Lost Girl: Redux

Chapter 4: Faetal Attraction

Pairing: Bo & Tamsin | Valkubus

Specs: AU, Femslash, Slightly OC Tamsin

Rating: M for Sexual Content and Language

Skulls flying towards them, Bo, Tamsin, Dyson and Kenzi ducked behind the car as the building exploded. Picking up one of the skulls, Tamsin examined it. "What the hell did you do succulette?"

"I guess some people just don't deal well with rejection." The words stung Tamsin's heart. She knew that those words, on some level were directed at her. Her facial expression reflected it, but Bo and Kezni didn't notice, however Dyson did. He could see the pain and hurt in his partner's eyes. She was a master of hiding her emotions, but not from him. They had been through a lot together, despite being on opposite sides of the field, so to speak.

She had told him what Trick had said to her, that she was supposed to stay away from Bo, and had been caught making out with that barista from the Dal by said succubus. He tried to make her feel better by taking her out to a human bar and getting her drunk as shit, but it didn't help. He could see that she was still miserable. He didn't know what else to do.

Kenzi jumped on Bo, waking her from her sleep. Trying to grill her for details, thinking that she might have shacked up with the wolf man, or the blonde Valkyrie. "I want all the hairy details." Bo pushed Kenzi off of her.

"No, no details, I feel like shit." Bo flopped over, her back facing Kenzi.

"Did you see Dyson at the Dal last night?"

"No, worse, Tamsin." Kenzi cuddled up to her best friend.

"Okay, well did you tell her that you've got these succubus feelings for her or what?"

"Or what. She had another woman there."

"Oh tits."

"According to Tamsin, she's only going to help me heal, that's it."

"But there was something there! I can see it, Tamsin doesn't seem like the kind of person that helps people out of the goodness of her heart."

"It's not a big deal, she was probably just trying to load up on favors I owe her so she can sway me to the Dark or something. Now just let me go back to sleep, I have the flu." Bo covered her face in the blankets. Kenzi, not wanting to let the subject drop, pulled them off of her. Bo sat up, clawing for her covers back, moaning.

"It's not the flu honey, its rejection." Bo gave Kenzi a somewhat confused face. Kenzi's mouth dropped. "Oh my god, you've never been rejected before have you?"

"I don't know, maybe."

"So as a human, I know what it's like, being rejected, heartbreak sucks, but there are ways to deal with it, and I will show you how." Bo didn't respond and Kenzi decided to shake Bo until her got up. "Is the succubus going to stay in bed forever?"

"Okay, no, telling Tamsin how I feel about her, was your idea may I remind you? It's your fault."

"This is why I'm going to be there for you every step of the way, okay? Including ice cream for breakfast."

"Oh joy." Bo's voice dripping with sarcasm and she plopped back on the bed.

"I promise, it'll be fun." Kenzi was about to give Bo a wet willy, when Bo slapped Kenzi's hard away from her ear.

"Okay enough!" Pushing Kenzi off the bed and Kenzi scampered out of the room. "Fun huh?" Bo said to herself. "What's the worst that could happen?"

Another kid sitting at the police office, just pissing off Tamsin and Dyson, giving them nothing to go on really. Tamsin was starting to get really frustrated with the boy. "Today is really not the day to piss me off." She hissed at him. Dyson could see where this was about to go, so he took matters into his own hands, better him take the fall than her. She had enough under her plate without going all Valkyrie on him. He grabbed the kid's hand and twisted it, and everyone in the station could hear a creaking sound. Hale rushed over. "Cool it D-man." Dyson gave Hale a look, and glanced over at Tamsin, who Hale could see was calming down, but still had the fire in her eyes. Hale nodded.

"He broke my arm!" The kid was babying his arm, Tamsin rolled her eyes. She got up and walked over to him, "It's not broken." She had enough experience with broken bones to know it was just popped out of the socket. She pulled his arm and the same sound echoed throughout the station, signaling it was back in place. As she walked out of the room she yell. "See all better now!" Dyson and Hale exchanged a look, and tried to comfort the kid.

Out in the hallway Tamsin leaned up against a wall, sighing. She couldn't get over her feelings for Bo, and it was getting out of hand. She had almost gone Valkyrie on the kid's ass, and she didn't need her life cycle to be shortened any more than it already was. Dyson had taken the hit for her, but she knew he couldn't do it forever, she needed to figure out what she was going to do about Bo, and fast.

