Ivypool and Dovewing where curled up next to each other. They were sisters. Like best friends. They were two of the closest cats in the clan. Dovewing woke up tired from last nights kitting of Squirrelflight. She had two kits. Acornkit and Firekit. "Ivypool wake up!" The white cat's eyes slid open. "Dovewing? What is it?" Dovewing's eyes were half closed and pointed with her tail at two cats. "What are they doing?" Dovewing asked. Ivypool looked too. "They are saying something." They crouched and sneaked closer and went to the shadows were they couldn't be seen. It's Squirrelflight and Bramblestar! She thought. "It's Squirrelflight and Bramblestar!" She whispered out loud for her sister to hear. Bramblestar was moaning with pleasure while Squirrelflight was sliding his dick up and down. "That looks good."

They looked at each other. "Should..We try that?" Ivypool asked. "But I don't have a huge stick in my front like Bramblestar." Dovewing replied. Ivypool groaned. "Thats called a cock and only toms have it." Dovewing tilted her head. "How do you know?" "Me and Foxleap...Umm..Talked about it.." Ivypool replied. "Here lets go in the forest." They ran to the forest silently.

"Now lets try this." Ivypool got her tail and got it near Dovewing's pussy. "See that. I'm going to slide my tail in and out with my tail. Okay?" Dovewing laid down, showing her pussy in clear view. "Okay." She replied. She slithered her tail in her pussy and Dovewing moaned. "Oh..Ivypool..Faster..." Ivypool got wet and did so. Faster..And faster..

"Oh, OH!" Ivypool licked her lips and got down. She started licking the top of the pussy and then slithered inside. "Do you taste me?" Dovewing said getting her aroused. Ivypool felt something go in her pussy. Dovewings tail was sliding in her pussy. They both moaned. "Ivypool, I feel something coming! OH! ITS COMING OUT FAST!" She cummed all over Ivypool's tongue and she licked it. Dovewing felt the juices all over her tail. She slid her tail in Ivypool's mouth. Ivypool climbed on Dovewing making their pussy's together.

"That was wonderful." Dovewing said. "Yes, lets jack off again sometime."