Title: Margins

Author: meliz875

Pairing: Bella/Embry (mild)

Rating: T


This story was written for the Tricky Raven Author/Artist Silent Auction, a fun event we did on the site that allowed our members to "bid" on an author of their choice in order to help us raise money to keep it going. In return, the authors agreed to write a oneshot based on a prompt given to them by their winning bidder.

My prompt was from my awesome friend, TheTypeWronger. Instead of trying to explain it to you in my own words, here are the most important pieces of the prompt she gave me...

I once bought a copy of my favorite book from a used bookstore. It was a brilliant and beautiful book with the most painfully accurate descriptions of love that I have ever read. Anyway, I got more than I bargained for. Almost every page of the book (I didn't look through it before buying it, which was unusual for me, really) was covered with highlighter marks and scribbled notes at the page edges about a girl named Ginny (there was no Ginny, Ginger, or Virginia in the book). It was like a cross between a love letter, heartbreak, and a wish list. It was, in a word, amazing. And I almost felt like I had this... soul-deep connection with this stranger.

So, my prompt is all of that up there. Doesn't have to be my book. Just a book. Bella's the bookworm, so she's the one who ends up with the book that's been scribbled in. And it'd make me just so happy if the book scribbler was revealed, because my book scribbler never was, and they will never know what their scribbles meant to me or how we thought/felt so many of the same things.

Finally, the book that appears in this oneshot – and you will see passages from it throughout – is "I Wrote This For You" by pleasefindthis. If you haven't read it, READ IT.

This is a New Moon AU, told in a series of vignettes (which I set as separate chapters so this story will read like a drabble series) that flow together to create the entire story. Combining that with the prompt, here we go...

Hope you all enjoy... :)