Down in an old, abandoned field, Bo and Kenzi stood over a beat up car, Bo with a crowbar in her hand. "Okay, ready, begin!" Kenzi encouraged Bo. She swung the crowbar into the windshield of the car, venting all her anger at Tamsin into it. When the windshield, the headlights, and the entire car really was all destroyed Bo asked, "What next?" Kenzi explained that they were going to go party it up, to help Bo get over Tamsin. Bo explained that she wasn't really a drinker because it caused her to lose control, killing people. Kenzi told her they would go somewhere safe.

"You know what the worst thing is? That Tamsin isn't affected by this shit at all, she acts like I don't exist and my day is just being shit." Little did Bo know that it was affecting Tamsin, just as much as it was affecting her.

Kenzi and Bo walked into the Dal, Kenzi pushing Bo towards the bar, after she had tried to run out. "We did not just play two hours of dress up so you could just go jump back in bed." Trick smiled at the girls.

"Special occasion?"

"Yeah, girl's night out."

"This pub?" Kenzi chimed in after Trick voiced his concerns.

"Everyone is safer if Bo is around her own kind, so start us a tab Trickster." Trick flinched a little, not enough for the girls to notice. The nickname reminded him that it was, by extension, his fault that Bo was like this. He could tell the succubus was hurting over rejection, he had seen it before; he ran a bar after all. He was willing to bet that he knew who she had been rejected by. As much as he wished it didn't have to be this way, Tamsin and Bo were better off.

"One drink." Bo insisted. "Maybe two."

At the station, Dyson was being grilled by his boss. The kid whose arm he nearly detached was going to dodge the arrest charges and sue the station because of him. Tamsin sat across from her partner, feeling guilty because she knew that Dyson was taking the fall for her.

"It's never happen, it's just talk," Tamsin was trying to reassure her. She didn't want Dyson to get in trouble. She really did care for her partner, despite her cold exterior.

"You can deduce that huh Tamsin? Because you haven't been deducing shit lately, don't think I haven't heard the complaints against you. This is the third one about you two this week." Tamsin was starting to lose her temper again.

"It's not legit, it's just random shit people stirring up trouble."

"No, you two are losing control, and it's getting the way."

"Look, we'll try harder okay?"

"Oh you two will do better than that, tomorrow you'll be seeing the shrink and getting this shit dealt with." Tamsin glanced at Dyson.

"Wait, it me, not him, he's just protecting me, don't make him do this." Tamsin almost couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth, but she had to help her partner out, he didn't need to go to the shrink, she did. If she could spare him that, she would, he had done enough for her.

"Fine Tamsin, just you then, but Dyson let your partner succeed or fail on her own."

"Yes ma'am." She walked out, leaving Tamsin and Dyson to the discussion they both knew had to happen.

"You didn't need to do that Tamsin."

"Yeah, I did. I can't let you take the heat for me anymore, I'm not worth it." Dyson shook his head, the pair had had this conversation before, Tamsin had a lot of self-misery to deal with, Dyson didn't know exactly why, but he knew it had to do with her past, which Tamsin never really talked about. She thought that everyone, Trick, Dyson, even Hale, cared too much about her, and she knew she would never be able to pay them back.

"Tamsin, I'm not going to have this argument with you again, but I hate that you're shutting me out. We've been friends for a while, partners even longer, I want to help you, wither you believe you deserve it or not." Tamsin stood up and walked around the room.

"The cops and the fae, I know you are in the same position, but you understand, we have two different full time jobs. That stress alone is enough to make me go insane, and now there's Bo." Dyson nodded, their friendship was close, close enough that they both admitted to each other what they had done with the succubus. Tamsin was a little jealous of Dyson, but she understood. Bo needed to feed, and since Tamsin wasn't willing at the time, and now she couldn't, the succubus had to go elsewhere, and it just happened to be her partner.

"You love her don't you?" Tamsin whipped her head around, seeing the knowing look on Dyson face. She was about to deny it, when Dyson raised an eyebrow. She just sighed and nodded. "I need a drink." Dyson smiled, grabbed his coat and followed Tamsin towards the Dal.

