Word Count: 332

Prompt: If Erica had danced with Derek instead of Jackson and Isaac at the rave. (In the same verse as "He Was In Here Raving")

Pairings: Derica, some Isaac/Erica Bromance

Notes: Ace!Isaac (blink and you miss it)

"So what do people even do at these things?" Isaac asks, glancing down at Erica.

She curls an arm around his waist and tucks her face into his arm. "Dance? Get drunk? Rave?"

Isaac grins and steps back. "Let's dance then," he suggests. "Derek left to get beer, so that's two out of three."

"Decent odds," she agrees, and she wraps her arms around his neck to start dancing with him.

She and Isaac learned to dance like this about the same time Isaac realized he wasn't really interested in girls (or boys for that matter) and when she realized she had a massive crush on Derek Hale. So the grinding and booty grabbing doesn't really do much for either of them. She does take some satisfaction in knowing that anyone watching is probably turned on. She looks hot tonight, she knows, and Isaac looks good even if he's wearing one of Derek's shirts.

So she's a little bit of an exhibitionist. Only sometimes, honestly.

Someone presses close to her from behind, moving with the pair of them and obviously a lot more interested in Erica than Isaac is. Isaac looks over her head and grins, reaching back to take a red solo cup filled with what's probably beer and hands it to Erica before getting one of his own. They stop dancing to drink, and when Erica glances over her shoulder, her face burns when she sees Derek.

He grins at her easily. He's already finished his beer and he pulls her close into a swaying slow dance that doesn't fit the music but makes Isaac laugh in delight.

She tucks her face into his chest because the flashing lights might get to her if she looks too long, and he doesn't draw away. Her beer sloshes on his shoes and he laughs into her hair when she apologizes.

At some point Isaac butts in and makes them all dance to the actual rhythm, but Derek holds her close and…that's good.

A/N: Honestly, the name was irresistible and I'm not sorry, even if the closest thing to sex was an implied boner.