Hello my lovelies, this is just an AN about my authorhood, again.

I have published a second book called Gemini. Here's the synopsis

Sin City: Home to both criminals and luxury seekers. 12 creatures are the cities protectors known as zodiacs. With Caspian, an ex-crime lord dead, after years of peace a mystery murderer appears. Killing prostitutes and low-level gangsters, even that wasn't enough to quench his bloodlust. He wants the zodiacs' power. Brothers Beelzebub and Mephisto try to find this killer but when work and Aquarius' unwanted affections merge missions become difficult. Attractions crash, bonds become lose and Beelzebub is stuck with a decision: Succumbing to Aquarius' lust and betraying his brother or falling into the murderer's hands in protecting the city.


it will be an ebook soon so if yer interested in buying a physical copy or an ebook let me know