Kenzi and Bo were sitting at the bar, downing shots. Bo was pretty drunk, due to the 6 or 7 shots she had. Even with her drunken mind, her thoughts were still on Tamsin, but this time it wasn't thoughts of affection. Voicing her thoughts to Kenzi, "Tamsin, she's cold, bitchy, sarcastic, and I never should have gotten involved." Kenzi encouraged her best friend to let it all out.

"What else?"

"What else, Lauren?" Bo hadn't spend much time in the company of the doctor, but she could tell that there was a potential budding romance between the two, but deep down she knew that Tamsin was the one she really wanted. As Kenzi was commenting on Lauren, said doctor approached the girls. "You know, as your doctor, I should recommend against excessive intoxication."

"Who's drunk?"

"Well, we don't know the affects of cocktails on your abilities." Lauren smirked.

"Well, I'm not a guy, so I can promise you; booze doesn't affect my ability to perform." Bo stroked Lauren's hair. Lauren chuckled.

"Well I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a drunken succubus' booty call, so take it easy."

"No promises." Lauren walked away.

"That was some serious sparkage, I think she likes you."

"No, doesn't matter, see Lauren is human, I sleep with her, and she dies." A particularly handsome man walked towards Bo, and Bo could see his sexual aura off the charts. "This guy on the other hand, has sexual chi to burn."

The man introduced himself as Samir, flirting with the succubus, saying she was very intriguing. She pointed over to a woman in the corner, introducing her as his wife, Olivia. Bo complimented her, and Samir invited Bo to have a drink with the pair of them, at their home. Bo questioned if his wife was okay with that, after her caught on to his meaning.

"My wife is a fury; I wouldn't so much as flirt with you if she didn't give me the say so. In fact, you're her choice, and I whole heartly agree." Bo was hesitant and rejected the guy.

"C'mon are you a succubus of a succubust? Rebound sex is the easiest way to get over someone."

"I told you, I didn't care for Tamsin was much anyways." Although Bo knew she was just denying it. As the words left her mouth, she looked over and saw Dyson and Tamsin walk into the bar and past the girls, to sit at the end of the bar. Tamsin signaled for Trick to get them a couple of beers. Bo couldn't looking at the blonde, so she got up and walked over to Samir and Olivia, beckoning to both of them, inviting them to her place, right in front of Tamsin.

Tamsin felt like she had been punched in the heart, which Bo's actions had meant to do to her. She didn't know how much longer she could hold herself back from the succubus. She was beginning to accept that the succubus meant a lot to her.

After her fun with Samir and Olivia, Bo was lying in her bed, asleep. Tossing and turning, she woke up, feeling very satisfied. She walked downstairs, only covered in a sheet, and pointed at Kenzi. "Gold star for Kenzi, rebound sex was exactly what I needed."

"Why does it look like you're not sharing this monster hangover?"

"What can I say? Sexual healing will do that for you, and the best thing is that there was no string attached; best idea you ever had. "

"You're very welcome" There was a pounding on the door and Kenzi stood up to open it. Standing there was Olivia, she walked in a greeted Bo. She complimented her on the previous night. Then asked about her skills, that she had heard might be for hire.

"They sure are, let's talk rates." Bo rolled her eyes.

"What's the job?"

"I want you to kill someone."

Sitting on the couch, Bo asked about the job. Olivia told Bo that her and Samir were mated, for life even. They had come to an agreement that they would invite people to join them to make things, more exciting. Olivia also told Bo that they had one rule, and that was no snacking behind each other's backs. She described the girl; she was a human florist they had used once in their event planning business. She said it was one thing if it was once, but she said Samir was having an affair with her, developed feelings for her. She handed Bo a stack of letters she had found in Smair's desk. Bo tried to refuse the job, she didn't want to kill a human, there was a reason she didn't feed of them.

"Fine, screw the complications; I'll take care of this myself." She grabbed the letters and stormed out of their home. Bo and Kenzi decided to try to save the girl.

"Where do we find her?" Kenzi pulled out a letter she had kept.

"Oh return address." Bo grabbed the letter.

"Why did you keep this?"

"Habit, just habit."

Walking into her house, Jenny poured herself a glass of wine. She was about to walk upstairs when she ran into Olivia. She dropped her glass and backed up into the kitchen.

