Ichigo had eventually succumbed to the darkness that called his name; he forgot everything spoken by his father when he woke up. The sleep itself was deep enough that even Ichigo's inner hollow could not pull him from the realm of dreams leaving Ichigo to rest. It wasn't difficult since Ichigo had been forced to stay away, drugged and not knowing what was happening. As he world would spin from time to time, he was blinded by the bright lights in the room. Why was he here? What was going on? The last thing he remembered was being in his inner world with the monster who tried to claim his power. Where was he? Ichigo could barely make out figures and when he finally did it was a man behind a mask. He couldn't hear much but it dawned on Ichigo that he was in the hospital The question at hand, why? Through the masks and the all, Ichigo could barely make out who was behind it and the fact it was his father made him slightly nervous. He knew his father was a doctor but there was never a time that he had to perform surgery on Ichigo. What had happened to make him hospitalized? Ichigo remembered pain. Before he was forced into another nightmare due to his hollow, Ichigo had been in so much pain. The burning sensation on hips and the throbbing on his back side, it made Ichigo want to scratch his skin until he bled away the feeling. Ichigo wasn't able to move though, not until he burned of drugs which would take sometime.

There was never a break for Ichigo as he laid in bed. He looked down once and Ichigo thought he was going to be sick at seeing all the blood as they cut open his skin so that they could insert what would be pins. They had to remove the metal platting so that they could fix the new cracks. Ichigo wasn't new to blood since he was a soul reaper and he fought to keep himself alive but the only time he had seen this much blood was after he defeated Byuakuya. It made Ichigo wonder if he'd pass out from blood loss but he heard something about a transfusion if there was too much lost making him internally sigh; he wanted to die. The shame and pity he knew he would receive would not help him and he wished for death. There was no way he could live this down and the fact he had to live with the fact he was raped would never make him feel better. The man was a freaking ghost so if he tried telling anyone he would be considered a man who needed to be admitted to the asylum.

It was repulsive how he was so easily he was forced; he had trained for nothing. Ichigo was weak just like his inner hollow had claimed. The feeling of those hands on him send a wave of nausea over Ichigo and before he knew it, he was vomiting. The mask itself was used to provide air but it wasn't for sucking out the vomit. Ichig prayed they would let him die. However, fate was not so kind and just as quickly as the nausea came, they released his mask to allow him to pour his contents into a bucket on the side before he finally calmed down. They placed a clean mask over his face afterwards.

"Almost finished Ichigo," Isshin announced," just hang in there."

Ichigo didn't know what his father meant since most of what he had said was disorientated. There wasn't much for him to do since he couldn't move and he wasn't able to form any spiritual pressure. Sure he was in his human body but that didn't mean he didn't have any. His body didn't suppress his spiritual pressure; it just held his body. Kurosaki Ichigo was a human who unleashed his own soul reaper powers, then gained hollow powers. There was nothing more to him and one day he would be able to protect the ones that he loved. For now, he would recover and afterwards he would show Grimmjow that he wasn't a pushover. Never again would he be weak so the enemy could take advantage of him in that sort of way. One question still remained: Would he be strong enough to defeat Grimmjow? At the moment Grimmjow had over powered him twice and he had yet to fight the man with his hollow mask. Did that mean even with the mask he would lose? He was out of commission from what he heard his parents speak which meant he couldn't even stand on his own for awhile. Instead he would be forced to do homework while in his hospital room as well as be unable to train. Maybe after three weeks he could have a bar so that he could do chin lifts. It still required the muscle build up of his upper body and Ichigo knew he needed more upper body strength since Grimmjow was so buff. Ichigo had yet to see the other espada beside Yammy, Ulquiorra and Grimmjow which meant that he didn't know what they looked like in stature and muscle. If Ichigo could increase his upper body strength he'd have the advantage since his bankai gave him better speed. However, it only seemed efficient on soul reapers like Byuakuya since Grimmjow called it "average speed". Maybe after the use of his legs and rehabilitation he'd be able to convince Yoroichi to train him since she was known as the Flash Goddess.

Ichigo would never be strong enough. Even with the help of all the soul reapers he knew, Ichigo could never gain enough power to protect. His hollow was holding him back and Ichigo was terrified to pull his mask forward; when Ichigo pulled his mask forward his hollow came closer to the surface. The hollow was a spectator more so but Ichigo didn't want to feel him so close. The fact was, his hollow could overpower him easily if he tried now. Ichigo was weak and fragile meaning he could snap with just a certain phrase making him weak to his hollow and able to succumb to the darkness allowing his hollow to come forth and take over his body for his own. He was like an evil Kon since Kon always wanted his own body.

If I sense even the slightest hesitation, I'll stomp on your head and crush it like an egg.

Ichigo's heart dropped at the saying and he felt hot salt water tears come to his eyes as he felt his hollow's power lingering over his skin. The feeling building up in his skull before releasing itself. In the back of his mind, Ichigo could feel the satisfaction from the beast from Ichigo's fear. The thing loved to scare Ichigo the most and was a true demon, his demon. Even though Ichigo wanted to protect people he wished he never obtained soul reaper powers and that hollow just killed him and Rukia hadn't jump in. At least with him dead then he wouldn't suffer anymore; why didn't he just die? Why did people continue to bring him back when all he wished for was death now.

Ichigo's skin was disgusting as his hollow's power reeked of it; Ichigo didn't like it. The hollow did it to taunt him and show Ichigo that he wasn't going away anytime soon which only served to terrify Ichigo as well as make him sad.

"Done," sighed Isshin.

