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"What?" asked Ichigo.

"Aizen captured Orihime last night," informed Uryuu," did you see any espada?"

Ichigo looked to the side, not wanting to look at Uryuu mainly because the two were cousins but also because of the position he was in. Ichigo didn't say anything and decided it was best to leave it at that. The pregnant silence was awkward; you could hear a pin drop if Uryuu's sewing needles fell out of his uniform. Ichigo wanted to say something but his voice wouldn't allow sound to exit when he opened his mouth. Uryuu tried to pursue Ichigo to say something but it was harder to tell Uryuu he had seen Grimmjow the past few nights without feeling a weight crush his chest. It was more anxiety than anything and Ichigo wished it would go away. He hated this feeling of being defenseless when he wasn't weak. Ichigo had taken down the thirteen court guard squad. Even without the pure reishi from soul societies air, Ichigo was still a captain class soul reaper.

Ichigo could feel Uryuu's arm on his shoulder causing Ichigo to flinch. He didn't like being touched even if it was technically by family. It wasn't the same and it hurt Ichigo emotionally. It wasn't something he was used to unless it was in battle. Uryuu touching him made Ichigo feel like he was less of a fighter than he was. It was like he was truly weak in the eyes of others; Ichigo hated that.

"I know what happened," whispered Uryuu," so when was the last time he was in here?"

"Earlier this morning," replied Ichigo while holding back tears," maybe around or after midnight. He had both his arms. Can I be released?"

Isshin shook his head and Uryuu looked down at Ichigo making him glare at Uryuu. Ichigo understood Grimmjow on some level about how he hated Ichigo's eyes. At the moment, Ichigo was hating Uryuu for the look in his eyes and Ichigo wanted to tear them apart. Arrogance. Ichigo hated that look in the man's eyes.

"What? Are you actually caring for a soul reaper?" Ichigo spat at Uryuu," come here to gloat about your powers being superior?Remember, you quincies died long ago."

Ichigo didn't see Uryuu's gaze waver or be affected by the tone used either. Right now Ichigo wished everyone would leave him to his own disposal. If Grimmjow came it was a good thing and then Ichigo could be alone. No one could defeat Grimmjow in power if Ichigo couldn't. Even if he was tied up it would still be a bonus for him. He didn't like the pity or even sympathy Uyruu would give him because to Ichigo it didn't matter. No one could help him. No one knew that it was Ichigo who had been hospitalized because Ryuuken as well as Isshin were his only care takers. Orihime was gone and if she had been here she could have healed his bones to the point where there was no injuries left at all. Ichigo wouldn't be able to fight, he couldn't defend himself and was weak. Zangetsu wouldn't be able to help him protect himself and his hollow would easily be able to attack Ichigo and rape him if he desired such a thing. Ichigo was weak which meant his hollow would take him down for it.

"Yes, I consider quincy race superior, however, as a soul reaper you are the more powerful," admitted Uryuu," when you rescued Rukia, you were the only one strong enough to save her."

Glaring at Uryuu, Ichigo's eyes were filled with cold malice even though underneath all that negativity, Ichigo felt like shit. Ichigo was scared and wished that people would leave him alone. If he could look, feel or even convince people he wasn't someone you wanted to be around then maybe they would leave him alone. Ichigo didn't like Uryuu's gave on him and deep down he knew that Uryuu felt something for Ichigo about his circumstance.

"I'll be healing you instead of Orihime," Isshin informed.

Hearing his fathers voice brought Ichigo out of his thoughts, making him wonder how his father would do that. The man didn't have a way to escape his body and no mod soul. Ichigo didn't know if he had any mod soul candy like Ichigo did with Kon but it wouldn't surprise Ichigo. When he saw his father swallow a soul pill he wasn't surprised. His father still had a captain's uniform. However, when Isshin turned to make sure no one was around, Ichigo noticed that the squad he was from wasn't show. Ichigo knew he said he was in squad ten but if another soul reaper came to Karakura Town came they would never know where he came from. His father held so much power that it rivaled Ichigos. The sword that he held looked so much like Zangetsu but the shape was off. Did that mean he inherited the shape of his zanpaktou from his father? Did soul reapers actually have children or were they just adopted into a clan?