"Stuck you hand in the wrong cookie jar little girl. The price for being with my husband will be insanity and death." Her eyes began to glow a red-orange color. "I hope it was worth it." As Olivia entered the kitchen, Bo was standing there and punched Olivia in the face. Jenny tried to run, but Olivia grabbed on to her leg and Jenny fell, smashing her head against a flower stand. Olivia stood up and swung at Bo, hitting her face. She grabbed a knife and swung again at Bo. Dodging the knife, Olivia managed to pin Bo against the counter, holding the knife above her. Bo gripped Olivia's hand, trying to stop the knife. Olivia looked into Bo's eyes, using her powers on Bo.

"Get out of my mind!"

"This is nothing; I'm going to sear your mind, let turn up the heat." Bo grabbed a toaster, shielding her eyes, forcing Olivia to look at herself. Her powers turned against her, her eyes began to burn and she fell back, off of Bo. Bo grabbed Jenny, who grabbed her bag and they ran out of the house, leaving Olivia looking very disoriented.

Dyson walked into the station, seeing Tamsin sitting at her desk, massaging her temples. Dyson went over and sat across from her.

"You know how to convince a therapist you need help? Be late to your first appointment." Tamsin looked up at him

"I don't know if I can do this Dyson. I just don't know."

"Listen, you didn't want me taking the fall for you anymore, you have to go through with this, play politics. Suck it up Valkyrie, you can do it."

Back at Bo's place, the girls were trying to comfort Jenny, trying to help her, but Jenny unfortunately didn't remember much. Kenzi was playing with a sword when she dropped it with a clattering. Bo snapped at her, telling her to put it away, and asking where she even got it.

"Pawn shop, isn't it awesome?" Jenny asked Bo who she was, and Bo simply said she was a private investigator and proceeded to tell her that a hit was put out on her.

"So that's why Samir's been so distant, he was trying to protect me." Kenzi, on the other hand had a different theory, that he was just leading her on, and being the typical scumbag male who just screwed and left a women. Although Bo shut her down quickly. Bo decided to go talk to with Samir, to get him to handle Olivia before someone got hurt.

At her session Tamsin wasn't really willing to open up. The therapist was trying to get her to open up, but Tamsin just laughed and described the therapist's life in full, back to her face. Standing up to fill her coffee mug she just said, "You've always been strong, but now you feel like your world is spinning out beyond your control, and instead of deal with suddenly feeling vulnerable, you're compensating, by lashing out at anyone who happens to get in your way." She left, leaving Tamsin to her thoughts.

She knew deep down that the doctor was right. As a Valkyrie she wasn't used to feeling vulnerable, but that's how Bo made her feel. Bo made her feel both strong and weak, both invincible and vulnerable. In the short time she had known the succubus, and with the minimal time she had spent around her, she knew that she was in deep with Bo. The succubus was getting inside her mind and smashing down her walls, and that was what truly scared Tamsin.

Bo approached Samir and Olivia's house, intending to talk with Samir. She walked up to the porch and rang the door bell. There was no reply, so she knocked. She heard a woman scream and the sound of breaking glass from inside. Finding the door unlocked, she stepped inside. Cautiously entering, she called out for Samir. Searching for him, she saw Olivia, blood on her face and hands. She ran right past Bo, pushing her into the stairs, and Bo cut herself on a shard of glass. Olivia ran out the door, leaving Bo alone. Walking into the living room, she approached a chair, Samir sat there, decapitated. Bo dialed Kenzi , "Kenzi arm up, people are really starting to lose their heads."

Bo walked into their house, and as she walked in, Kenzi jumped at her sword drawn. "Easy killer, it's just me."

Bo walked over to Jenny, waking her up. "Bo what's wrong, what did Samir say?"

"Not very much, um, nothing actually. I'm sorry Jenny, when I got there Samir was dead." Jenny's head dropped, trying to process the news. "Olivia, she's kind of insane, she got there first, I was too late." Jenny was starting to cry, hysterical. Bo tried to comfort her, using her powers on her. Jenny stopped crying and Bo comforted the girl, telling her it hurt, but to give it time.

Tamsin and Dyson walked into the living room where Samir's body sat. "So how did it go?" Tamsin gave her partner a dirty look.

"We're not talking about this right now." She looked at the body. "Jesus, what are we thinking here exactly?"

