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Ichigo was forced back to his cage after he finished eating without even managing to say a goodbye to Orihime no doubt because Grimmjow wanted that special treat Ichigo promised. Though Ichigo's own cravings were demanding he allow Grimmjow to fuck him senseless, the more rational part of his mind as well as his pride decided it was best to not allow Grimmjow that little bit of pleasure when he had been a real asshat in the beginning and still was. There was no way Ichigo would actually reward Grimmjow but it was getting harder for Ichigo to resist as Grimmjow gnawed on his neck in a pleasurable fashion as well as stopped to push Ichigo up against the wall to basically get Ichigo half naked and ground his erection against Ichigo's own. Ichigo was in bliss even though his mid was telling him to get to the bedroom but the way Grimmjow was acting it made Ichigo believe he wouldn't get that far.

"Bedroom," Ichigo gasped.

"I'll fuck you here and now," Grimmjow growled out and held Ichigo's chin in his fingers before forcefully kissing Ichigo.

Grimmjow shoved his tongue down Ichigo's throat without the slightest hesitation and it made Ichigo's penis stir to life as the forcefulness. The way Grimmjow was treating him harshly was something he was enjoying far more than he should and as he began to kiss back he forgot his mission. Ichigo's tan fingers made their way up Grimmjow's jacket and he felt his fingernails rank down Grimmjow's back, causing blood droplets to form but it didn't seem to bother Grimmjow in the least since he seemed to busy pressing Ichigo's body against the wall more so that he could move his face back to the junction between Ichigo's neck and shoulder to begin biting the unmarked flesh. Ichigo's legs were wrapped tightly around Grimmjow's waist and Grimmjow used the leverage to remove one of his hands from Ichigo to move them up to Ichigo's nipples were he flicked them causing Ichigo to tilt his head back and moan. A electric feeling ran through Ichigo's body as he felt Grimmjow's own sharp nails ranked down Ichigo's pectorals causing red marks to form.

Ichigo knew it was about time to start his plan since Grimmjow seemed so lost in the pleasure that he wouldn't notice when Ichigo decided to unlatch his legs from Grimmjow's hips. Of course, Grimmjow was sort of confused on what Ichigo was doing so he wasn't as out of it as Ichigo thought.

"Time for your treat," Ichigo whispered huskily while taking off the obi from Grimmjow's hakama.

Ichigo was lucky enough to have the space behind it so without a second thought Ichigo managed to gather spiritual pressure in his hand and he punched Grimmjow hard enough in the stomach to knock him out; Ichigo had done that to lieutenant Isane when he was rescuing Rukia but Ichigo needed an escape before he went back and had to have sex. He knew his punishment wouldn't be worth it but Ichigo desperately wanted to walk around even if it meant he would be locked up and raped hard and dry for over the week or more. Ichigo shuddered at the thought an redressed himself before walking away from Grimmjow's unconscious body. He felt a little guilty for what he was doing but it wasn't like he had Zangetsu and was out to slaughter the arrancars that got in his way. As Ichigo continued walking he felt his boner begin to disappear as he began to feel nervous as he made his way out towards the desert area of Las Noches. No one questioned why he was out alone but Ichigo knew Sangre would wake up eventually and he was the one who was in tune with Ichigo enough where he could pop up to Ichigo's location without a second thought; Sangre was still Ichigo's inner hollow even if he had his own body but Sangre could easily pop in and out and Ichigo would be in a lot of trouble. If Sangre knew what Ichigo did to Grimmjow he would be in a much larger amount of trouble.

As Ichigo walked to the sands he saw the large red pillars and he felt compelled to walk to them for some odd reason. He managed a slight flash step and made it to the top with ease but what he wasn't expecting was seeing a man on top of the pillar. There was a man in white and he had a mask on top of his head with fangs that made Ichigo think of a saber tooth tiger. He had some hair pieces in his hair and they clanked when he stood up. Ichigo had no idea who he was but he felt the need for sex arising at the scent of the powerful arrancar.

"I- I should leave," Ichigo decided. "I shouldn't have bothered you."

"No stay," the arrancar decided with a shrug. "I could always use a little company. Names Ggio Vega, Lord Barragan's fraccion."

"I'm Kurosaki Ichigo but I don't think I should be here," Ichigo told Ggion.

Ggio stood up and Ichigo could feel the power swirl around Ggio that surprised Ichigo and even drew him in. Ggio wasn't as strong as Sangre or even Grimmjow but he was closer to power in the latter which made Ichigo move forward. The scent that Ggio displayed made Ichigo come forward and place his lips upon Ggio. The older man growled in pleasure and brought Ichigo closer to his body before forcing Ichigo to the ground and Ggio on top of him. Ggio's eyes were dilated in pleasure and he began to move Ichigo's uniform away so that he could get to his prize. Ichigo's hakamas were removed but before he could say anything a black hole appeared behind Ggio but Ggio had yet to notice the fear on Ichigo's face as a pale body appeared. Ggio said nothing until he felt as pale hand curl around his face.

