A few weeks had passed since Ichigo had eaten his chili like concoction which wasn't too bad but with his constant need to clean but at the same time lay in bed curled in blankets he was becoming rather angered. It was like he was nesting in both an animal and human female perspective making him all the more irked at wanting to leave the room. Grimmjow would often leave to patrol and Sangre was more so forced to attend meetings with the soul reapers and though being alone felt nice, Ichigo also desired to have those who had claimed him around more often. A scowl of irritation formed on Ichigo's face as he realized he actually liked being with Grimmjow and Sangre when all they did was force him to have sex with them.

It's not really rape if you like it a voice in Ichigo's head pointed out.

Nel was often present to keep him company but during the past week she had been out and about without any indication of returning to Ichigo. Rather than worry over the hollow child's safety, Ichigo assumed she was with her brother's playing a game of eternal tag. Grimmjow was the one who confirmed Ichigo's theory by telling him that Nel had left to spend time with her brothers since they were one of the few family she had in the desert sands of Hueco Mundo. Ichigo was becoming restless and after awhile decided it was best he move from the room he was confined to most of the time. Sangre was okay with him wandering around, knowing that the cubs he carried would not abort unless there was a serious depletion of spiritual pressure but there was a bountiful amount inside him. If worst came to worst the hollow king still somewhat left a presence in Ichigo making it possible for him to inject his spiritual pressure into Ichigo to allow the cub to absorb the power since it felt so much like the dam that it was almost near impossible to differentiate the two unless Sangre was fully in hollow mode.

As he moved outside the halls he felt himself drawn towards a room he was unaware of until he heard the sound of metal clashing against metal making Ichigo's eyes light up with excitement as he noticed the espada training. It had been so long since Ichigo had wield Zangetsu that he often forgot what it felt like but even he knew it was all instinctual if the meat-cleaver zanpaktou was once again placed in his hands in order to defend himself or practice. His feet shuffled closer and closer and he noticed that Grimmjow and Nnoitra were sparring but the latter seemed to have difficulties keeping up with the sexta espada. Ichigo couldn't help but draw closer until the crescent moon like zanpaktou almost took off Ichigo's head making use flash step at the last moment to escape the accident that could have decapitated him.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Grimmjow growled in anger.

"What's it look like?" Ichigo asked. "I'm watching you fight."

Nnoitra couldn't help a smirk that begin to form on his face that screamed of humor and mischief. "Fightin' get ya hard? Gonna let tha' Sexta fuck ya here?" Nnoitra licked his lips hungrily as he eyed up Ichigo before asking the young shinigami a question. "It 'kay if I watch ya get fuck in tha' ass?"

Ichigo felt his the blood rush to his face and at first it was embarrassment but then that formed to anger making Ichigo snarl before slamming his fist into Nnoitra's stomach but the man was like a brick wall and did not move one iota. Ichigo was getting better at forming spiritual pressure in his body and though he usually did it naturally like his fight with Kenpachi where he reduced the bleeding, Ichigo condensed his spiritual pressure into his hand before using flash step to slam his fist into the back of Nnoitra's head.

"I think I'll fight'cha!" Nnoitra cheered following with laughter.

"I don't think so," Grimmjow hissed. "My mate, my fight and then my fuck."

"Go use your hand!" Ichigo spat in anger.

"Someone want to fight?" Grimmjow asked, his blood boiling and demanding he fight the one who always thought he was better than him.

"Bring it!" Ichigo hissed and thrust Zangetsu in front of him. "Ban-kai!"

The immense spiritual pressure gathered around him, swirling dirt around him like the time on Sogyoku hill except this time with a larger pool or spiritual pressure. Ichigo might have been pregnant but he still held more power than he had when he first fought the soul society. The action caused Grimmjow to laugh with excitement as he gripped Pantera as he pounced to attack Ichigo but thanks to instinct Ichigo dodged with ease. The fight itself wasn't hard for Ichigo as he dodged and counterattacked but he had made one simple mistake and felt Pantera's blade slice horizontally across Ichigo's chest.

"Fuck!" Ichigo hissed.