"Not sure yet, I kept it out of the human system to be safe, the wife is missing." Tamsin bend down to examine the body.

"D-Man, where exactly is this dude's head?" Dyson almost laughed.

"Not here."

"Any theories?"

"Well the head came off pretty easily, but bar that, nothing." Tamsin and Dyson walked out of the room, down the hall together. "Any witnesses?"

"Nothing but the text you got." Dyson noticed a bit of blood near the staircase. He dipped his finger in it and took a whiff. He smelt Bo's scent. "Of course, looks like you're going to have to face your fears sooner rather than later partner." Tamsin looked confused for a second, then it dawned on her.


When Dyson and Tamsin arrived at Bo's place, Bo let them in, decidedly ignoring Tamsin, which hurt the blonde Valkyrie, but she couldn't say she didn't deserve it. Dyson questioned the succubus, while Tamsin just stood a few feet away from the succubus, trying not to look at her. Bo walked over to a stood to sit down.

"Did Olivia have the weapon?"

"I don't know."

"Did she have the head?"

"I didn't see it, was it not there?"


"Well I don't have it, there anything else?" Tamsin decided to ask the question she had been dying to ask the succubus, and screw the consequences.

"I have one." Tamsin walked towards her. "Why did you bring them back here in the first place?" Bo did make eye contact with Tamsin.

"I was hungry, my last healing session just left me a little unsatisfied. I didn't want to call you again Dyson, no offense. They were there and you know what, they were yummy." Tamsin didn't reply, how could she reply to something like that. She knew Dyson had fed Bo after she healed the succubus, but Tamsin thought that if he had maybe the succubus had developed feelings for the wolf. Obviously she was wrong to hope. Dyson stepped in to save his partner from further embarrassment.

"You should try to curb that appetite of yours." Dyson then warned Bo to keep her eyes open and door locked and that he and Tamsin were going to go look for Olivia. Bo questioned them where they were going to look. Tamsin replied.

"Furies always have sisters."

Standing at the door of the fury sisters, Tamsin and Dyson were trying to find out where Olivia was.

"Mm, Tamsin, haven't seen you in a few centuries, not since warrior training. How's being a Valkyrie treating you?" Tamsin gave her a dirty look.

"You know full well how it's "treating" me. Now let's just cut to the chase. I know Olivia is sick, tell us where she is so we can help her."

"Someone tried to kill our sister, no one we don't trust gets near her." The fury sisters were about ready to use her powers on the pair, but Tamsin was ready to respond in kind. Dyson grabbed her shoulder, to calm the Valkyrie down. Nothing could be more lethal than a Valkyrie and a Fury facing off. After all they were both servants of one god of the dead or another. "Ladies, we're here under the authority of the Ash." The sisters sighed.

"We can't get her out."

"That's why you bring a Valkyrie."

Tamsin went to Olivia and looked into her eyes. Using her powers of doubt and persuasion, she was able to get Olivia into the car with her and Dyson.

Bo snuck up on Kenzi who was asleep in the chair, her hand gripped around her sword. Bo yelled in her ear to wake her up, Kenzi launched up, nearly out of the chair, and then leaned back.

"Not me, I'm not asleep." Bo smirked and handed her a cup of coffee.

"I'm going to go check on our house guest."

Bo walked up behind Jenny, seeing the girl in s nightie of hers. "I just wanted to see what it looked like on. You must always get what you want."

Bo smiled. "You'd be surprised. So you're feeling better then?" Jenny turned to Bo.

"Oh much, I just feel so safe here. I feel so right." Bo looked concerned, and stepped in front of the girl.

"Jenny, I know what it's like, to be led on and I would hate to do that to you. So I'm saying this not to be cruel, but to be clear. You staying here, it's just temporary."

"Yeah, of course, I'll be out of your hair just as soon as it's safe, you just say the word." Bo's phone suddenly rang. Dyson was on the line; he informed Bo that they had Olivia at the clinic.

"So we can relax now?"

"Or you can get your ass down here, the Ash is en route and he wants you to explain this mess."

"What if I say my calendar is full?"

"Don't." And he hung up.

Bo get dressed and headed down to Kenzi and told her she was being summoned.

"Oh no, you are not leaving me with creepy McCreepster."

