Austria sat at his piano. Fingers flowing softly over the keys. Making magic. He was in the middle of a song he was making, he'd been working on it for three weeks and couldn't get the last part right. His hands played a high note and then a low one. This was as far as he had gotten the last time he's played it, and the time before that and the time before that.

His mind filled with possible ways to end it but none of them seemed quite right. He was about to make his mind up when a small yellow bird landed on his head. All for the song left him and he swatted at the bird.

"Grrrr. I had almost finished that song, you little nuisance!" Austria shouted at the bird. He finally caught it in his hands. Looking down at it he felt a small blush creep to his face. It was so cute! Looking at it he couldn't help remember the bird that, normally, sat atop Prussia's head.

Thinking of the bird on Prussia's head soon became thinking of the Prussian himself. The Austria mentally bashed himself for think of the man. "If you keep thinking of him you will never finish this piece" he huffed to himself.

"Keep thinking of who?" Austria instantly recognised the husky German accent that belonged to the very man he'd been thinking of.

"I bet you 'vere thinking of mien sexy, AWESOMENESS!" He cackled with laughter. Slipping from his place on the windowsill he walked to the piano. "You should continue playing that song you were playing before" he said running his fingers through his hair.

"H-how long have you be there!" Austria demanded. The Prussian laughed his normal kesesesese sort of laugh and pulled Austria into a head lock.

"Long enough to know that you should of finish that song by now!" the Prussian cackled, scruffing up Austria's hair with his hand. Austria struggle against the larger man. Damn he was strong!

"Let me go!" Austria shouted

"Not until you tell me what's wrong with you!" Prussia growled "I've been watching you! You haven't finish a song in ages! I haven't seen you eat for weeks and your just not acting like yourself!" He let Austria think for a moment before going on.

"I've been irritating and gabbing at you at every world meeting and you just don't seem to care!" He let go of the Austrian, who fell to the floor. "Why don't you get angry at me! Even now you're not being yourself! Come on yell at me!"

Austria just sat on the floor. Looking up at the Prussian something inside him changed. He wants me to yell at his does he? I'll show you yelling

"What the hell do you think you're doing! Charging in here and saying I'm not myself! I haven't been yelling at you in world meetings because I've been trying to ignore you!" Austria shouted at the Prussian.

"Why would you want to ignore me! I'm too awesome to be ignored-!" Austria pulled Prussia's legs right out from underneath him. The Prussian toppled to the floor like a rag doll.

Sitting next to Austria on the floor he began to speak "That's the Austria I know and love" he laughed. Austria blushed at the word 'love' and Prussia noticed.

"Awwww! Are you getting all mushy over the AWESOME me!" he said poking Austria in the cheek. Austria bit him.

"Ahhhhhh!" Prussia held his finger to his chest "What was the for!?" he cried

"That was for being an idiot" Austria took the finger in his hands and kissed it softly. "And that was to say sorry" Prussia's eyes were wide before they became small sly slits on his face.

"If you want to say sorry you should kiss a little higher up kesesesesese!" he was promptly punched it the face before having his request fulfilled. Austria kissed him softly on the lips.

"Sorry for not being myself these past weeks"

"Kesesesese! It's ok!"


"Hey Specs! I'm hungry! Let's get something to eat!"

"Ok. That sounds nice"

Austria left his unfinished song to finish another day and followed a Prussian out into the light of day.