He shot out his fist in anger and managed to clip Grimmjow's chin making the espada back up in surprise. Ichigo thought for a second that he would get strangled by Grimmjow but the espada felt a smirk grow on his face. It made Ichigo back up a few steps but he knew better when he heard Nnoitra laugh at the sight of Ichigo backing up.

No fear, no regrets. If I don't advance I'll die like Zangetsu told me.

Ichigo had more pride than that and began to move forward to fight his opponent to show his captor that he wasn't a weak and simpering female. Ichigo was a male and being pregnant didn't make him any different than the others. It seemed he was beginning to gain his confidence back and Grimmjow approved but at the same time he wanted to crush that arrogance Ichigo showed in battle, thinking he was better than the espada like they were nothing but pathetic gillian unable to control their hunger. However, Grimmjow saw no need to use his resurreccion form to defeat Ichigo but even Ichigo didn't plan on going easy on Grimmjow, knowing that Grimmjow was the same creature who raped him on numerous occasions. Instead of being angered, Ichigo felt quite calm and did not summon his hollow mask in fear of gaining Sangre's attention which was something Ichigo did not want in fear of his ex-inner hollow coming to punish Ichigo.

"Something wrong, Pet?" Grimmjow asked.

"Nothing!" Ichigo spat back with venom in his voice. "I'll kick your ass and show you true power!"

"Now you're sounding like Ulquiorra but with emotions," Grimmjow sneered. "I'll have ot wipe that arrogant look off your face. I'm the king not you."

Ichigo would have been frightened if he hadn't been running on adrenaline and rather than try to dodge Grimmjow's attacks, Ichigo met them blow for blow. Sparks flew at the clashing of metal and there was enough force from their spiritual pressure that it managed to destroy some boulders that were in the way. Ichigo could feel the sweat trickle down his neck but he hadn't felt more alive since before his capture; Ichigo was enjoying himself. With a quick flash step, Ichigo managed to dodge an attack Grimmjow gave and returned the favor by giving his own strike to barely cut Grimmjow's arm. A fight with Grimmjow was never boring and surprisingly Ichigo wasn't having as much a struggle like he had been before which made Ichigo believe he had gotten stronger.

"Why don't you bring forth your mask?" Grimmjow asked. "Or are you scared?"

"Tch, as if," Ichigo snorted. "You really think I'll aste power on that mask? I'm already winning practically. We may not have many injuries but you're bleeding the same amount as me if not more"

"It won't last long, Pet," Grimmjow countered.

Ichigo would have believed Grimmjow if it had been a few weeks ago or the beginning of his capture but now that Ichigo gained some power back he believed that he wasn't as weak as his hollow and Grimmjow made him out to be. He may not be the king but that didn't matter to him when he was on par for power with Grimmjow. The battle itself was exhilarating and for some reason he felt his a certain area within his hakama tighten as he fought Grimmjow. Ichigo mentally cursed himself and told him it was Stockholm syndrome or something similar but a voice akin to Sangre's told him it wasn't. As Ichigo blocked another blow by Grimmjow he ended up loosing his footing for a second and as he tried to regain it Grimmjow had moved to get a side swipe with his sword having the thin metal dig into Ichigo's eyes having him drop Zangetsu onto the ground and scream in pain as blood began to gush from the injury. Ichigo curled onto a ball as he felt the agonizing pain well within him but he was also scared because all he could see was blackness. He began to panic as he realized he was no doubt blind and unable to gain any vision. He was unable to stop the blood from flowing and the warm liquid began to coat his fingers as he continued to breathe quicker without his own knowledge.

"O-Ori...hime!" Ichigo managed to gasp through his gasps for air.

Orihime was held within Las Noches like Ichigo and if anyone could heal his injury it was her. It wasn't even two minutes before Ichigo heard the low bang of a sonido and the sound of frantic footsteps followed by Orihime's voice of worry. While he had been alone Ichigo was terrified because he was vulnerable and Nnoitra had still been watching the fight until Ichigo was blinded by Grimmjow. If Nnoitra held some grudge he could easiy have killed Ichigo but thankfully Grimmjow hadn't taken his sweet time in getting Orihime.

"I'll fix you up Ichigo," Orihime reassured Ichigo.