"Yeah, about her, I need a favor. I put a little too much oomph in my zing and she's crushing on me big time, and I need you to talk her out of it, gently. The girl's been through enough."

"Fantastic." Kenzi's voice lined with sarcasm.

"Hey, look in the bright side. Dyson and Tamsin found Olivia, and everything will be just fine."

At the clinic, Lauren had Olivia hooked up to some life support machines and such. The Fury was babbling, making little to no sense. Lauren tried to examine the woman, but she screamed. "Don't touch me!"

Bo walked in, asking about her condition. Lauren informed her that her brain was in a death spiral. The Ash suddenly spoke.

"Prodigal succubus, what's your part in this?"

"She asked me to execute a human, and I refused." Tamsin who was standing the corner away from all the Light fae rolled her eyes, of course the succubus would refuse. Tamsin could see so many traces of Light in her, but at the same time she could see the Dark. She supposed that was why Bo refused to choose a side, there was too much of both side in her. "We fought, and her attack, I guess it backfired."

"And then someone killed Samir."

"I went over to talk to him and he was already dead. All I saw was Olivia like this. She ran as soon as she saw me."

"Her insanity does explain the messy kill."

Olivia looked at Bo, and in a sudden bout of sanity she spoke. "I didn't kill my husband." Then she slipped back, screaming out nearly incomprehensible words.

"Attacking a human out of jealousy, killing your mate, you were supposed to punish those who break our rules, not break them yourself." The Ash looked at Bo. "And you, siding with a human over a fae, you could not take a more foolish position."

"The day's still early." Olivia started shaking and her heart started speeding up. Lauren tried to inject her with something, but it was too late, Olivia died, the heart monitor reduced to a flat line. "I'll break the news of Olivia's sisters." The Ash was not pleased. "We'll be keeping you under close scrutiny." Tamsin's ears perked up at that, if the Ash was going to watching her closely, she needed to tell the Morrigan to do the same. "And you Dyson, let's hope your performance improves." He looked over at Tamsin. "You are lucky I don't end this little exchange program right now because of this mess." Tamsin glared back at him, she wasn't going to let the Ash push her around. Then Ash then walked out of the room, leaving the gang to deal with the mess.

"I'm sorry, I totally forgot to order it without peppers."

"Yeah, even though I told you seconds before you made the call that I hated green peppers." Kenzi was wiping the peppers off her pizza.

"My head must still be a little fuzzy." Jenny was trying to get information out of Kenzi about Bo, Kenzi didn't give anything up. When Jenny asked what Bo's favorite restaurant was, Kenzi just said they didn't eat out much.

"We? We this, we that, you must be right in there with Bo huh? Right by her side, day in day out?"

"Yeah, you know we're kind of a team." Kenzi laughed.

"Is that healthy? I mean don't you want to branch out of your own one day? So that both of your can flourish."

"Yeah, you know you're totally right, I'm actually planning on going back to school and getting my law degree." The sarcasm dripping off of her tone.

"Oh law, that's so great." Jenny must have missed it.

"Yeah it's so great." Kenzi just nodded, a fake smiled plastered on her face. "Gotta pee." Kenzi got up, running off to the bathroom. Although instead, she ran into Bo's room, finding Jenny bag. She unzipped it, pulling things out of it, she finally came across a bloodstained chainsaw, as well as Samir's detached head. Disgusted, Kezni stood up, backing up. Jenny came up from behind, hitting her over the head, knocking her out. She picked up Samir's head, hugging it to her chest. "Mine."

Bo walked into the house, calling out for Kenzi. When there was no reply, she called out for Jenny instead. Once again no reply, but suddenly her phone rang. She sighed and picked up the phone, Tamsin was on the other end.

"Hey succubus, you probably want to hear this. We were checking out Samir in the system."

"What he has a record?"

"No but Jenny does. Apparently she was picked up a few weeks ago in a parking garage near Samir's office."

"No kidding."

"I checked it out with the arresting officers. Samir told them that Jenny had become obsessed. He had slept with her once, but she became delusional. Thought that they were having some sort of passionate love affair."

"What so the entire relationship was in her head?" Bo was skeptical. "That's nuts."

"He claimed she had been stalking him for months. But he begged us to keep quiet so his wife wouldn't find out. "

"Which means what?" Bo noticed a trail on the floor, leading up stairs. She got up and followed it.