"And just what do you think you are doing with my pet?" Sangre hissed in Ggio's ear.

Grimmjow appeared out of thin air and he was seething at both Ggio and Ichigo. The anger that rolled off the two made Ichigo whimper in fear as it crashed down on him and threatened to crush him if he dared disobey his captors.

"I didn't know he was yours Sangre-sama," Ggio apologized. "He smelt good and I felt a sudden itch that needed to be quelled."

"Find someone else!" Grimmjow hissed and then turned to Ichigo. "And you! You decisive little bitch. Once you start sex you need to finish it when in your condition. Try to find someone else to fuck you and we will kill them. Ggio will not die today but go to him again and he will not be the only that is hurt."

"I tried to leave you stupid moron!" Ichigo shouted at Grimmjow.

Ichigo didn't have anything else he could say because Grimmjow was in front of Ichigo to punch him in the face harshly before grabbing Ichigo by the throat and lifting him up to punch him again; it reminded Ichigo of the time he had first fought Grimmjow. Another harsh blow hit Ichigo in the face making him gasp as he felt warm crimson blood leak from his nose making him a littler nervous. Sangre wasn't stopping Grimmjow in the least and it seemed he was enjoying the punishment Ichigo suffered from. Ichigo felt his body thrown down making his body ache and throb but at least Ichigo hadn't hit his head when he fell. Ichigo thought he was somewhat safe but when he felt his body turned around so that he was on his hands and knees Ichigo became more nervous. Ichigo's pants came down and Ichigo felt his cheeks spread before a harsh thrust came form Grimmjow causing Ichigo to scream as his body throbbed. Grimmjow leaned forward so that his mouth was right beside Ichigo's ear.

"Punishment for leaving me high and dry, Pet!" Grimmjow hissed in Ichigo's ear. "I don't like games like that."

Ichigo tried his best to deny the feeling of Grimmjow thrusting in and out of him with lots of force. There was a lot of spiritual pressure pumping into him but Ichigo could feel the rise in Grimmjow's spiritual pressure making Ichigo wonder what was going on. It would have bothered him more if he wasn't enjoying the rough treatment he was getting. His penis was starting to come to life even though Grimmjow had yet to hit the pleasure spot inside him.

"Grind, Pantera," Grimmjow whispered in Ichigo's ear.

Ichigo thought nothing of it until he felt something weird with the thrusts that seemed to scrap against his inner walls. Blood was pooling in him and Ichigo could feel a few drops leak from his anus. He was panting in pleasure and he choked from his own breath in between a gasp of pleasure when Grimmjow grasped his penis and gave it a few tugs.

"You're such a slut," Grimmjow growled in Ichigo's ear. "You like it rough, don't you?"

No response.

"Don't you!" Grimmjow shouted at Ichigo.

There was no response and Ichigo felt his erection being pumped again and he was feeling close to completion before Grimmjow gripped the base of his penis cutting off his own release making him have a phantom orgasm as his hips bucked.

"When I ask you a question I expect an answer!" Grimmjow hissed. "Don't make me repeat myself after this. You like it rough, don't you?"

"Yes!" Ichigo cried out when his prostate was struck. "Fuck me harder! I want you to make me bleed!"

"I'll make you bleed and you'll enjoy it like the dirty slut you are," Grimmjow told Ichigo.

"Yes, I'm a dirty slut now fuck me like you mean it!" Ichigo mewled.

"Sangre, get over here!" Grimmjow barked out to the other spectator since Ggio had fled as soon as things began to get heated.

Sangre did as he was told and Ichigo could hear the sound of the inverted version of Zangetsu scrapping against the tower top making him tense slightly at the feeling. Grimmjow still thrust into him without stopping and Ichigo was force to look up when Grimmjow grab his chin. Ichigo saw Sangre with a sinister smirk on his face as he lifted the pale Zangetsu in the air. The blade went down into Ichigo's right shoulder keeping him in place as blood splattered on the floor. The sword made a squelching noise as it came out an a small pool of blood came out. Sangre took off his pants and Grimmjow used his free arm to lift Ichigo's body up making those claw hands curl so he could draw a small amount of blood from the claw marks. Sangre knelt in front of Ichigo and Grimmjow stopped to give Sangre time to insert his own erection in Ichigo's quivering hole.

