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Ichigo: *jaw drops*

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Laying in bed, Ichigo was exhausted due to the sheer amount of power he had exerted in the last three weeks. Training with the vizards to control his inner hollow had been more work than he originally thought. Hyori had been a real hard ass once he had controlled that monster within him and made sure that he didn't get much rest. Being beaten numerous times only to have Haichi heal him until he was fit enough to fight over and over again. It was tiresome but Ichigo refused to give up because he had to be strong enough to fight Aizen or else the world would perish if he got the oken. Numerous lives would die and he'd be to blame for not being strong enough.

Ichigo had been sent home after a particularly nasty blow which was something Orihime wasn't around to heal so Ichigo was placed in his gigai so that Shinji could deliver him home saying that he was a classmate and that Ichigo had been beaten by some delinquents on the way home from school. Being semi-conscious, Ichigo could barely hear the cries from Yuzu as she worried about him and before he knew it, Ichigo was asleep before he was carried up the stairs. His body demanded rest and he would get it or else he'd pass out from exhaustion so getting his ass handed to him at least been a good thing.

The sleep was dreamless and Ichigo was surprised he had not been dragged into his inner world to once more fight his persistent hollow. The fighting itself wasn't to dethrone Ichigo but more so because the other part of Zangetsu was growing restless and desires bloodshed. Ichigo didn't like to fight for no reason and the fact his hollow continually dragged him in only attack vexed Ichigo. The whole point in him gaining power was to protect not to harm and though Ichigo wished he wasn't with such a parasite, Ichigo knew he was necessary for his increase of power to protect those he cared for.

This dreamless sleep was a treasure for Ichigo and he was in complete bliss until the feeling of foreign spiritual pressure entered his room woke him up. Snapping his eyes open, Ichigo was shocked to see the blue haired arrancar, Grimmjow, standing there in his room. Ichigo heard him mutter something about the high reitsu in the room being able to cancel out his own but Ichigo didn't know how to respond. Yes, Ichigo's spiritual pressure was high but how the hell had he found his house? Oh yeah, spiritual pressure, duh! Ichigo wasn't about to hit himself in the forehead for his stupid moment because he needed to focus as much as possible. Why was Grimmjow here? What did he want and was he going to kill him or just want a fight? It looked like he was missing an arm and Ichigo wondered what happened to it and why it was taken. Was it due to him coming to the world of the living without permission? It might have been which made sense since he was suppose to be punished and Ichigo hardly thought Aizen would just sent his soldiers to their room; humorous as it was, it was not befitting punishment for insubordination.

The increase in weight made Ichigo snap out of his thoughts. Looking up, Ichigo was surprised to see how close Grimmjow had got him making him scoot back. Unfortunately, Ichigo was now stuck since his back was against his headboard. When he felt Grimmjow grasp his hips, Ichigo was terrified until Kon came up. The thought that the stuffed lion could do nothing to harm the espada hadn't registered in Ichigo's mind until Kon tried only to get a hand stuffed in his mouth. Ichigo was confused until he saw the green mod soul in Grimmjow's hand. Before Ichigo could question what was going on, Grimmjow shoved the mod soul down his own throat and covered Ichigo's mouth with his hand. Ichigo could have tried to breath through his noise but Grimmjow used two fingers to close his nose forcing Ichigo to swallow the pill. Ichigo's human body popped out and before Ichigo could take Zangetsu, he was carelessly thrown to the floor like common street trash by Grimmjow.

The espada had pulled off Ichigo's obi in his state of shock and tied his wrist together making it harder for Ichigo to struggle. The sword Grimmjow carried had been slammed into the headboard along with Ichigo's tied wrists making him unable to move. There was no way Ichigo would be moving and that brought fear to him. Sweat gathered as he saw the feral look in Grimmjow's cyan blue eyes. Ichigo didn't know what was going on and if Grimmjow was going to kill him or not. If he asked it might bring Grimmjow to actually kill him. Was he that furious over their last battle that he sneaked out of Hueco Mundo to kill him?

