The Chronicles of Vincenzo Giuliani


I took the liberty to get some of the extra work at the company taken care of; right when I finished updating a quota, I heard the door open, and looked towards it. "I thought it would be best to bring you this, to help you while you resumed work," the figure told me. It was only my butler, Marcus, bringing me a cup of coffee.

"Thank you, Marcus," I replied while grabbing the mug from him.

"I wish to serve you, Master Giuliani. Are you doing studying, sir?"

"I finished studying a few hours ago; now I'm finishing up some orders. I have also been thinking about one of my father's closest connections: the Phantomhive family.

"Yes Master, what about them?"

"I have been thinking that they might be able to help me find whoever was responsible for my family's murders." When I returned from school for the holiday, I expected to be greeted with warm welcomes; but I was in a shock to find my parents, Giuseppe and Francesca brutally murdered. The night after, I was visited by a shadowy figure; the figure told me that he would help me exact my revenge. However, in order to accomplish it, I would have to make a Contract with him. He told me to lay out my hand for him; suddenly, he absorbed into my left hand, and a pentagram appeared on it. As I made it into my bedroom, where a saw a butler standing right by my bed stand. "Who are you?" I asked.

"I am Marcus Faustian, and I am here to serve you," he replied.

"Where did you come from?"

"I just arrived right when you made the deal. I am here to serve you until either your death, or you no longer require my services." From then on, I have sworn to find those responsible. I have also been working as hard as I could to juggle my father's trading company, and my studies.

"Yes, well sir, how do you intend on meeting with Lord Phantomhive?" Marcus asked me while I finished my quota.

"I am going to send a letter to the Phantomhive Manor, and invite the young Earl to my home."