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Battle 1: Attack


The gun is laying at Tris lap. It feels heavy. Christina is next to her, she is focused on the sound that the chopper made as it rose into the night. Tris found herself thinking if this first mission would be her last. After months of training this is the first time they are going on their own personal missions. The thought terrified her. She wondered if she was ready to do this. Weeks of training passed through her, with every broken muscle, bone, she had struggled to maintain herself in.. It was a huge challenge. Every time she reminded herself of her parents. That's the reason why she was here. Tris let out a huge breath.

" Would you calm down already? You're making me nervous," Christina turned to Al, a friend they had both made at training.

Al's legs had been shaking nervously.

" Sorry, I can't help it…," he replied wiping his forehead, which had collected a certain amount of sweat.

" It'll be fine Al! First missions were meant to be hard," Christina tells him, but she equally looks nervous.

The only ones who seemed calmer were Uriah, Marlene, and Lynn. They were Dauntless, of course they wouldn't be afraid. Tris glanced outside. All she could see were trees. They were far away from the society now. Closing her eyes she imagined how her life was before Caleb left. When they were all together. Those moments when they were happy together.

" Are you scared at all Tris?" Christina whispered over to her.

" Of course I am, but it doesn't matter anyways we have to do this," Tris responded honestly.

Christina sighed " Your right,"

The Chopper started descending down. Tris felt her heartbeat accelerate. This was it, soon she'll have to go down there and fight against the enemy. Her eyes scanned the people around her. Uriah shot her a comforting smile, promising that everything will be all right.

" 5 minutes until landing. Group Echo will take charge of section 9," the lieutenant said over our earpieces.

Uriah, Marlene, and Lynn got their weapons ready. Christina took a deep breath before getting her gun. Al face had gotten green, but even he got hold of the weapon. 3 minutes… Tris was the last to grab her gun. Slipping her hands into the barrel, Tris locked her hands on it.

1 minute…

" Good luck," Christina attempted a brief smile.

" Now! Go jump," the lieutenant ordered.

Uriah, Marlene, and Lynn were among the first to jump down. Al jumped before Christina. Tris was the last to jump from the chopper. She didn't think twice as she jumped. Her blond hair tangled all over her face, she came into a halting floor. As soon as they hit the ground they burst into a run. People were shooting everywhere from distances.

It was as if time had stopped and sudden realization was hitting her. Tris moved for coverage. They had dropped them right on a battle ground.

" We have to get the people hiding in 23 sector," One of the ones in command ordered.

Things were going to fast. Tris was having a hard time processing it, as the shots rang on. She lost track of Christina in the midst of the whole shot down. She was thankful that she was small, she could crawl away into smaller places easier. She hid behind a small containment, Tris closed her eyes for a moment. She needed to focus on what was going on. There was no other choice. She had to be brave, that was the only solution. Finally Tris opened her eyes and began shooting back.


I counted the seconds before the car came to a complete halt.

" Where could they be taking us?" Lauren whispered over to Four, so quietly no one else could hear.

" To one of their safe houses," Four whispered back, scanning the area.

" Should we keep pretending we are in their side?" Lauren asked.

" Yes," Four nodded, they had been pretending to be on the enemies side for months now. Their job were dangerous, but this was the only way the society could learn secrets about the enemy. They acted as infiltrators. The thing was Four wasn't sure if he was in the side of the society either. He was like the factionless. Unsure of what side to truly be in. Sure now he was helping the society, but he wasn't so sure he'll stay in the society.

" I don't like it…they are becoming suspicious. We should back away," Lauren sighed.

Zeke approached them. " Guess what I just heard. New recruits from the society are planning an attack. They are on choppers now, heading over here as we speak."

Four contained an exasperated sigh. The society was sending to many young recruits who were dying too soon. Things weren't going great for the society.

" How many?" Four asked, his tone slightly angry.

" A dozen," Zeke shakes his head. " I have a bad feeling about this all."

" Who doesn't? So what's the plan?" Lauren stepped closure to Zeke and Four, trying to keep the conversation between all 3.

" As soon as they get here we hide. We try to rescue as many of the new recruits as possible," Zeke informed, making sure no one else was suspicious of their conversation.

" I'll take section 9, Lauren you cover the rest of this section, and Four you take care of section 20,"

When the chopper arrived, the enemy didn't hesitate to shoot. The moment they reached the ground they started shooting viciously. Four counted how many people got out. Eleven, he then noticed a way smaller figure jumping down. Twelve. All eleven went different locations, the twelfth one went on an opposite direction. Four noticed him crawling into a small containment.

What are you doing?, Four thought knowing for a fact that if that person hid there, it was likely that person would be die. Four shook his head as the person began shooting back. He frown, there had to be a way to allow himself enough coverage to get the person out of there. That person could be only a boy for as much as he knew. Four looked at the people targeting the boy. Only 3, standing under something he could use to his advantage. He pulled out his gun and shot upwards towards the roof of where they were. The roof collapse suddenly. Four took this opportunity to run towards the other side. In a quick motion he grabbed the boy and moved him out of the small containment. The boy scrambled away, suddenly pulling a knife, managing to scab Four slightly on his thigh. Four let the boy go.

" What is your problem!" he yelled at him. It was only now that he stared at him that he realize it wasn't a was a her. It was a girl. Her blonde hair tangled in front of her, while her blue eyes expanded. She quickly scrambled to her feet.

The only thought crossing Four mind was…Who Was She?

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