Ichigo really didn't know if she could or not as he felt the warming energy of her orange shield over his face as she tried to fix the injury for his eyes. The time seemed to take forever but Ichigo could tell that he was getting better but he was afraid at the rate his eyes were closing. They were healing, Ichigo could tell since he was no longer bleeding but what surprised him was he could still only see darkness, not even any spiritual pressure to tell him where he was. Ichigo began to feel panic swell up into his chest once more.

"Why isn't it working?" Orihime wondered, her voice wavering and no doubt the young woman on hte verge or tears.

"What do you mean it's not working?" Grimmjow snarled in anger.

Ichigo figured Orihime was being handled roughly by Grimmjow and it took every ounce he hand to manage to tell Grimmjow to let Orihime go but his sentence was unfinished when he hard another bang of sonido. A familiar power of reitsu roamed over Ichigo's body and he shuddered, knowing it was Sangre who was near. The sound of Zangetsu's inverted half being unraveled by cloth had Ichigo stumbling to get up and find Grimmjow on shaky eyes. Surprisingly, Grimmjow was right beside him and he had ended up bumping into the taller male.

"It's not his fault!" Ichigo protested. "I lost my footing and it was too late. It would have only been a blow to the side if I hadn't slipped on the dirt."

Why am I protecting him? Ichigo asked himself.

He had spoken without even thinking which was peculiar because he shouldn't have cared whether Grimmjow lived or died. Yet, Ichigo felt some small pain in his chest at the thought of Grimmjow being killed because of Ichigo's own mistake. He was clinging to Grimmjow's jacket by now, surprising those in the room to see Ichigo's blood covered face trying to protect one of his assailants. The white jacket Grimmjow wore was covered in both his and Ichigo's blood and as he looked down to Ichigo he couldn't help but look away once he saw those dull brown eyes looking up at him. There was no way Ichigo could sense where Sangre was located but Grimmjow couldn't help but wrap his arms around Ichigo but not because Grimmjow was using him as a shield. The espada would have apologized but even he knew that there was no point in saying he was sorry when sorry wouldn't fix Ichigo's vision.

"Why couldn't you heal my pet's wounds?" Sangre asked Orihime in displeasure.

"The spiritual pressure is too thick for me to push through," Orihime answered nervously. "I'm not as powerful a healer as Captain Unohana but even she may not be able t fix this."

"What about you, Szayel?" Sangre asked, knowing Szayel had come by to watch not too long ago.

"I am afraid the only thing I could do was reconstruct his eye. The wound was very deep and it took Miss. Orihime quite some time to close the wound. I don't think we can save his eyes unless you want to use his instant regeneration when he is hollowified."

"It only works when I'm in control but not," Sangre pointed out. "When I fight for the king position he acts like a gillian with the power of a old vasto lorde. If you take out his eyes he will loose them forever if not indefinitely."

"Fuck!" Grimmjow hissed out.

"It's okay," Ichigo whispered. "I may suck at seeing spiritual pressure but I'll adapt and get better. At least in Las Noches I will be able to somewhat tell things apart with reitsu so that I don't walk into the walls. I can no longer live normally around the world of the living. My father would no doubt still give me surprise kicks or something to sharpen my sentence."

"You're old man is nuts!" Grimmjow snarled. "If your blind there is no way you'll see him in time."

"He's not exactly stealthy with his attacks," Ichigo pointed out with a warm smile as he looked up to Grimmjow. "I could never return to the world of the living. Whatever I may end up birthing might not be human and there is a possibility they would reject a gigai. It's not safe, especially when I'm blind. There would be no explaining the cub being mine. I'd end up in the funny farm."

"Funny farm?" Grimmjow questioned in confusion.

"...Like the maggot's nest but for humans," Ichigo replied.


"It's kind of like prison for crazy people," Ichigo answered. "When you're crazy and a danger they usually put you in there and drug you so you aren't really a threat."

"'Kay," Grimmjow replied and held Ichigo tighter. "You're gonna stay in Las Noches; it's where you belong."

"I know," Ichigo answered sadly as he kissed Grimmjow's cheek. "There is no place besides Las Noches for Kurosaki Ichigo anymore."

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