Ichigo looked up at his father before moving his head to the side and falling asleep. He hadn't thought it was possible but it was which meant he had finally burned off the drug making him tired. His face was covered with sweat and his chest heaved in exhaustion. He was nervous and with the feeling of his hollow on him had only served to make him more nervous. However, as he slept no one had attacked him. Ichigo was safe as far as he knew but that was until he felt familiar spiritual pressure enter the room causing him to walk up. He wasn't paralyzed anymore but he couldn't move. Ichigo tugged his arms but noticed he was held down by straps he couldn't escape. Clenching his fists, Ichigo laid back down only to look up to see a ripple in the doorway. The ripple was similar to when you through a rock into the water and watched the ripple effect from where it was thrown. Ichigo didn't know who was entering but the spiritual pressure was familiar enough that he knew it; Ichigo prayed it was Orihime.

Ichigo was wrong. Instead of an orange haired busty girl, Ichigo was met with a tall, blue haired arrancar. Ichigo's eyes were trained solely on Grimmjow but he couldn't work up emotions to feel anything as he came closer. Ichigo felt like an empty shell as he watched Grimmjow move closer and closer until he used sonido to make sure he was close enough. Ichigo didn't understand why since no one could see him besides Ichigo and it wasn't like Ichigo was in his soul reaper form; Grimmjow could kill him with ease.

Feeling Grimmjow touch him made Ichigo cringe and try to move away, but Grimmjow could have none of that. Instead, Grimmjow gripped his jaw while smirking. Isshin stood up which made Grimmjow's grip tighten in anger. It would surely leave a bruise in no time. Hearing that feral growl didn't affect Ichigo as much as he thought but at the moment he wished he could shrink down and make himself more insignificant so that Grimmjow would release him.

"I know you can see me, soul reaper!" Grimmjow growled at Isshin.

Ichigo was confused since his father looked impassive from what he got by looking sideways. The man was stoic and it was impossible to read how he was feeling. Isshin's eyes showed no emotions on what was going on making sure that Grimmjow couldn't antagonize him.

Isshin took one step forward causing Ichigo to gasp in shock as his throat was grasped painfully. Ichigo sputtered for breath but it was lost and there was no way to remove the hand since he was restrained. Ichigo tried breathing through his nose but it wasn't helping since he was trying to get air through his mouth as well. Ichigo was going to die! This was what he wanted but at the same time he didn't want to die. Ichigo felt his will to live crumbling as saline water tears flowed from his eyes. Ichigo thought he was strong but he was nothing but a weakling and he couldn't overcome his rape. The man in front of him was the monster who stole his virginity and his first kiss; he took everything. Why couldn't Grimmjow just finish him off? Give Ichigo what he wanted.

"I can kill him with ease," Grimmjow remarked with a dark tone," his life is literally in my hand so don't push it. I ain't gonna fuck him, not today anyway."

Ichigo saw a cero form and he was confused since it wasn't at his throat. Grimmjow had his left arm back. That was peculiar since the man hadn't had it before but it meant he was far more lethal since he could wield a sword and use a cero when he was blocking the enemies attack. Ichigo wouldn't stand a chance now. The man regained his left arm and Ichigo wasn't a match for him when he had both arms even though his hollow had practically demanded fighting Grimmjow back then. Would he be able to defeat him? No, because Ichigo knew he wouldn't be able to fight in the winter war with his condition and it pained him he couldn't fight to protect the town he wished to protect. Ichigo couldn't save those he gained power for.

I'm sorry it's raining in there.

"I just came to check on you, Kurosaki," Grimmjow cooed while using his right hand to caress Ichigo's jaw with the back of his hand.

Before Ichigo could do anything, he saw Grimmjow glare at him with much animosity. Ichigo hadn't done anything. His face was in check and he tried his best to show Grimmjow that he was the stronger of the two. As Grimmjos brought his nose to Ichigo's body, Ichigo tensed. What was he doing? From the patterns of Grimmjow's breathing it looked like he was sniffing Ichigo. Why would he be doing that? Ichigo's internally questions were cut off by the low and dangerous growl coming from Grimmjow. The fury in those blue eyes was petrifying and Ichigo could see his own fear reflected in those eyes. Ichigo was so conflicted with the ranging emotions he felt at full force and then the next moment he was like a lifeless doll.

Ichigo tried his best to ask Grimmjow what he wanted but his voice was stuck in his throat. The man scared him and it kept Ichigo from speaking which only brought a gleeful smirk to Grimmjow as he too noticed Ichigo's fear. However, Ichigo could see he was still angry.

"I smell a hollow," hissed Grimmjow," someone was touching my prey."

Ichigo was surprised that Grimmjow was now atop of him which only proved to irk his injury causing Ichigo to cry out in pain. Ichigo's body was lifted up as Grimmjow held him by the neck. Not enough to strangle him but enough to let as little oxygen as possible enter his body. Ichigo could hear Grimmjow asking who the hell touched his prey but Ichigo was too scared to answer. If he did would Grimmjow believe him? Not many knew about hollowification and he highly doubted an arrancar would know about soul reapers hollowifying. Ichigo didn't know what to do but when Grimmjow released him, Ichigo was surprised but that was until he felt a fist connect with his nose causing Ichigo to cry out in pain. There had been a crunching noise meaning he must have broken Ichigo's nose. Blood spurred out and the liquid was somewhat cool but as it touched Ichigo;s lips he could feel the warmth. The red liquid oozed out of his nose and it was uncomfortable.

"Who the fuck touched you?" snarled Grimmjow.

"No one," whispered Ichigo in a void voice.

"Tch," sneered Grimmjow before getting up," I'll findo ut eventually, soul reaper."

Without another word, Grimmjow opened a garganta and left.

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