"What are you doing here?" Ichigo managed to ask in a steady voice.

Ichigo's tone actually surprised him since he thought he would actually stutter or even stop mid sentence. However, the steel, icy cold look Grimmjow held made Ichigo more nervous that he hadn't sounded weak and submissive to the older man. If looks could kill Ichigo would be dead before his parents even met and it would have been by Grimmjow's hands if he could have done it. Ichigo wished he had the use of his hands or even Zangetsu. The pain in his wrist hurt even as he bled but Ichigo refused to give Grimmjow the satisfaction of crying out in pain. Ichigo had his pride as a man and warrior and he would not beg or cry. If Grimmjow wanted a fight, then fine, Ichigo would use his fucking legs and kick the fucker.

Bucking his hips, Ichigo managed to jostle Grimmjow and catch him by surprise allowing Ichigo to roll over a little and kick Grimmjow off of him. The bed was small but it gave Ichigo some room to bring his heel down on the espada. The man had grunted but he didn't seem to be in any pain making Ichigo shoot his foot forward intending to kick him square in the jaw only to have his ankle grasped just before his foot connected.


There was no helping Ichigo now that he brought on Grimmjow's ire. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Ichigo tried his best not to show and to prove that Grimmjow wasn't as terrifying as he appeared, however, he had no such luck as the room crackled with angry spiritual pressure causing Ichigo to gasp. Ichigo wasn't able to stop Grimmjow as he yanked down his hakama making Ichigo pale. He wasn't in any boxers since he was in his soul form and usually his soul reaper attire didn't have any undergarments. Ichigo's flaccid cock met the cold air and Ichigo was terrified on what was to come. Ichigo prayed that it wouldn't come to what he thought it was but as his soul reaper uniform was taken off Ichigo didn't know what to think. The top was ripped off making Ichigo bit his lip at the force pressed against his skin. If Ichigo cried out would his family save him? They couldn't see them though and Ichigo frowned. Karin, Yuzu and his father were simple humans meaning it would be their demise if he cried out. Life wasn't fair! If only he wasn't a soul reaper he'd be fine and this wouldn't be happening.

"Make a noise and I kill them!" Grimmjow promised darkly," it'd be so easy to charge a cero and fire it through the wall don't you think? Take out every single one of your precious loved ones in one shot."

Ichigo said nothing but the look in his eyes spoke a thousand words; one of them being fuck you. The look in his eyes did not deter Grimmjow but only added fuel to the fire. Ichigo would be brave though because he was stronger than what Grimmjow thought he was. Something like this wouldn't destroy him because if he wasn't strong he wouldn't be able to protect those he loved and those he had sworn to protect. This power he had gained would be for nothing if Ichigo hadn't gone through as much as he had these past few months. What Grimmjow would do to him would pale in comparison. Ichigo had almost died, lost his powers and defeated the whole thirteen court guard squards so being raped wouldn't be as bad as this because he had worse hardships before and he had overcome them. Ichigo refused to loose and become something weak and pitiful over what would happen.

"I hate that damn look in your eyes!" growled Grimmjow," I'm gonna fuckin' destroy that look."

Before Ichigo could say anything, he felt something harsh enter his body making him clench his teeth. The burning sensation accompanied by the brutal thrust had not been what Ichigo was expecting and he tried his very best not to cry out. His rectum was torn and Ichigo tried to breath only for it to come out unsteady. The throbbing pain in his lower back brought stubborn tears to the corners of his eyes but they refused to fall. The pain was immense and it made Ichigo's stomach chrun and the need to vomit increase. The feeling didn't subside and only increased as he felt something warm run down his legs; blood. Ichigo was surprised but it made sense since he had no preparation and Grimmjow had gone in dry. Ichigo's lower lip was abused by the force Ichigo had used to gnaw on it so he did not cry out and he even managed to draw blood. The copper taste invaded his senses and it helped him slightly as Grimmjow thrust into him with vigor. There was nothing said and the only sounds in the room was the headboard hitting the wall accompanied by the sound of flesh meeting flesh.