Hearing his father's footsteps, Ichigo noticed how his palms glowed green. It was strange but even Ichigo knew it was typical healing kido after being healed by Hanataro. He knew healing kido was different than what Orihime's healing powers. The power was like the sun in comparison to a star; Orihime was more powerful. Orihime didn't just heal the would but she returned it to it's original state. She had so much more strength depending on her will. Unlike the healing kido which firstly healed spiritual pressure and then worked on the body apposed to Orihime's which did both at the same time. If Aizen hadn't kidnapped her, Ichigo could have been healed right away since no medical staff knew of his injury. Ichigo could have been able to fight for the town he swore to protect and was in charge of. Instead, he would be forced to heal and if possible, be able to walk on his own in three to four months.

It wasn't too fun waiting for his spiritual pressure to rejuvenate since it wasn't too low but it tended to fluxed due to his emotional conflict. His hollow was half his power as was Zangetsu but he was terrified of that hollow half like he was before he gained control, knowing he'd be safe. However ,it wasn't the case and it was just a fight for dominance over and over again. Ichigo wouldn't be safe; his hollow could dominate him anytime he wanted. Ichigo could feel him looming at the edge waiting to pounce. It was what made him begin to shake, knowing he was so defenseless. So weak.

There was no point in trying to cheer himself up because it wasn't worth the time. Ichigo wanted to be left alone, knowing that it wasn't possible due to the fact they were on Ichigo watch in case Grimmjow came back. Why protect him? Everyone needed breaks and there was no way in hell Grimmjow wouldn't come back to rape him. Ichigo would most likely get raped once more and if push came to shove, his father would be a witness to it all.

You're weak, Ichigo. Your power will be mine and everything you cherish will be destroyed.

Shuddering at the eerie voice, Ichigo tried his best to keep his eyes open. If he fell asleep now, his hollow would have the upper hand and gain control. Even if that wasn't the case it would give the monster a chance to rape him once more. Ichigo didn't want that anymore than he wanted Grimmjow raping him. It was unavoidable and would happen soon enough; Ichigo wasn't stupid. Hollows looked for a weakness and once they found it they pounced like a bunch of wild animals. Ichigo was their prey. There was no point in avoiding it and if Grimmjow were one to gloat then more hollows would try to enter his room to make his ass their personal playground.

"Done," announced Isshin," now only time can tell. Your spiritual pressure should heal you sooner than most humans."

"I want to go home," whispered Ichigo.

"I don't think that's wise," decided Isshin.

"Wise for you or me?!" Ichigo snapped," the outcome is inevitable and can't be changed. Grimmjow. Will. Come. For. Me!"

Ichigo had his fist clenched and while anger swirled in his orbs, so did tears. They were stubborn and refused to fall but Ichigo knew he was right. It didn't matter if he was here, soul society or in his house, Grimmjow would come for him and take what was his. Ichigo wasn't his own person anymore because Grimmjow could control him no matter how much he tried to hesitate. Ichigo didn't like it nor did he want to feel like this. He wanted to go home to his bed.

"It's best for you to stay here," stated Isshin," I don't think it'd be safe for you to go back to your bed where that incident occurred."

"It doesn't matter what happened there, it was in the past and nothing can change that," muttered Ichigo," we all have to face our demons sometime."

"It's too soon," insisted Isshin.

"I'm a big boy, I can handle it," Ichigo retorted.

There was no point in arguing with his father because what he thought best and what Ichigo thought best were different. Ichigo wanted to go home but he wanted Ichigo to stay in the hospital. I didn't matter if it was a crime scene or if he couldn't access his room but he wanted it back. His sisters weren't in the room which meant that they were somewhere else. They might have been informed of what happened but were told to be silent about it. The paramedics and receptionist knew of his injuries which meant, if he were to heal faster than normal he'd have to be on house arrest by his father. Ichigo wouldn't be able to go anywhere and even if he did, he couldn't protect himself. The other gangs would find his weakness and attack him ruthlessly because they could.