"Look, the tox-screen shows that the wine Samir was drinking was laced with tranquilizers. Olivia didn't have the presence of mind to drug him. She's not our killer, as much as I would love to pin this one on a Light fae."

"I think we have bigger problems."

"Yeah?" No reply. "Bo?" Bo ran up to her bedroom, Samir's head sitting on her bed in the bag.

"I found the head. There's a note." She picked it up. "Beloved, I've taken steps to remove the obstacle between us. Join me at the farm, we'll start our new life together."

"Did you sleep with her too?" Tamsin was almost furious, although rationally she knew she had to reason to be.

"I touched her, that's all."

"Bo you can't use you powers.." Bo cut her off

"Just save the lecture okay? She's taken Kenzi."

"God damnit." Tamsin said to herself.

Driving quickly away, Bo failed to notice the black SUV proceed to follow her.

At the farm, Jenny stood in from the Kenzi, who was tied to a chair. "Did you really think you could get between me and Bo?"

"It wasn't on my radar, one way or the other." Kenzi tried to loosen her bonds. "What are you going to do?" Jenny pulled out a gun.

"Don't worry, you're just the bait. It'll be over quick once Bo gets here."

"Actually I prefer slow, and drawn out. There's no reason to rush anything." Jenny turned as her head something. Samir's head came rolling in the door. Jenny pointed her gun at Kenzi. "I knew you'd come."

"How could I resist such a romantic gesture?"

"You're not mad?" Bo approached Jenny.

"No, at you Jenny, no. You're my destiny. I love you." During that whole speech, Kenzi pulled out a small knife and tried to cut the ropes holding her.

"Nobody ever loves me as much as I love them." Jenny bent down to pick up Samir's head. She opened up a cabinet and put the head on a shelf, along with what looked like a dozen other skulls. "Everyone who said they loved me, they all left. But I always keep a piece of them close. Samir was no different, coward in the end, too scared to love me back." Jenny turned to look at Bo.

"You killed him."

"I went to his home, to tell him that I totally accepted it was over. He was so relieved, then I drugged him, and cut off his head." How's that for over?" Kenzi, during the entire conversation had finally managed to cut the ropes holding her.

"You let me find the body, Jenny. You pretended to be upset."

"I'm sorry I lied Bo, but that was before I understood this thing we have between us. Every is different now. Now I'll never be separated from the one I love. " Jenny picked up a remote control, with a single button on it.

"What did you do Jenny?"

"You can learn a lot from the internet, like how to turn ordinary fertilizer and paint into explosives. When I push this button we'll be together forever." Bo held her hand out, as a gesture for Jenny to wait.

"Okay, okay, but if we're going to go out with a bang, I want it to be in your arms."

"I'd like that." Bo approached Jenny. Jenny pointed her gun at Bo. "Slowly." Bo slowly approached Jenny, but before she could reach her the door to the shed opened. Jenny pointed her gun at whoever was about to enter. In stepped Olivia's sisters. "How convenient, they're together."

"One stop shopping." Jenny turned to Bo.

"Liar! You're just like everyone else."

"Okay, I did bring them, just calm down." Jenny pointed her gun back at the two sisters. "Who are you?"

"Our sister is dead because of you!" The other sister looked at Bo.

"And you took part, so you both pay." The girl's eyes turned that reddish-orange color, using their powers on Bo and Jenny.

"Don't, don't she's got a bomb." Bo warned them. Bo tried to get clam everyone down, but it didn't help. Jenny was about to set off the bomb, when one of the sisters walked toward Bo, and the other used her powers on the girl. Jenny fell to the floor and Bo was smashed into the cabinet. The sister that was after Jenny, sat on top of her, holding her eyes open, staring into them. Jenny's eyes began to smoke, her mind burning. Kenzi struggled to cut the last bit of rope binding her.

Bo's eyes were also being pried open, but she tried to fight back, her eyes turning blue. The sister laughed. "Nice, but you still have your training wheels on." Bo managed to grab hold of an aerosol can and sprayed it in her attacker's face, blinding her. Jenny's attacker ran to her sister's aid. "At least I can still see the road." Bo grabbed Kenzi and ran towards the door.

"Detonator." Kenzi said.

