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Grimmjow didn't know how to respond to the vast amount of power portrayed by Ichigo but one thing was for sure: Grimmjow feared for his life. There was no amount of spiritual pressure of his own that could force Ichigo to submission and with his hollow half running rampant there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell for Grimmjow to command the hollow. The hollow half was a vasto lorde and before becoming an arrancar Grimmjow was only an adjuchas class hollow. The hollow moved forward and sniffed the air before it released an ear shattering roar.

The sound of a sonido was what made Grimmjow almost turn his head for an instant before reminding himself that a more powerful hollow was in front of him and a threat.

"Now what do we have here?" asked Sangre's watery voice. "A shell of my former self perhaps?"

"You got to be shittin' me," Grimmjow whispered in disbelief.

"I'm fuckin' wit'cha Grimmy," Sangre chortled. "This was me and the horse before when I was trying ta be king. This is a mindless hollow not even close to my own potential if I got control of that body."

Grimmjow looked at the hollow and at Sangre and could see some resemblance between the two. Gold yellow eyes, blackness surrounded them and the pale white skin. The bull horns were sharp and meant to pierce flesh and throw the dead carcass of the enemy behind with ease. It was something Grimmjow feared and hoped his own hierro was strong enough to withstand the sharpness of said horns.

What Grimmjow wasn't expecting was Sangre to blow a high powered cero into the wall that lead towards the sand of Las Noches. The creature looked at Sangre before it stormed off angrily. Grimmjow just watched the hollow's backside and noticed that it had a mullet with long orange locks. Grimmjow's night vision was better than most but he was surprised when he saw a larger than most hollow hole in the centre of Ichigo's chest.

"What are ya doin'?" Sangre asked. "Go after him. We gotta subdue him before he harms the cubs!"

Without a second though Grimmjow did as ordered and used a sonido to catch up to Ichigo's body but the hollow was faster than the two of them making Grimmjow nervous. They were in the centre of the plains of Las Noches with the large red towers around them. Ichigo's hollow body stopped before letting out another shrieking roar that sent shivers down Grimmjow's spine. He didn't understand why the hollow took control now of all times but Grimmjow really wanted that body underneath him as he dominated such a fierce creature.

However, even Grimmjow knew sex wasn't on the table as the hollow turned it's angry, piercing gold eyes towards him and released a furious roar in his direction. Those sharp, jagged teeth on the mask look like they could easily tear through flesh without hesitation. Everything about this hollow screamed power and domination even though the kings of Las Noches treated Ichigo like a beta. The amount of power was red and swirled around Ichigo easily. Thankfully, Grimmjow had Pantera and he slammed the sword into the ground, gaining power as blood came out from his sword. Blue energy charged from Grimmjow's hand as he prepared the cero.

"Gran rey cero!" Grimmjow shouted as he released his strongest cero at Ichigo.

It wasn't meant to hurt Ichigo, just weaken him in attempts to make it easier to turn him into his humanoid body. However, Grimmjow wasn't expecting to see the hollow shoot his hand forward and have the blue cero move around the clawed fingers. Grimmjow didn't know what to say but he was sure as hell not expecting that.

The hollow was a mindless creature and didn't say anything but roar in rage or agony. Grimmjow didn't know which it was but he knew that if he continued to fight the hollow it would eventually kill him. Sangre was there but it seemed like he was more a spectator and would intervene when it was possible; Grimmjow was fine with that. This was his fight and whether Ichigo was conscious or not it didn't matter to him.

"Protect," spoke the hollow in a watery voice like Sangre's. "Must…Protect."

"Protect?" Grimmjow questioned. "What is there to protect."

The hollow let out another eerie cry filled with power as its answer. Grimmjow didn't know what to do but he figured he'd best to tire out the hollow and then Ichigo could take control once again. There wasn't much Grimmjow could do and as he held his hand over his sword he watched it glow blue as he called out his resurreccion form. Sand swirled around him as flesh was covered with white bone armor and short, sky blue locks became long. Grimmjow's teeth grew fangs and his jaw bone mask turned into a grown on top of his head. The full force of Grimmjow's power was released and the best he could do was try his best not to die. He tried his best, using his speed to try his best to wear out the hollow but when the hollow was faster than him and threw Grimmjow around like a rag doll it seemed like the hollow would win.

Sangre would sometimes intervene by tackling the hollow and allowing Grimmjow to recover himself but sometimes Sangre wouldn't intervene. The hollow didn't have his sword but when Grimmjow got to close he would use that powerful, red spiritual pressure to knock Grimmjow back. It wasn't as deadly as a cero but it did a lot of damage nonetheless. The hollow swiped at Grimmjow and even scratched Grimmjow's face making him hiss in pain.

"That's it!" Grimmjow hissed in anger before jumping into the air to gain leverage. "Desgarron!"