There was nothing for Ichigo to do as he panted with pain radiating through his arm but he managed to bring Sangre closer to draw him in for a kiss. Ichigo opened his mouth and allowed Sangre entrance as their tongues tangled in a dance. Ichigo's gasp of pleasure was covered when Sangre thrust into him to join Grimmjow in his fun. There was a burning sensation as Ichigo tried to adjust to the two large erections in him. However, Sangre did not give Ichigo time to adjust to the size difference and he and Grimmjow began to ravish their consort painfully. Ichigo enjoyed it and he couldn't deny that he loved the attention he was getting but what he didn't like was the amount of pleasure he couldn't have. There was nothing Ichigo could ask for when he felt his walls tearing and blood collecting in him. He knew in the morning he wouldn't be able to move but he didn't think much of it though he did wish he was able to find release.

"Please," Ichigo begged." I want to cum."

"You don't sound very convincing," Sangre teased. "Pursue me."

"I want to release so I can feel you and Jeaquerjaques-sama fill me," Ichigo panted, knowing it might appeal to them. "I want my masters to show me punishment and pleasure."

"Almost there," Grimmjow cooed in Ichigo's ear. "Tell us more."

"Scrape your nails against my body, mark me as yours so no one else can take me," Ichigo pleaded. "Don't allow anyone else take me and show them that I belong to you two and only you two. I want to feel your release inside me..Ngh..So I can return the favor."

"Mmm I like the sound of that," Sangre purred.

"I'm your hollow bitch!" Ichigo screamed as the two simultaneously struck his prostate. "Nothing but your hollow bitch served to have your cubs! Fuck me and fill me till I'm heavy with your next litter!"

Ichigo felt his erect penis to be released and a few seconds later he felt his semen coat both him and Sangre's chest as his body convulsed. His head was resting against Grimmjow's shoulder.

"I'll hold you to that," Grimmjow whispered to Ichigo.

The two men Ichigo was sandwiched between found their release as well and it stung but Ichigo enjoyed the feeling as his body absorbed the spiritual pressure no doubt form the cub that was developing within him. He knew there was nothing he could do but when Ichigo felt Grimmjow and Sangre exit him, Ichigo fell to his hands and knees. It was hard for Ichigo to stand on walking on shaky legs but Grimmjow helped Ichigo stand, allowing him to lean against Ichigo. There was nothing said between the two as he gasped for air while they made their way inside the castle. Ichigo's arms felt heavy and when he was in bed he fell onto it with ease. Both Sangre and Grimmjow held smirks as they saw how exhausted Ichigo was; there wasn't a lot of injury on his body since Sangre's instant regeneration was affecting Ichigo's own body, healing the injuries caused by the rough sex.

"He likes us more than he lets on," Grimmjow told Sangre with a smirk.

"He'll give in eventually," Sangre agreed.

"Yeah, but when?" Grimmjow asked.

"Soon," Sangre decided after a few seconds. "The cub within him will bring forth his real emotions and he can't deny us for long. He is already accepting the sex we give him."

"He's such a masochist but it compliments your sadistic behavior," Grimmjow pointed out.

"Let's join him in bed," Sangre offered.

The two decided it was time to join their pet in bed and gain some rest. They hadn't seen much of the soul reapers and though they had sex on a high place he wouldn't be surprised if they noticed the increase of power. They could do nothing since they were in Las Noches; they were guests. Grimmjow was the one who put the blankets over them while Sangre made sure to keep Ichigo asleep as they jostled his body to get the blanket up and over onto them. Sangre had Ichigo facing his body while Grimmjow's body was pressed up against Ichigo's back. The two arrancars were comfy as they began to fall asleep with relative ease.

A few hours passed and Ichigo woke up to be between two warm bodies causing him to frown. His body still hurt but he was beginning to feel hungry yet he couldn't do anything about it because the bodies between him seemed to be sleeping. Ichigo was contemplating about elbowing one of the two hollows but he kept his body parts to himself. Sex wan't much of a punishment even if he enjoyed it but he hoped they weren't planning on starving him. He was in soul form and could go longer without eating than humans but the reishi in the air wasn't heavy enough to give him a meal since he had so much power. His stomach gurgled making Ichigo frown as he tried to get his stomach to be silent but his body was telling him he wanted curry and some chocolate milk to drink with bread to put on top of the curry or even a hot dog bun with some melted cheese. It didn't help him in anyway but he kept on thinking of food and after five minutes he decided it was best to wake up his mates. Ichigo wiggled his body a bit but it didn't seem to wake anyone up. Sighing in aggravation, Ichigo began moving more and more but it only caused Grimmjow to grunt and hold Ichigo tighter making him grit his teeth. Grimmjow was still in his release form and Ichigo barely had much room to use his arms. A scowl was placed on Ichigo's face making him push Sangre a little making blearly gold on black eyes look at him.

"What?" Sangre asked.

"I'm hungry," Ichigo whined. "Get me some food."