"There's no time." Jenny flopped over on the floor.

"Bo, don't leave me, come back here you bitch." Jenny crawled towards the detonator. Kenzi and Bo booked it out of the shed. Seeing Tamsin and and Dyson driving towards them. The car came to a stop as Bo yelled at them to stay back. Both officers got out of the car, as Bo and Kenzi ran towards them. The shed exploded with a loud boom. Skulls flying towards them, Bo, Tamsin, Dyson and Kenzi ducked behind the car as the building exploded. Picking up one of the skulls, Tamsin examined it. "What the hell did you do succulette?"

"I guess some people just don't deal well with rejection." Bo gave Tamsin a look, not knowing how her words really stung the Valkyrie.

Sitting at the Dal, drinks in hand Kenzi and Bo finally were able to relax. "Thought I'd be extra crispy for sure."

"As if I could get rid of you that easily."

"Hey Bo, I'm not like Jenny am I? I'm not too clingy, or anything?"

"You make me want to be a better fae." Kenzi smiled. Tamsin managed to sneak up on the girls.

"Mass destruction and two dead Furies, that's quite the Friday you've got going on there succubus. Trick, shot of the usually, please."

"The Ash, he's pissed huh?"

"I wouldn't know, you know that, the Morrigan is impressed though. You certainly made a problem for the light. Dyson probably was able to get you off the hook with the Ash though, next time you see him, you can ask him yourself. Although I guess I should thank you, since this was a high profile serial killer case, gave me and D-Man some big points." Trick handed Tamsin her drink. "Guess you don't owe me anymore." Tamsin went to go sit on one of the sofas they had in the Dal, Bo followed her, leaving Kenzi at the bar to talk to Trick about a bottle of 300 year old wine she had jacked from him.

"So, I was thinking." Tamsin waved Bo off.

"I'm going to stop you right there."

'No it's good. Listen, as recent events have suggested mixing emotions and sex can get kind of messy. " Tamsin nodded, although they hadn't had sex yet, Tamsin knew it was only a matter of time. There was only so much self control she had.

"That is what I was trying to avoid with us." The lie slipped out easily.

"Yeah, well I get that now."

"My offer does still stand though, I'll be there when you need me." Tamsin wanted it to be so much more, but she knew that it would make things more difficult for everyone, so she would try. Not that she would succeed however.

"How about for more than just healing? How about for fun?" Tamsin smirked.

"For fun."

"Yeah, there's this whole friends with benefits thing that I have heard so much about." Tamsin laughed.

"You don't say, yeah, and you're actually kind of perfect. You don't care, you don't die and I trust you." That hit a string on Tamsin's heart, both good and bad. On one hand the succubus thought she didn't care, not that Tamsin could blame her, that's how she was trying to act, although internally she knew better. On the other hand, Bo trusted her, that was more than anyone had ever done for her, for knowing her such a short time. No one ever trusted the Valkyrie so fast, Dyson and Trick were really the only ones who really trusted her now even. "Friend with benefits."

"But definitely just friends." Did she want to take this? Her heart would give out sooner or later and she would have to admit her feelings for Bo, despite Trick telling her not to. But how could she refuse?

"Deal." Bo leaned in towards Tamsin, bringing their lips together. As they collided, Tamsin could feel those same sparks go off as the last time she kissed Bo, but this time, Bo wasn't feeding from her. She reveled in the feeling. Her hand stroked the succubus' arm as she pulled Bo closer to her, needing to feel the contact between them. Bo pulled back, smiling at Tamsin. "So, do you want to get friendly at your place or mine?"

A/N: Okay, so testing is now over, so to celebrate, I wrote a new chapter! I'm in the process of trying to pull away from the mirroring I've been doing, so I'm slowly pulling Tamsin into her own character. I wrote a lot about the inner workings of her mind and feelings, and hopefully nothing was all weird, and I apologize if it was.

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I kind of took a few liberties with Furies and Valkyries, since they were both servants of the dead in their respective mythologies, Greek and Norse. So yes, Tamsin did know the Furies personally; my ideas were that they trained together before Tamsin became a Valkyrie. I've done a lot of research on Valkyries, and I want to sort of keep the mythology true in this story since we don't really know a lot about them from the show, and in mythology Valkyries weren't born, they were chosen.

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