Ten sharp blue streaks came from Grimmjow's claws and he brought them down onto the hollow. However, as Grimmjow was gaining air the hollow was charging a powerful cero and released causing Grimmjow to use a sonido to dodge. The cero managed to blow up the red towers causing them to crumble onto the ground and the percussion was felt from where Grimmjow was in the skies.

It didn't matter because Grimmjow refused to stop the battle and used another desgarron but when it came down and crashed into the ground where Ichigo was standing all Grimmjow could see was dust. Cyan blue eyes scanned the area as he waited for Ichigo to appear.

"C'mon hollow come out," Grimmjow called out. "Don't you have something to protect.

Grimmjow began to scan the area but he couldn't sense Ichigo at all.

"Protect…Ichigo," whispered the watery voice behind Grimmjow making him tense.

As Grimmjow turned around he felt claws rank down his chest having blood spurt forward. Without a seconds hesitation Grimmjow used sonido and burst towards the ground to escape the reach of those deadly claws. He managed to get the upper hand but when he was on the ground the hollow was charging another cero making Grimmjow growl in anger.

"Fuck me!" Grimmjow hissed.

Grimmjow began to charge his own cero in order to lessen the damage of the cero the hollow was using; the technique was used against that blonde hybrid so hopefully it'd work again. However, Sangre was the one to intervene and cut off the horn from the hollow, having the cero blast into the sky, making a hole through the walls of Las Noches. The power began to fade from Ichigo as the mask cracked away to reveal a pale white face and dull, lifeless brown eyes.

Ichigo fell to the ground, feeling completely drained and though he was still in a slightly hollow form his body wouldn't allow him to revert back to his original stage. Ichigo was nervous but too weak to move but it didn't matter because it wasn't like he could see. Ichigo was blind and would forever be blind even though he had used that powerful hollow take over. His body was in pain and Ichigo curled into a ball as sweat began to trickle down the back of his neck.

"Hey, what's wrong with him?" Grimmjow asked Sangre.

Ichigo heard Sangre sniffing the air around him and it made Ichigo cringe in fear. Sangre was the same person who hurt him, raped him and would no doubt kill him for being disobedient for something Ichigo couldn't control. The pain in Ichigo's stomach was so immense that he couldn't help but whimper in pain.

"…I think…I think he's going into labour," Sangre whispered in shock.

"That's not possible!" Grimmjow protested. "Szayel said around nine months like a normal conception."

"…But he's a hybrid and we're creating a hollow offspring," Sangre mumbled. "Orihime's human so she might be longer but Ichigo has four types of beings in him. One had to effect the other especially when he has an espada and hollow king as possible choice of parents."

"It's been close to the beginning of three months!" Grimmjow exclaimed.

"And that's usually a little shorter than the length of panthers pregnancies," Sangre pointed out.

Ichigo was surprised to hear that Szayel, one of the smarter hollows had miscalculated; he was doomed once the labour was over. It didn't matter to Ichigo though because the throbbing pain as his hollow hole moved down hurt more than being ran through with a sword.

"Should we leave him here or move him to Szayel?" Grimmjow asked.

"Keep him here to kit," Sangre answered. "It's unfamiliar but safe. We'll use your jacket as a blanket. Hurry and get out of your release form."

Ichigo could sense the lowering of power within Grimmjow but he was distracted at the feeling of his stomach being ripped open. Ichigo moved his hand down to his stomach but he didn't feel blood; he felt a hole. A gasp escaped Ichigo's lips but he felt a hand force his own away from the hole making Ichigo tense in fear.

"The cub is comin' out of there," Grimmjow told Ichigo.

"How long will it take?" Ichigo asked.

Before Ichigo could hear an answer the sound of an infant's cry erupted and filled the silent desert sands with volume. Ichigo felt himself unconsciously moving to curl around the infant he could not see as he held it to his chest. This was his baby. The infant settled with the warmth surrounding its body but Ichigo knew nothing of the gender or the appearance.

"S'not mine," Sangre muttered in disappointment. "Always next time though."

"What does it look like?" Ichigo asked.

"He not a it," Grimmjow corrected.

"What does he look like?" Ichigo asked.

"An anthro-kitty," Grimmjow answered. "A light white fur covering his body with blue hair styled like mine but more upright. He has kitten ears and a tail as well if you hadn't noticed. His eyes are a little opened and are the same shade as yours, Ichigo. Has fingers and toes like a cat but he seems to have thumbs as well."

"What's his name?" Ichigo asked.

"You decide," Grimmjow told him.

"Cairo…No," Ichigo mumbled in thought. "Cyn. He has your cyan blue hair and Cyn seems to be appropriate."

"Cyn," Grimmjow tested the name on his tongue"…I like it."