And since he is not here you will have to do. Tell me your name and let's begin this fight," Oblivion said revealing his piranha teeth.

"My name is Po and I will end your reign of darkness," Po said gripping the Sword of Light tightly in his paws.

"Yeah right I wish I had a gold coin for every time I heard that one," Oblivion muttered. "Now let's fight," Oblivion growled and lunged at Po with full force. Po did a front flip and landed on Oblivion's back and struck the sword into his spikes. Oblivion yowled out in pain as he threw Po off. Po managed to land safely on the ground as Oblivion's spikes fell to the ground. The monster saw this and snarled at Po and began to strike with his claws. Po ducked under one set of claws only to be hit by another set.

"Po!" Tigress yelled as fear overtook her. She let out a growl of her own and raced off to help her panda. She ran up Oblivion's arm and landed on his face scratching him with her claws. Oblivion roared with pain as he tried to swipe Tigress off his face.

"Come on guys we have to help them," Viper said and slithered towards Oblivion. Monkey and Mantis sent kicks from underneath Oblivion's feet as Crane took to the skies and attacked Oblivion's back. Viper sent hit after hit along Oblivion's chest. Oblivion roared that shook the ground itself.

"Enough!" he bellowed. He swiped Tigress away with his claws. He used his massive tail to knock Crane into a tree. His giant feet kicked Monkey and Mantis into the ground. His soulless black eyes locked on Viper and he blew her away as if she were a fly. "Time to end this fight and your worthless lives!" Oblivion screamed. "Sphere of Darkness!" he yelled and a familiar ball of evil chi formed in his claws. The Five were too weak to move they would be obliterated. Shifu watched in horror as he was too weak to move.

"No, please not like this it can end like this," he whispered shaking his head in disbelief his eyes widened with fear. Po got to his feet and saw his love and friends in great danger. Glaring at Oblivion he raced forward jumping high in the air as he could. The Sphere of Darkness descended upon him as he cut through. Yet, the darkness was swallowing him whole as he vanished inside.

"Po!" his friends yelled.

"Ha, ha, my sphere will finish him off soon enough and then you all will die!" Oblivion cackled. But to his utter amazement in the center of the sphere a flicker of light was seen. Then a slicing noise was heard and the flicker of light became a beacon as it absorbed the darkness. Po flipped in the air and stumbled to the ground. He was breathing heavily as he tried to find a way to defeat Oblivion. His power was great his chi was darker than anything Po had faced before. How could he defeat this ancient evil? Po looked at the Sword of Light and knew what he had to do. He had to not strike the sword into Oblivion's skin but his soul entirely.

"Have no fear Po, I will get you in," Tyrone's voice said inside his head.

"And we will distract Oblivion, said the voices of Sierra and Leo.

"Alright the let's finish this once and for all," Po said getting ready.

"Stupid panda even with your friends' help and the Sword of Light, you are still no match for my power," Oblivion cackled.

"This fight isn't over yet, I still have one more trick up my sleeve," Po said. He closed his eyes as he opened his arms wide and felt the souls of Sierra and Leo leave his body. Two bright flashes came out and to everyone's amazement a female tiger that looked like Tigress but had silver blue eyes and another male tiger that had brown eyes stood before Oblivion.

"No, how can this be!" Oblivion said in utter fear. Sierra let out a roar and she and Leo flew at Oblivion and when they touched his skin. Balls of light appeared and more souls were being freed. "No, my souls my precious souls!" Oblivion cried as he tried to swipe at Sierra and Leo. But they were spirits so his claws went right through them.

"Quickly Po, while he is distracted", Tyrone told Po from inside his head.

"Right," Po said as he raced towards Oblivion with the Sword of Light held high. He ran onto Oblivion's arm and jumped straight into his chest. Tyrone covered him in a white light giving Po the power to go straight into Oblivion's body. Darkness surrounded him as he couldn't see two inches in front of him. It was cold so very cold but Po held the Sword of Light tightly and saw what he had come for. Covered in black ooze was Oblivion's own heart and Po with all of his might threw the sword straight into Oblivion's heart. The sword made contact and a ball of golden light was shot through as the darkness was disappearing. Oblivion felt his strength fading for without his souls he was nothing. Then he felt a shot of pain and spots of golden light appeared on his skin. He smacked them away but the biggest one appeared where his heart was. Then in an explosion Oblivion let out a mournful groan and was obliterated. The souls were freed as they flew off towards the night sky to paradise. Tigress awoke with a groan on the ground. She slowly got up and scanned the area. All of her friends were alive and Shifu and the Soothsayer were alive as well. Still she could not find Po and her heart was griped with fear.

"Po, Po where are you?" she called. She found him lying on the ground face down completely still. Her eyes widened as she raced towards him. Kneeling down she held him in her arms. He was completely still and Tigress was afraid he came back to her only to have him leave her again. "Po, please wake up please," she begged as tears fell from her face. The rest of the Five and Shifu along with the Soothsayer looked away with sadness. Po had returned to the land of the living and defeated Oblivion but only to return to the land of the dead. Tears fell from her face as she held her beloved panda close to her chest. Her heart was breaking as she couldn't believe she had lost Po again. A tear fell onto Po's nose and then Tigress's ears picked up something. Po was breathing and she looked down at him with shock. "Po, can you hear me?" she asked silently. He opened his jade orbs and smiled up at her.

"Hey Ti, did we win?" Po asked her his voice just above a whisper.

"Yes, yes we did," Tigress cried and smashed her lips onto his. His friends, Master and the Soothsayer ran over to him. Tigress released Po's lips and said firmly", Don't you ever scare me like that again or else I will tie you up and lock you in my room forever."

"Yes mam," Po said chuckling silently. Just then three balls of light descended towards Tigress and Po. They were the three tigers that had helped them defeat Oblivion.

"Are these my?" Tigress began to ask but Po nodded his head before she could finish asking her question. Tigress helped Po to his feet as she stared at the three tigers before her.

"Hello baby girl, I am Tyrone your father," Tyrone said smiling proudly at his child.

"Greetings little warrior I am Leo your Uncle," the browned eyed tiger said smiling at Tigress.

"I am Sierra your mother," the blue eyed Tiger said smiling with tears flowing from her face. "I am so proud of you, my little baby girl," Sierra said and hugged her child. Tigress felt cold but at the same time felt warm.

"Sierra, we have to go," Leo told her as he hugged Tigress goodbye.

"Good bye my daughter, and take care we will always look out for you," Tyrone said. "Po, take care of our child and thank you for stopping that demon now we are free," Tyrone said smiling.

"Thank you for all your help," Po said smiling as Sierra walked towards Tyrone and he kissed her lips passionately. Then they released each other and waved good bye to everyone and along with Leo they disappeared into a golden light.

"Good bye mom, dad, and Uncle Leo I will miss you," Tigress said shedding tears of her own. Then she held Po tightly as he kissed her forehead.

"Come on Kitten let's go home," Po said and led her inside the Jade Palace as the sky cleared and the sun came out. All the villagers who woke up that morning had a feeling of great peace and not knowing just a few moments ago that good had won another battle.

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