Ichigo had forgotten Kon was even there until he opened his eyes slightly and saw the horrified mod soul sitting on the floor with wide eyes as he watched Grimmjow rape Ichigo in soul form. Kon was smart though, he didn't run. Instead, he watched and it only brought shame to Ichigo since this was not only something he had to live with but now someone else would know of his weakness. Ichigo hadn't even know he was crying until the taste of saline water tears touched his dry lips. Taking a shaky breath, Ichigo tried to allow no more tears to shed but it was hard with his body in pain and the grip Grimmjow had on his hip was unbearable. The force was unnecessary because Ichigo found that his will to fight had diminished now that he had been so thoroughly shown that he wasn't as strong as he thought he was. Ichigo was nothing but a weak and pathetic creature who could do nothing and rely on no one because he was meant to protect.

"You're nothing!" Grimmjow hissed in Ichigo's ear," nothing you hear!"

Ichigo nodded his head weakly as he closed his eyes but the increase in pressure caused Ichigo to gasp in pain and screw his eyes shut. Grimmjow barked a command at Ichigo demanding that he open his eyes and Ichigo tried but everything was blurry. His eyes were filled with tears and his mouth felt hot and wet as his throat constricted painfully. There was a gleam of pride in Grimmjow's eyes as Ichigo endured such pain but Ichigo didn't know how much satisfaction Grimmjow was getting from this. The pain in his lower body was what distracted him to the point where he couldn't even think of his own thoughts let alone try to do what Grimmjow ordered. Ichigo wished the pain would stop and he so desperately wanted to ask Grimmjow what made him want to do such a horrendous act but the fact that he was a hollow said it all. Hollows caused misery in others to feed that black void in their hearts. Grimmjow was such a bastard and Ichigo wished he could destroy him.

Weak! Ichigo was too weak to even stop something like this and it was all his fault because he had slipped up once while fighting Hyori. If Ichigo hadn't got such damage done he would be in a better condition to fight Grimmjow and he wouldn't have allowed this to happen. It was all his fault and no one was to blame but himself. There was nothing Ichigo could do and in the end he would just be that weak and pathetic child who couldn't even protect his own mother from a hollow.

Tears stung his eyes and Ichigo only wished he could gain more power to protect himself rather than be such a pathetic human. He was a hybrid and he should have some fight but his legs felt like lead and it made it harder to move. His body was exhausted and he grew more weaker with each pounding Grimmjow gave him. Ichigo wished the man would rip out that jagged blade and just slit his throat so Ichigo wouldn't have to endure this anymore. Death would surely be better than this and if he was dead he wouldn't have to face tomorrow's feelings.

The stinging sensation increased with the feeling of Grimmjow's release hit the torn skin. The squelching sound of his limp penis exiting Ichigo's anus had him clenching his teeth in pain and once more finding the need to vomit increase. The sound itself brought the taste of bile to his throat but nothing came. When he saw the man above him grinning from ear to ear, Ichigo couldn't help the sob that came from his throat as he curled up in a ball. The fetal position made him feel less pain but when the sound of Kon making a noise, Ichigo turned to see his human body in Grimmjow's arm. Ichigo tried to focus on what was in front of him but the pain in hips made it hard. There was sure to be bruising in the morning and and those pains in his soul form would resonate and synchronize meaning Ichigo would sustain those injuries in his human body meaning he would have no peace. Ichigo was stuck.

Feeling his soul body and human body merge made Ichigo feel even more disgusting. This body had been violated by the enemy and no one would believe him because there was no point in a hollow coming to rape a soul reaper. Two enemies would most likely kill each other than rape the other. No one would believe him anyway. His father was human just like any other doctor was which meant that they had no idea about hollows, soul reapers, quincies and plus souls. If Ichigo were to say he was raped by a ghost he would no doubt get a one way ticket to the funny farm.

"See ya around, soul reaper. I hope next time you're just as good and maybe even better," spoke Grimmjow in a cruel tone before leaving the world of the living.

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