Dovewing's heart was pierced. "LIONBLAZE! WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME!" She woke up startled at her nightmare. She never was mates with Lionblaze.."I wish.." She said out loud. Cinderheart is sooo lucky..She thought. She ran out of the warriors den looking around. Cinderheart and Lionblaze were sharing tongues.

"When are you going to have kits?" Lionblaze asked Cinderheart politely. Cinderheart stopped grooming his fur. "In a moon, that's what Jayfeather said." Lionblaze licked her ear. "Good, our kits will be beautiful." He said, See you later, and headed out the camp. Then stopped."Hey Dovewing! Wanna go on a patrol? Just you and me?" He asked. She was shocked. "Wait, really?" She ran to him. SHUT UP DOVEWING! YOU ARE HIS KIN! I AM THE DAUGHTER OF WHITEWING WHO IS THE DAUGHTER OF CLOUDTAIL WHO IS THE NEPHEW OF FIRESTAR WHO IS THE FATHER OF LEAFPOOL! She realized she was panicking out loud. "Heh, heh..?" She laughed embarrassingly.

They walked slowly near the river and lapped some water. Lionblaze looked up and licked his lips. "That was delicious. Look at the sun!" Dovewing looked at the sun gleaming off his pelt. The flower petals dancing in the air. The water shining against the shore. She snapped back to reality. She looked at herself. The pale grey cat staring back at her. She nuzzled Lionblaze on the muzzle for comfort, suddenly feeling alone.

Lionblaze's amber eyes then stared into her blue eyes. "Dovewing..I-I need to tell you something." He looked at his golden paws. Dovewing panicked. Oh no, he's going to probably tell the whole clan how I always stare at him and freak him out. "I-I love you.." He said. She couldn't believe her ears. "Really?" She burst out loud, questioning him. He nodded and slid his tail down her body. She stood on all four paws, like usual.

She felt the tip of his tail quiver on her waist. "Do I have your permission to do this?" He asked. She nodded and screamed inpatient. "YES JUST HURRY UP AND FUCK ME!" She then felt his tail go in her pussy and go in and out repeatedly. She moaned with pleasure making his dick harder. She licked her lips and yelled. "FASTER! HARDER!" He moaned and felt her juices on his own tail. He slid it faster and harder by the heartbeat.

She got her paw and started to pump his dick. She rubbed it up and down. Over and over again. He moaned and she went faster. He sprayed juices all over her and she licked it right up all clean. "Yes, all over me!" She moaned as they both worked on each other. She cummed on him to while he felt satisfied.

She jumped on him, pinning him and started to suck on his dick. She bobbed her head, back and fourth. She puffed, very tired, hard while doing her task. They then made a hot mess all over each other. "That was fun." Lionblaze said. "Lets do it again tomorrow." Dovewing then replied with new energy bubbling inside her.