Chapter 13: Dreams Come True

Po stood at the altar waiting patiently. He wore a black tux with a white Lillie as he stared down the aisle. His dad, mom, and Xavier, his biological father was sitting in the front smiling at him. Monkey, Mantis, and Crane were all wearing black tuxes and standing to his left. Each one giving him a smile of encouragement and he looked over and saw Viper. She had on white flowers and wore a warm smile. Lanterns hung along the trees as the warm breeze swept around them. Just then the music began to play and Po stood at attention. Shifu wearing a black tux as well was holding Tigress's paw. She wore a simple white dress that had long sleeves, was low cut, and had silver lines along the sides of her dress. On her head was a crown made out of white lilies and a veil covering her face. Around her neck was the necklace Po had made her all those years ago when they were children. A Ying Yang necklace but it was different than the normal version of the Ying Yang symbol. On one side it was orange with a white dot and on the other side it was pure white with an orange dot. According to Po it was the perfect symbol of their friendship and now it was the perfect symbol of their love. "Who gives this woman to this man?" asked the preacher. He was an elderly moose with thick glasses.

"I Shifu, her father does," Shifu said smiling as he gave Tigress's paw to Po. She knelt down so Shifu could lift the veil up and gently kissed her cheek. "I love you Tigress, my precious daughter," Shifu said shedding a tear.

"I love you too Father," Tigress said shedding a tear of her own. Then Shifu stepped back and sat with Po's parents as he smiled at his daughter and at his future son-in-law.

""Dearly beloved we are gathered here on this joyous occasion to bring Po and Tigress together in holy matrimony. If anyone here objects to this union speak now or forever hold your peace," the preacher said. He looked around but the area was silent. So, he smiled and continued on with the service. "The couples have written their own vows so Po, I will allow you to go first", the preacher said.

Po smiled at Tigress and began to say his vows," Tigress, you and I have been best friends since as far as I can remember. Whenever I was in trouble you were always there watching my back and making me feel safe. I could tell you my darkest secrets and you would never tell. You made me feel brave and confident in myself and in my opinion you helped me become the Dragon Warrior and I thank you for helping defeat Tai-Lung, Shen, and now Oblivion. You, the rest of the Five, and Shifu have become part of my family and I know I mess up a lot but for some odd reason you still love me. I am truly happy you accepted me as your mate and husband. And I promise to always protect you and keep you safe like you kept me safe. I will only make you laugh and keep you smiling for I hate to see you unhappy. You complete me to my very soul Ti and I will spend the rest of my life making you happy because you always made me happy. I love you Tigress, never forget that," Po said shedding tears. Even the preacher wiped a tear away as he looked over at Tigress. The female tiger was almost in tears for she was touched my Po's words and knew that he meant every word.

"Now I will let Tigress read her vows," the preacher said smiling at Tigress.

"Po, when I was young I was seen as a monster for my claws and strength. Everyone ran in fear of me until I met Shifu and he helped me control my strength and adopted me as his daughter. Yet, I thought no matter how hard I tried I would always be seen as a monster. Until I met you and I thank whatever divine power there was that day that led you to me. When I looked into your jade orbs I never once saw fear. Just love and kindness and it touched me to my very soul. When other kids called me a monster you made them stop even if it meant putting yourself in harm's way. It made me see that you truly cared and you protected me like I protected you. When I was with you I felt safe that I could be myself and you never ran away from me when I was all hardcore. I felt special and now we can spend the rest of our lives together. And I vow to protect you and still watch your back like you always did for me. Thank you Po, for bringing me out of the darkness and into the light. I love you," Tigress said as tears fell from her face. Everyone in the crowd was soon in tears as the preacher continued on.

"Po do you take Tigress to be you're lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer for as long as you both shall live?" he asked him.

Po took Tigress's paw and said", I do".

"Tigress, do you take Po as your lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold for better or worse, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?" the preacher asked her.

"I do," Tigress said smiling.

"Then I ask for the rings which is a symbol of your eternal love for one another", the preacher said. Viper gave her ring to Tigress and Crane handed Po his ring. They slipped the rings on each other's paws as the preacher said;" Now I happily pronounce you man and wife you may now kiss the bride." Po held Tigress by the waist as he kissed her passionately on the lips. Tigress wrapped her arms around his neck as tears of joy fell from her face. Monkey and Mantis started bawling as they hugged each other and Crane smiled over at Viper as the female snake shed a tear for her brother and sister and smiled at Crane. Flowers were tossed in the air as the crowd gave the couple a joyous cheer. Po and Tigress released each other as they stood before the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to announce Mr. and Mrs. Ping," the preacher said as he began to clap. Po and Tigress smiled at each other and knew that they were going to have a very happy life together. In the back the Soothsayer smiled for she knew they were going to have a happy life for she had foreseen it and a smile came to the old goat lady's face.


Po and Tigress soon built a house in the meadow where they used to play as children. Po continued being the Dragon Warrior and with Tigress and the Furious Five they kept the Valley of Peace safe from evil. And they did have four children the ones Po saw in the Spirit World. A black and striped panda boy named Zander, two twin tiger girls, one white and black, the other orange and black. The white and black girl tiger's name was Selene and the orange and black one's name was Tamera. Their last child was a black and white panda boy named Wyatt. And they all lived happily ever after.

The end

Author's Note: Hey guys in case you all are wondering I might be doing a sequel using Po and Tigress kids but I am unsure as to what it will be about. If anyone has any suggestions pm me when you can and hope you all enjoyed this story and please review. Till next time.