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The Dark Side of Love

Part Twenty-Six: Always

Edward's expression is tight and pained as I cry. All the stress and everything that has happened in the past week is too much for me. I miss mine and Edward's awkward moments, and our love making moments.

Still the thought of having sex with Edward lingers in my mind, but I am too scared to do it. I want to be able to do our game like he promised, but that involves sex, and sex is something I am not okay with right now.

I take a deep breath and let it out slowly, I inhale Edward's unique scent, and it calms me down some. He kisses my forehead and nods in answer.

"Always," he whispers.

I just HAD to put that line in my story that is my favorite saying of all times, I 3 Snape but then again this is Twilight were talking about. I always imagined Edward saying it.

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Anyway, I hoped you liked this chapter for it will be the last chapter for two or more weeks. I do however have sneak peek(s) for you...the next chapter and a couple of glimpse for the future;

I'm back in the house with my gun aimed at the vampire head as I tell him to answer my questions.

"What are you?" I demand my voice firm as I hold my gun to him. When he does not answer I fire once in his leg. The skin, as I watch transfixed, is healing around the bullet. The guy grins.

"Answer me!'' I yell, he flinches and nods fearfully.

"I'm a night creature, you call a vampire." I laugh at his attempt to lie to me, he looks at me with a sad smile.

"A vampire? Aren't they only supposed to be in movies?"

"Mine" Edward purred licking the bite on my neck.

Oh shit, a war and not any type of war, a vampire war.

"Edward, I'm ready to play the game." I heard a deep chuckle before it goes black.


-Misfit Heartbreak