"Just take me back," mumbled Ichigo," I don't need to be here anymore than you do."

"I'll think about it," Isshin considered.

Ichigo knew it was a lie; all parents lied. It was just a phrase Isshin was using to placate Ichigo and Ichigo knew it. Why would he think about it when he clearly had his mind made up. Ichigo would remain in the hospital room in ICU until he was able to walk on crutches and complete his physical therapy. He would be under surveillance but even Ichigo knew it was futile. His father would have to go back to work so they could pay the bills, Ryuuken ran the hospital and all his friends were at school or training for the war. Ichigo couldn't be watched like his father thought he could. It would be best to keep Ichigo in the clinic at home rather than here because then he could be at home, his father could pay for bills and no one would suffer. Why couldn't his father see it? Was is because Ryuuken had better medical equipment?

Time was so slow, it was a school day and Uryuu left claiming he would have to get his work. Ichigo wondered if there would be a plot to rescue Orihime or if they would leave her there. She was taken according to Uryuu, however, knowing soul society they would consider it treason. Uryuu said there was no signs of force in the house and she may have been very docile about it. Ichigo didn't know where Rukia, Rangiku, Yumichika, Ikkaku and Toshiro were, but according to Uryuu, the night the incident happened they all searched Karakuras Town for an espada sighting. None of them made it and it was claimed that when Orihime ran through the dangai that was when she disappeared and no one had heard from her since. It made sense, Grimmjow's presence would be a distraction enough for them to steal her and make it seem like it was nothing but treason. The cleaner hadn't entered through the dangai yet meaning the only evidence were two soul reapers who were healed by Orihime but claimed that a espada demanded Orihime go with them now and she had.

It hurt, knowing that if Orihime were to ever return they might try to put her on trial. Ichigo knew they couldn't though, she was human and a soul reaper rule was that they were not to harm humans. Orihime hadn't died yet and had spectacular powers, which only proved Aizen's motivation to capture her. But why Orihime? Why not a soul reaper captain? It would lessen the chances of them winning and even though Orihime had spectacular powers, she was human and could be cut down if her shield wasn't strong enough. It couldn't handle Yammy after he put a certain amount of pressure on it which meant she couldn't fight an espada. Sure, she had been training for some time but she still wasn't strong enough to fight in the war even though Haichi had repaired her hair pins.

There were so many things going on that Ichigo didn't know he was draining himself of energy until he felt his eyes flutter close. He tried opening them and did a few times but it was harder to open them over and over again. Ichigo refused to sleep but laying down made it harder for him to sleep.

You'll be mine soon, King.

Ichigo didn't like hearing the promise coming from his hollow half. Hearing that, Ichigo wanted to stay up more. He didn't want to sleep, knowing his hollow was waiting to attack him. Ichigo didn't want to be weak and defenseless against someone like his hollow. They were almost of equal power, Ichigo being slightly stronger than his hollow. Ichigo had to be the king or else loose everything he loved: Friends, family, his town. Ichigo didn't want to lose the fight for dominance. In this state, Ichigo knew he would. All he could do was try to stay awake even if his eyes felt like lead. Ichigo refused to bow to someone weaker than him. Ichigo was a soul reaper, human and a hollow all mixed into one. He didn't count his quincy heritage mainly because the gene wasn't unlocked. Ichigo refused to perish and becoming nothing but a monster because he couldn't protect himself.

I'll destroy you.

"I know," Ichigo whispered silently.

Even so, Ichigo would fight until he was bleeding on the ground, dying and unable to fight. There was no way his hollow would win without Ichigo trying his very best. Yes, he couldn't walk right now but if it came down to a fight it wouldn't stop him from struggling to defeat the inverted copy of himself. Ichigo would not bow because he was meant to be strong. If he wasn't strong, all his training was for nothing. He would protect those he cared for because he promised his mother he would be strong.

"Okay," agreed Isshin," I'll take you home."

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