"The magic words?" Sangre asked.

"Now!" Ichigo hissed.

"It's supposed to be please," Sangre sighed. "What do you want?"

"Curry inside hot dog buns with melted cheese," Ichigo told Sangre, "and some chocolate milk...Can I also get a glass of banana flavored milk?"

"Anything else?" Sangre asked.

Ichigo thought about it for a couple seconds but he couldn't think of anything so he shook his head. just as Sangre was at the door Ichigo called out to him.

"What do you want, Pet?" Sangre asked.

"Can you make sure it's more meat than rice on the hotdog buns?" Ichigo asked.

"It sounds more like chili than curry," Sangre mused. "Do you want the buns toasted?"

Ichigo shook his head. "I just want something soft and warm."

"I can think of another thing soft and warm," Grimmjow whispered seductively.

"I'm not giving you a blowjob!" Ichigo exclaimed. "I'm hungry."

"Yet," Grimmjow muttered.

Ichigo hadn't heard the last of what Grimmjow said so he just laid on his back even though there was a throbbing sensation in his backside that wouldn't go away. He could have sworn he had scratch marks on him but there was nothing though Ichigo was happy he wasn't marked up or else he'd have to explain to the guest why he was like that if he ever saw them again. Ichigo didn't really do much and wondered if anyone besides Orihime would ever ask to visit him but he doubted it since the only ones that were there weren't too fond of him. There wasn't much for Ichigo to do so he was surprised when Grimmjow rolled onto his side and began to run his fingers through Ichigo's hair. The action at first caused him to cringe but after he realized he wasn't going to get hit he was become more content at the feeling of having those tan fingers run through his orange locks. Before Ichigo knew it he purring in content like the cat that got the milk and the canary. The action surprised Ichigo since he didn't know he could purr but he enjoyed it far more than he should and his body betrayed him by tilting his head into those fingers that rubbed his scalp; Ichigo shouldn't have felt so serene in the hands of his captor and the man who had punched him numerous times in the face but he did. Through the slits of his eyes Ichigo could see Grimmjow was content as well even if his face held a scowl. It was a surprise but Ichigo didn't mind Grimmjow as much as he thought he would. Sangre and him might be monsters but at the same time they were looking out for his well-being rather than starving him. Zangetsu was hanging against the wall and they hadn't destroyed him either so it was nice to see that they trusted him enough to not kill them in their sleep.

Ichigo found himself nodding off not too long after in a light sleep that could wake him up if he was shaken awake. In the end it wasn't the movement that woke him up but it was the scent of curry that invaded his senses. Bleary amber orbs opened to see Sangre smiling with a platter of food but Ichigo didn't want to move from his spot. He was warm and cozy as Grimmjow continued to stroke his hair in what could be considered a loving manner. Grimmjow was the one who lifted Ichigo up so he could sit in his lap.

"I usually don't condone eating in bed but I'll make an exception since you're pregnant," Sangre told Ichigo, "and even though you decided to sneak off you've been well behaved for once."

Ichigo nodded his head. "Thanks Master."

"Sangre is fine for now, Pet," Sangre told Ichigo.

Ichigo was handed the platter of food which he took and placed in his lap. The food had a curry style but instead of stew beef or pork it had hamburger meat so it looked like an american sloppy Joe but with rice in it. It was coated with melted cheddar cheese and when Ichigo took his first bite he moaned at the delicious taste dancing on his tongue. It was worth eating and he was glad that Sangre had three hotdog buns full of it.

"Is there chocolate milk and the banana flavored milk?" Ichigo asked after finishing his first sloppy Joe like concoction.

Sangre handed Ichigo the chocolate milk and placed the banana flavored one on the nightstand for later. Ichigo was very thirsty and his throat was dry from sleeping and when he had sex with his captors; a drink was needed. The cool liquid slid down his throat and Ichigo enjoyed it as much as he did his meal. He had to give the chiefs props for making such good food. As Ichigo bit into the second hotdog bun filled with hamburger and rice he found some meat slip out and land on the plate but Ichigo thought nothing of it when he grabbed the piece and plopped it in his mouth. For dinner he was hoping that he could have an actual sloppy Joe since he hadn't had it since he was a child and maybe some macaroni and cheese. Though the child within him wouldn't grow until it was outside of his stomach it still made him crave for food. It seemed his child liked Western Food which might makes sense if Sangre or even Grimmjow were of Western decent but Grimmjow's name seemed German and Sangre's was Spanish or Hispanic no doubt.

"Glad to see you're enjoying your lunch," Sangre approved.

"Want some?" Ichigo asked Grimmjow and Sangre while holding out the last of his meal.

Both Grimmjow and Sangre shook their head but it didn't bother Ichigo since it meant there would be more for him; he liked that idea.

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