42 Reasons To Suck It Up and Tie Steve Down Before He Can Run Away

1. The thousand different and equally adorable blushes.

2. General facial area and it's fantastically distracting attractiveness.

3. I can always read the faces he makes. All of them.

4. His illegal and unfair use of the puppy dog eyes.

5. Captain America command voice.

6. Captain America spandex.

7. Can fuck me against a wall with one hand. Mildly emasculating, wildly sexy.

8. That thing he does with his tongue.

9. The White Shirt Of Sexual Frustration—enough said.

10. The smiley face breakfasts when I have morning meetings. They're silly and pointless but I've been unable to disprove that they make the meetings better. Well, tolerable.

11. The reactor doesn't keep him up. Hell, he likes it.

12. Understands the complex and hectic scheduling issues involved with superhero-dom/running SI, and doesn't hold cancelled dates against me.

13. Only person I have ever and will ever let dip me.

14. Artist's hands.

15. The way he rubs his hand over his face to hide his grin when I'm being equal parts annoying and funny.

16. He says "gosh". Genuinely.

17. Smells like leather and pine trees. That wasn't hot before him.

18. Puts up with my endless and increasingly ridiculous pet names.

19. The way his hair looks all floppy and mussed up in the mornings.

20. His surprisingly and delightfully dirty sense of humor.

21. He's somehow managed to give me a military dress kink.

22. Which probably means he'd also look fantastic in a tux. But that's sort of a given since he'd look fantastic in a paper bag.

23. Those stupid little sticky notes he leaves everywhere when he goes on missions and the way they make me smile.

24. The way he bites his lip.

25. Gives absolutely no shits about how much money I have. I'm pretty sure if anything, it annoys him.

26. Always, infuriatingly able to tell the difference between my smiles.

27. Knows how I'm going to take my coffee by looking at my face.

28. Come to think of it, he might be psychic. Look into this.

29. He's really, really snuggly.

30. Best hugs.

31. Best kisses.

32. Best sex.

33. Makes everything better purely by virtue of his existence.

34. Thinks I'm worth it.

35. Makes me think I might be worth it.

36. Makes coming out of the workshop before four am worth it.

37. Makes waking up before noon worth the whole "morning" part.

38. Always listens. Even when he doesn't like what I have to say. Even when he doesn't understand. Even when I'm not listening to what I'm saying.

39. The whiny-but-trying-not-to-be-whiny face he makes when he thinks I'm not paying enough attention to him.

40. The bots approve. Enthusiastically, if the wedding planning websites JARVIS keeps "accidentally" letting pop up are any indication.

41. Three years and I'm somehow not bored or antsy or feeling trapped.

42. 42 is the meaning of life, and all available evidence has proved that he's the meaning of mine.