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Prologue: Entering the War


Tris hands shook as she started packing things into her small backpack. She doubted that she would need any of this stuff where she was going. She took a few things that were important to her. She remembered the announcement earlier, her back shivered at the thought of going to war with the unknown enemy.

A group of pebbles clattered on the wind shill. Tris jumped startled. Slowly she made her way to the door, looking down where her best friend Christina.

" You ready?" Christina asked in a hush whisper, afraid that Tris parents might wake up.

" Just give me a sec," Tris informed back, rushing back to her backpack, zipping it closed. Her heart was still beating, it didn't seem like it was going to slow down.

Am I really going to do this? Tris thought right as she opened the window. She was going to leave her parent behind so she could join the army to fight against the enemies. She was leaving to keep them protected. The Amity had not joined the war, they were too keen on keeping peace, but whether they liked it or not if the war didn't get any better soon the whole society would be in trouble….including her parents who, unlike her were unselfish. They didn't deserve to die. It was because Beatrice was so unlike them that she decided to protect them. She was too selfish to be part of the Abnegation Faction. She was different. Her brother betrayed their family by leaving to Erudite compound, now she was the only daughter they had left. She would abandon them so they had a better chance to survive. One more person serving in the army was a better chance. Without looking back she jumped from the window down.

" Took you long enough," Christiana groaned.

" I'm sorry," Tris apologized

" I can't believe we are really doing this-," Christina said while they walked away from Triss's house

Tris didn't answer, instead she glanced back at her house. She wondered if she'll ever see her parents again.

" Joining the Army-that's insanity right there," Christina said with a shake of her head.

" You're only doing it to be with Will," Tris pointed out, tempted to run back home this very instant.

" Duh, he's been gone for so long- I need to see him," Christina replied quickly. " I would do anything for him..,"

Will had been gone for months with no word about him. It was Christina who first thought of joining the army to look for him.

They stopped right at the military base. Tris knew that here is where they will learn to fight for the society. She couldn't shake the feeling that she was actually doing this. Most new recruits were from Dauntless. Tris caught the sight of a boy name Uriah, along with two female friends that appeared to be Dauntless as well.

" New Recruit? State your name and faction," The Recruiter glanced skeptically at Tris and Christina.

" I'm Christina. Candor," She replied.

All the other recruiters seemed older than Tris. Most of them were taller, better built than she was. She had always known that her body was shaped more like a child.

" Name?" The Recruiter called for Tris attention.

Focusing her eyes on the recruiter she thought of her real name. Beatrice. A name everyone knows her by…She needed a different name.

" It's Tris. Abnegation,"

" Abnegation? We've never had a Stiff join the forces," the Recruiter frowned, giving Tris another look. " How old are you?"

" 18," Tris lied. The truth was she had barely turned 17 last month.

The Recruiter looked skeptical. " Show me your documents?" the recruiter asked. Tris fumbled for the papers that Christina had managed to fake before coming here. Trying to keep her hands steady, she handed them to him. Minutes passed. Tris was almost positive that he had found out that they were fake.

" Our Requirement are for people taller?"

Christina steps in " With all due respect sir. Right now we are losing the biggest war in history. We can need all the help we can get-,"

Tris shot her a grateful look before turning her attention back to the Recruiter.

" Welcome to the army ladies. I can't guarantee you your safety-but I can guarentee you that from now on your life will never be the same. We start training early tomorrow. Get ready-," he yelled.

Christina and Tris didn't wait to be told twice. They found two empty beds next to all the new recruits.

" This is scary," was the first thing Christina said while they settled. " Do..you think we made the right choice?"

" I guess we'll have to find out…," Tris replied, but she was unsure herself.

It was too late to run home now. She would have to face this. One way or another. Tris had definitely sign up for one hell of a ride. She will have to fight for survival.

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